Private Colorado Fly Fishing on Alto LLano Ranch

Alto Llano Ranch Near Como

Alto Llano Ranch Near Como

Alto Llano Ranch Near Como

Check out our reservation calendar to establish the availability of this property or to make a reservation. Current conditions are posted as often as possible, including hatches and fishing reports.


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The property encompasses over one mile of Tarryall Creek and several beaver ponds north of Como. Optimal stream flows range from 15 to 25 cfs and wading is a challenge above 30 cfs. This property is best suited for 1-3 anglers arriving in the same vehicle.


$50.00 per angler; maximum of 3 anglers per day. No refunds once payments are made.

Check-in Procedure:

You will be prompted to download your angling pass (with the gate combination) from our website once you submit your reservation online. Be sure to print out the pass or save the PDF to your smart phone.

Proceed DIRECTLY to Alto Llano Ranch any time after 8:00 AM on the day of your reservation. Place your pre-printed angling pass on the dashboard of your car or carry your smart phone with the PDF because you may be checked. Please call 719.836.4177 if you have any questions.

From Denver take US Highway 285 about 75 miles southwest to the Boreas Pass sign. Turn right on County Road 33 (Boreas Pass Road) and proceed about two miles NW to the ranch gate (on the right), just before CR 33 crosses Tarryall Creek.


At 10,000 feet, this ranch is higher in elevation and the creek is therefore smaller than our other properties. Stream flows range from 5 to 100 cfs and average about 20 cfs during summer. This property is NOT for beginners because the channel and beaver ponds are lined with willows, and walking the banks is impossible in many sections. Much of the property "feels" more like wilderness fishing than a historic cattle ranch near Highway 285.

Tarryall Creek bisects the property through tall willows and small meadows. The stream is characterized by fast riffles with small pockets and a few deep pools that harbor brown trout up to 16 inches. Beaver ponds are found on the lower (east) end of the property where both walking and wading are difficult. Releasing 50 trout per day is not uncommon and fish biologists have documented 1,900 wild trout per mile on the adjacent property (Cline Ranch State Wildlife Area).


Lightning is a real hazard and shelter is very limited. Fast stream currents, deep beaver ponds and sloughs, dense willows, and bottomless mud create potentially hazardous walking and wading conditions along and near the stream. It is therefore recommended that at least two anglers fish together on this property.

Moose have recently been spotted on Alto Llano Ranch. Avoid surprising or approaching moose and make lots of noise when bushwhacking through the willows.


There are no facilities of any kind on the property. The nearest public restrooms are located in Como.


Alto Llano Ranch is located about two miles north of Como on County Road 33 (Boreas Pass Road). If you're coming from Denver on US Highway 285, turn right at the Boreas Pass Road sign (turn lane provided). After driving through Como, proceed another 1.6 miles on CR 33 to the ranch gate (on the right).

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