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Closed for the Season


10/21/19 - Allen Creek Ranch is now closed for the 2018 season.

07/22/18 - The flow was a little low but the fishing was crazy good. We caught most fish on parachute Adams. I watched my son catch numerous browns in essentially every riffle, along with a half dozen big rainbows. When we came upon a pod of trout selectively feeding on a tricos, he matched the hatch and got some hits.

07/12/18 - We had another great day at Allen Creek Ranch on Thursday. The hopper-dropper rig worked all day and the fish seemed to be everywhere. We did not see any moose but did spot some trout which appeared to be albinos.

07/09/18 - Allen Creek Ranch was awesome! Caught 30 plus fish between us and five were 18 inches, all caught on dries. Also lost two good ones that were larger. Had my first ever double hookup on a dry and dropper. There was a huge trico hatch in the morning with clouds of them coming off the water. The rest of the day I fished an Amy's ant with a blue psycho prince or flashback pheasant tail dropper. The fish seemed to be in shallower water today, as most were caught in medium depth runs. All the fish were happy and healthy from what I could tell.

06/26/18 - Fun day at Allen Creek. Missed lots of fish and brought nine to the net. Mostly browns but there were two decent sized rainbows. Some of the browns were just gorgeous! We stopped fishing at three due to warm water temps but the fish all seemed healthy and happy.

06/23/18 - We had a fantastic time at Allen Creek Ranch and didn't see any moose. This stretch of Tarryall Creek is an amazing fishery. There seemed to be large trout in every run, deeper riffle and corner hole. We landed several 16-20 inch rainbows and 12-16 inch browns, and missed numerous others. The trout were hitting all day on tan foam hoppers and BH flashback pheasant tail droppers. This is absolutely the best fishing program in the country!

06/21/18 -Had a Great day fishing on Allen Creek. I did look for the cow and calf moose but did not see them. I believe they will come down in the early morning or late evening. Best to be careful at all times but those are probably the most critical times.

06/18/18 - Beautiful weather and great day of fishing. Caught lots of rainbows and browns. No moose but we did see a baby beaver, bright yellow warblers, gorgeous woodpecker, and bluebirds.

06/16/18 (Angler 1) - No moose today but I kept making noise just in case! Had a fun day overall. High-ish flow and fast water. Fish were holding in softer spots and in the shallows. Also along edges in some places near boulders. Dry dropper in the morning brought smaller ones on both ant and midge. Then I shifted to streamer and brought in a 20-inch+ rainbow, followed by some fun fish in the afternoon. Thanks again!

06/16/18 (Angler 2) - Thanks, it was a great day and I did not see the moose. It was so good that I signed up for Historic Williams Ranch next week with my son. Thanks for the efficient and warm way that SPFF is operated.

06/14/18 - Did not see any moose. Fishing was very good. Enough decent sized fish today that I want to return.

06/11/18 - Great day on the river. Started with Cow Moose and calf in the willows below the bridge. Be careful not to spook because mama can get protective. Water was high but clear. Very fishable. Amy’s Ant (tan/green body) all day on top. Fish liked it. Underneath was was Kryptonite Caddis, small rubber leg stones (Sz 14), Red two bit hookers, Guides Choice Haresear and BHPT. Size 14-16 seemed to be trick. Fish holding against banks and inside seams on the bends. Do not overlook shallow water!! Did not fish above bridge.

05/19/18 - We fished Allen Creek Ranch for two days. Flows were increasing but fishing was very good. Caught a lot of fish including several big rainbows on both nymphs and dry flies.

04/28/18 - Pretty good day but slow in the morning. Caught a 19 inch rainbow in the beaver pond and broke off a 25 inch rainbow below the bridge. Otherwise we got a few small browns.

04/27/18 - Caught browns, rainbows, a brookie, and a pike. A Tarryall grand slam!

03/31/18 - The stream was low and the fish were easily spooked. Landed five 16-20 inch rainbows and five smaller browns, all on a black crystal bugger. May have caught more fish on BH nymphs but I was targeting the big ones. Beautiful day!



09/17/17 - Fishing was great and all fish were caught on a size 14 caddis with a black body. The river was super clear and flowing about 30 cfs. I only fished the moving water above the bridge (beaver pond) and saw two large rainbows moving around in there. I cast a dozen times into the slow water but no luck. I thought the river looked good.

09/04/17 - I was helping my daughter and her husband so I did not fish much. However, they did pretty well all things considered. We landed a 20 inch rainbow, a 16 inch brown, and ten smaller browns. My daughter lost a 16-18 inch bow as did I. The successful rig was an Amy's Ant with a BH pheasant tail dropper. Saw plenty of fish and a nice Trico hatch that I wish I could have fished. As usual, a great day at Allen Creek Ranch!

09/02/17 - Very slow morning with only three fish before noon. One 19 inch rainbow on a slump buster and the other two on nymphs. We started picking up fish after switching to smaller flies and lighter tippet. Fish were super finicky. Size 16 caddis with a size 18 FB PT off the back started catching fish. My buddy caught a 21 inch bow on a caddis. We ended with 34 fish caught, 10 lost, and broke off a 4-5 pound rainbow after a long fight.

08/30/17 - Another good day at Allen Creek Ranch. We tried both streamers and a hopper/dropper combination. Streamers in black and brown proved to be quite effective. We noticed midge and caddis hatches throughout the day but there was very little surface activity. We netted about about 13 rainbows and 7 browns ranging from 12 to 18 inches. The quiet beaver pond above the bridge holds a remarkable number of fish, including some rainbows that are really fat and strong. Overall an excellent day on a property that rarely fails to deliver!

08/28/17 - Fishing yesterday was poor. All the fish I caught were in the pool upstream from the bridge. Nothing on the rest of the property. This is the third time I've fished Allen Creek this season with the same result. Not sure what the issue is because I've done well there in previous years. I tried many different flies and presentations but ended up leaving early.

08/15/17 - Fishing at Allen Creek was fantastic. We fished from 9:30 until 2:00 and had 25 solid hookups, with about 18 of those in the net. Probably another dozen missed takes. Very surprised at the number of larger rainbows we saw. The largest was probably 18 inches but many were 14-16 inches. Also plenty of browns in the 6-14 inch range. Mix of dry flies and dry/dropper rigs. Saw some caddis but primarily smaller mayflies. Very fun day.

08/06/17 - Caught four nice rainbows, one on a small elk hair caddis dry and the others on nymphs fished deep. Pretty consistent caddis hatch in the morning but only saw one fish feeding. Pretty much perfect stream flows. Mosquitoes were as advertised!

08/03/17 - Great time and beautiful spot. Had good luck on caddis (AM) and ant patterns (PM). Thanks for all the help. I will be back!

08/01/17 - We caught about 25 browns in the 10-14 inch range on dry files, and 15 rainbows in the 15-22 inch range on prince nymphs. Our larger fish were caught in the deep pools and we missed more fish than we caught today. The flow was great and fishing was good, but not as much surface feeding as I expected.

07/21/17 - Had a slow day at Allen Creek Ranch. Only six fish and most were caught late in the day. Flow was around 80 cfs. We fished the adjacent property two days before and caught 4X the number of fish on same flies. Used Amy’s Ant and Parachute Chernobyl with BHPT, San Juan worm, midges, caddis, RS2 droppers. Basically threw whole box. Best fish was a 20 inch rainbow on lower property on olive bugger. Had one about the same size on a Chernobyl but didn’t get it to the net. Mosquitoes were really bad! Great looking stream. Thanks.

07/07/17 - Started off slow but really picked up around lunch time. Released 35 fish or so, mostly in the 12-13 inch range but caught several nicer rainbows in the 18-20 inch range. Had the best luck on a royal wolf with a prince nymph dropper. Also had fun and caught some nice rainbows on an olive wooly bugger. One piece of advice, BRING BUG SPRAY! Another great day on the water.

07/03/17 - Would like to give you a good report but in short it sucked. Caught a few small browns and had a few big ones come up and move on. Tried several patterns and nothing seemed to work. The mosquitoes were the worst I've ever witnessed in Colorado and seemed to be immune to repellent.

07/02/17 - Caught lots of fish up to 15 inches on dry flies. Landed four rainbows in the 16-18 inch range and lost larger ones.

07/01/17 - Caught over 25 fish with several in the 16-19 inch range and one large 20-inch rainbow. Size 10-12 yellow chubby with a psycho prince or flashback PT were the ticket.

06/06/17 - Sorry to say not much to report on Tuesday. A few decent browns on dry droppers early. But then the thunder started, followed shortly by hail and rain which increased the flows. We were flying blind at that point but still enjoyed the adventure. I appreciate you letting us get out there!

05/31/17 - Water conditions were just about perfect yesterday. I landed over 20 fish with rainbows and cuttbows being the largest (a couple were over 18 inches). Lots of browns on the lower end of the property and even two small brookies. I fished streamers all day and some fish grabbed them with gusto!

05/27/17 - Started at 9:00 AM at the lower boundary and worked my way up to the bridge. Water clarity was good but not clear. Flow was very good. Day consisted of sun, rain, hail and wind. Plenty of fish to the net, both browns and rainbows. Amys Ant in green and red produced fish all day. Radiation beatis, BHFB Pheasant Tail, juju beatis and Barr's all good underneath the Amys. Tried a parachute Adams but they did not care for it. Did not fish above the bridge. Great program and property!

05/26/17 - We had a good day at Allen Creek Ranch yesterday. We each caught about fifteen fish. Mine were 8 to 15 inches. My buddy caught a few small fish but also three around 18 inches. Most fish were caught on dry (20%) & dropper (80%). We saw some very large trout in the beaver pond above the bridge and a 30-inch pike below. Flows were fine and wading was no problem. Great property!

05/14/17 - We started at 10:00 AM and fished with a small Madam X and Para Adams with BH PT’s as droppers. By noon we had landed 30 fish, about 40% on the dry fly. One Rainbow was 17 inches but most fish were 6-12 inches with a mix of Browns and Rainbows. After lunch things slowed down with the wind and bright sun. We landed another 15 fish and stopped fishing at 2:45. Had several large rainbows refuse our dry flies, but only one serious taker. Very fun day.

4/24/17 - Arrived late and only fished about half the property due to wind. Targeted big fish with a variety of streamer patterns but Autumn Splendor worked best. Released five large rainbows, three nice browns, and one brookie the size of my fly!

4/17/17 - Glad we went to Allen Creek Ranch. The weather was warm and there was little wind. Two of us released about 30 browns and rainbows, including a couple lunkers. Used a stimulator on top with a copper john dropper all day.

4/15/17 - Landed little fish this trip - brookies, rainbows, and browns. Water was extremely low which had fish pushed into only the deepest holes and riffle runs. Fish spooked like cheesman in many places. Earlier in the morning we had a few large fish on a small bunny leach but just couldn't hook them. Small midges, San Juan worms and smaller bunny leach streamers.

4/08/17 - Only fished from the downstream boundary up to the parking area. The water was low and clear, and the fish were skittish. I had the most success in the deeper runs and pools along bends and below structures. Never saw any rises or any hatches coming off, so I just nymphed a two-fly rig under an indicator. Took about 10 smaller browns and two nice rainbows in the 15-17 inch range. Caught most fish on a flashback Pheasant Tail but a few went for a hot pink San Juan Worm.



09/25/16 - Great Day and the weather was perfect. Haven't fished for a year so my skills were not very sharp. Amy's ant with BH pheasant tail and red zebra midge droppers. Had reasonable action all day. Thank you!

09/24/16 - Beautiful water but challenging day - cold, low water, and sparse hatches. Got three 15 inch bows on #20 mayfly dry during a short BWO hatch. Also eight browns in the 12-14 inch range on micro-mayfly nymph. Saw many good size bows in pools but they weren't interested in my flies. Next time!>p>

09/18/16 - Had fun at Allen Creek Ranch. It's a beautiful place and we saw lots of fish. Only caught six but they were all nice. We will be back again next year.

09/13/16 - Fair fishing with two 15 inch rainbows and ten smaller browns. Not worth the time or money.

09/11/16 - Make sure you have good tippet...there are some big fish in here. Landed 16 fish including two 20 inchers and two 18 inchers. Lots of nice rainbows and smaller browns on dries. Any bug will work. Great day.

09/10/16 - We had a good day on the river. It was slow in the morning, but by we started getting hits around 11:00 on BWO dries in the riffles. Afterwards, we switched to dry-dropper rig’s and had good success with olive Amy’s ant, olive emergers, small black stones, and larger fish on black crystal buggers and natural zonkers. Largest fish of the day was around 16 inches. Also, a group of us saw the moose on the property. Thanks for your help.

09/08/16 - Got 24 fish total including four 20 inch rainbows. The rest were browns up to 12 inches. Stimulator, elk hair caddis, BH prince, and psycho prince. Great Day!

09/04/16 - Flows were really good today. We landed around 20 browns and rainbows and lost another 15. Biggest was 20 inches and others were 16-19 inches. Mostly bows with some smaller browns. Flies included zebra midge, rs2, red San Juan worm, PMD nymphs, stimulator with legs, madam X, para-Adams and BWO.

09/03/16 - Caught 37 fish and landed a lifetime best rainbow (22 inches) that barely fit in my net. Also caught a 20 inch brown and another 20 inch rainbow which jumped four times. Also caught ten other fish over 12 inches. Yellow chubby with a green psycho prince was the ticket. Fishing was slower in the morning and on fire in the afternoon. Lots of 8-10 inch browns up stream in the faster water. Seemed like every pocket in the riffles had 3-4 browns in it. Tried zebra midges, BH prince, copper john and finally the psycho prince which caught fish immediately.

08/28/16 - Fishing was excellent on Sunday. I saw and caught a number of smaller browns and 4 or 5 large rainbows. I was happy to see the browns since they take dry flies so easily.

08/17/16 - We fished from 8:00 to 1:00. I only fished a few minutes and caught five smaller browns. Mostly I helped my son in law who was learning to fish. He hooked six fish, landed three, and missed many others because his hook set was very slow. Two of his fish were 18 inch rainbows but he lost them. All hookups were on dry/dropper except one. I was amazed at how far the stream has dropped since my last visit three weeks ago. Thanks for your work on these properties.

08/13/16 - Great day on Allen Creek. This lease holds some very impressive quality fish - Both browns and rainbows. While I am not into the whole size thing, I landed legitimate rainbows today in the 16-18" range. What quality fish! Did not fish any water above the bridge. Caught fish from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I felt the flow was perfect today (40 cfs). Used a dry, dropper, dropper all day. Fish took top and bottom. Chubby Chernobyl with hopper yellow body and tan foam. Pale yellow stonefly, pmd barr's emerger and pmd bat wing emerger. Once again thanks for all your hard work to keep this program going.

08/09/16 - Two of us had a great day at Allen Creek Ranch. We started early in the morning and quit around 1:00 PM when things slowed down. Released about 30 fish between us, including eight large rainbows and many smaller browns. The air was cool when we started and dry flies didn't work. Then we switched to nymphs and started catching fish immediately. The mosquitoes weren't bad until early afternoon.

08/01/16 - My wife and I fished Allen Creek Ranch yesterday. The fishing was great with the smallest being 10 to 12 inches, but most caught were 16 to 18 inches. Beautiful, healthy, fat rainbows, taking the fly hard and fighting all the way to the net. I tried dries at first but got no takers. Then I switched to nymphs and caught a fish on the first cast. A word of warning...if you go there take some insect repellent along. That said, the place was lovely; a picturesque stream in a beautiful valley. I am sure we will go there again.

07/23/16 - Fishing was very good. The trout frequently hit hoppers and prince nymph droppers. We only fished for two hours because it was cloudy and the mosquitoes were especially bad. Two of us caught six 14-22 inch rainbows and several 12 inch browns. We would have caught dozens more if it wasn’t for the bugs.

07/19/16 - This is my favorite property on Tarryall Creek! Started about 8:00 AM and quit around 1:00. Caught 22 fish including eight rainbows, twelve browns and two pike, Two of the bows were over 20 inches. Worked downstream with a wolley bugger then fished back up with a dry dropper rig.

05/05/16 - Yesterday was a great day. I caught 9 fish - 3 browns and 6 rainbows all of which had beautiful colors, fought hard and seemed very healthy. My largest fish was 17 inches and average size was about 14 inches. I caught them on BH Golden stones size 12, BH pheasant tail size 16, and black zebra midges sizes 16-18. The ranch itself was gorgeous & the water conditions were perfect.

03/31/16 - Got six fish in the corner pool below the parking area and one more downstream a bit. It got cold and started snowing after that so things turned off.



09/29/15 - Caught two pike and five rainbows. Slow day overall. Didn't see a lot of fish either.

09/18/15 - Good fishing...everything worked!

09/16/15 - Good trip overall. We landed one rainbow over 20 inches, six bows from 13 to 18 inches, and one pike. Probably got twelve other fish between 6 and 12 inches. Had bright sun so fish could have been hunkered down but we fished the deep pools with nymphs and didn't feel like we missed them low. Got almost all fish on dry/droppers but only one fish came up for a dry. Not a bad day by any standard.

09/08/15 - Three of us caught 25 fish total. Most were caught in the section upstream from the parking spot. Stimulators and bead head droppers worked the best. Most fish were in the 10-12" range, but two were about 18 inches.

09/07/15 - LOTS of nice rainbows (14-17 inches). Dave's hoppers and Amy's ants with prince nymph droppers. Intense 30-minute trico hatch. Caught two nice rainbows on tricos, then it stopped dead around 2:00 PM. Good day!

08/22/15 - Hot and clear day. Had about 20 hookups, landing fish up to 18 inches. Midge hatch early with small midge emergers and larva. Later morning mayfly hatch (small bh pheasant tails and hares ear). Some fish on crystal yellow stimulator. Slow in afternoon with bright sunshine and higher water temps but only fished until 3:15 PM. Last week I fished here and caught 12 fish between 4:00 and 6:30 PM. I like the property - it has more gradient and some deep holes which helps when flows are lower.

08/08/15 - The weather could not have been better. Water conditions were almost perfect too. All three of us netted several fish ranging from 12 to 20+ inches. We had success chucking streamers, nymphing deep, and the old hopper dropper set up. The most productive flies were black slump busters, a white sculpzilla, hot wire prince and a medium size brown hopper. The browns preferred the hopper dropper set up while the rainbow couldn�t resist the streamers. I�ve fished this property for several years and it never disappoints.

07/26/15 - It was very tough fishing and I left somewhat disappointed that I spent money for the experience. We caught a few 16" browns and a couple of 12" rainbows. We had a number of good strikes but couldn't land them. It was very difficult fishing - the creek is virtually unwadable and the thick brush makes bank fishing very hard. All in all I would not recommend this lease to anyone.

07/25/15 - The fishing was a little hard due to the flow rate. We caught about 20 fish total and mostly rainbows. The fly of choice was a pheasant tail nymph. It is a great place and I will be fishing there again.

07/18/15 - Tarryall is referred to as a river or a creek in maps & writings but it is now a river. Real high & not able to wade, which makes it very hard to fish. But I did land three 14-16" bows & couple of smaller bows & couple of browns. Fish are deep.

05/11/15 - Reports have been mixed at Allen Creek Ranch this spring but two different parties report catching large browns and rainbows on streamers, stonefly nymphs and San Juan worms.

04/28/11 - Caught several large browns and rainbows; fishing was good for early season.

04/10/15 - Netted one brown and five rainbows and lost seven others, all below the bridge. Biggest was 12 inches. Stoneflies and wolly buggers. Good day!



10/02/14 - The fishing was a little slow but I still caught a couple using streamers.

09/30/14 - I was able to fish Allen Creek Ranch for a few hours and really enjoyed it. Caught browns, rainbows and a nice 15" cuttbow.

09/20/14 -Had one of the most satisfying days in a very long time. The stream fished great! Landed 20 rainbows and browns and had six LDRs in four hours. All fish caught on a size 14 black body elk hair caddis and size 18 PT nymph. The stream looked awesome and I had a great time!

09/18/14 - Excellent fishing. All flies, nymphs and streamers worked! Very warm at mid-day, which produced hatch. We switched to dry flies with much success. More than a dozen fish each with two us on the stream.

09/06/14 - Allen Creek Ranch is a spectacular stretch of water that offered up a plentiful combination of good-sized rainbows and browns. We fished four hours and never even reached the end of the property. This is as good as it gets!

8/31/14 - I had a good day on Allen Creek Ranch using bead head nymphs. I landed an 18" rainbow and several other nice rainbows. I also broke off a large fish that I never saw. My buddy used only dry flies and did not catch a thing.

7/4/14 - We battled pretty high water which left about half of the river unfishable on the lower stretch � mostly fishable about half-way up through the top. Despite the high and off-colored water, we landed 15 altogether ranging from 9� to 16�. San Juan Worms and stimulators seemed to do the trick.

05/06/14 - I fished with a friend yesterday on the Allen Creek Ranch Property. That had some of the nicest water I have seen on the Tarryall properties. We fished from 10:00 � 2:30 and we each landed 7 Browns and Rainbows. Only one Brown over 14� the rest about 10�. I only saw 2 other fish the entire day. We did not see any fish holding in the deeper holes and for such nice water we were surprised on the slow fishing. We had a fun day but again we were surprised on the lack of spotting fish or the amount of activity throughout the day.



10/14/13 - Allen Creek Ranch is now closed for the 2013 season.

08/31/13 I had a great time. Only caught 4 and had on 1 other. They wouldn't look at any dry or nymphs and I caught all on white wooly buggers and zonkers. Creek is very nice with deep pockets. Just fish were not hitting. Thanks again!

07/28/13 Caught 10 -12 fish, browns & rainbows. Most caught on dry flies. #12 Royal Wulff, #12 Stimulator or #12 H&L Variant. Got a few on BH Flashback Pheasant Tail. Saw some big pike!

07/27/13 Nine rainbows; three browns. #8 Stonefly and #8 Prince. Light caddis hatch late. Very few rising fish. Fished bridge to Collin's Corner.

07/26/13 Slow day of fishing. Only caught 2 between the both of us.

07/21/13 Nymphs and streamers early in the day. Dries in late afternoon. Caught one big brown (16") off the edge in a deep run on a Purple Haze. Afternoon action on caddis.

07/20/13 High water, low fish activity, LOTS of mosquitoes. Be sure to bring your bug dope! Caught three 10" browns: one on bead-head hare's ear, one on dry caddis, and one on stonefly nymph.

07/18/13 Great day on a beautiful creek. Caught a few healthy rainbows all downstream of bridge. One nice brown between bridge and beaver dam. Few other smaller browns. All landed fish were on green hares ear or bead head prince. Got broke off a few times on a bugger in deep corner pools with 3x. Lots of bug activity but no surface activity. Thanks again. We will be back.

07/14/13 Caught 20 fish among 3 fisherman. Best flies were purple egg head leech, streamers, bead head sculpins and caddis nymphs. Few smaller fish on hoppers. Stretch above the bridge was very productive on streamers.

07/04/13 Slow day on the river. Caught a couple. Adams and mosquitos.

06/08/13 Tough day fishing. Windy & turbid.

05/27/13 Beautiful stretch of river. Fishing was tough because water is too high and silted up. Caught 2 rainbows. Tried: wooly bugger/nymph; hopper/dropper; 3 nymphs; San Juan worms. Nothing seemed to help but a good drift. Water was too fast in most places to achieve long drifts. Thanks! See you all again.

5/17/13 -. My client had around 24 hookups, plus missed some strikes too. Biggest fish (lost it) looked like an 18 inch bow. Flies that worked best: in morning: olive slumpbuster, soft hackle beadhead flashback pheasant tail- 18. In afternoon; green drake nymph-14, olive caddis larva: 14, apricot egg. Creek was in good shape clarity wise most of the day. There was a little bump in flows from the side creek by the bridge in the afternoon, and less clarity. Fish were still mostly in the deeper slower water. Construction wasn�t too bad - some delay getting in and some construction noise when they came by to destroy the pavement for a while but after that not much. Getting out in late afternoon was pretty easy.

5/16/13 - Had a great half day on the river. Fished for about 3 hours and caught 5 browns and 5 rainbows. All fish were in the 12 to 15 inch range. I used size 16 bead head prince nymph. I would fished longer but the weather was bizarre. All fish were caught in slow deep riffles leading into pools or right below structures.

5/11/13 - Fishing was slow today. Only landed five fish including four 10-12" browns and one 16" rainbow. Other large trout were observed in the pools but they weren't feeding. Tried just about every pattern in the box.



07/27/12 The water was really good and the fishing was a blast. We found a lot of browns and rainbows in many age classes including a lot of good, big fish. The rainbows were especially healthy and thick. The browns were very eager to take dry flies. We only came across one pike. I imagine you are aware of the large beaver dam just upstream of the bridge. This made for some challenging wading, but we found a lot of big rainbows in the slack water upstream of the dam. The much needed rain sure brought the water levels up. Overall a great day.

07/26/12 4 fish. 2 rainbows - 16"; 2 browns - one 18", one 12". All caught on hopper variations.

07/22/12 Good morning. Things really slowed down after noon. Temps just too warm to fish. Three anglers had a good time, each caught nice fish: 20" rainbow on a gray/white clouser minnow; 17" rainbow on a pheasant tail; 17" brown on black nymph.

07/13/12 Superb day. 40+ fish hooked; 28 landed, all on dry flies. Four fish were 17"+. Wonderful time. Water is warm so fight fish quickly and then take the time to fully revive them....

06/16/12 Amazing day. Stopped counting after 15. Caught 5 fish,18"-20". Used hopper/dropper set up. Stimulator & hotwire prince worked best. Pray for rain!! The water is low.

06/09/12 Beautiful, breezy day; warm ~ 70 degrees. Water very clear. Steady action 9:00 - 1:00; slower 1:00 - 4:00. Rainbows: 3 x 20"!; 2 x 16". Browns: 3 x 12" - 14"; 5 X 6" - 10". Most fish on beadhead hare's ear #16; a few on #18 baetis nymph.

05/27/12 Total 7 fish landed; 2 browns, 5 rainbows. Had to work hard all day. 9 AM - 11 AM: Hare's ear/ midge nymph - one 14" rainbow. 11 AM - 2 PM: Hopper w/ stonefly dropper (yellow/black) - one 10" rainbow. 2 PM - 3 PM: lunch. 3 PM - 5 PM Hopper w, stonefly dropper - one 17" brown; 2 18" rainbows. 5 PM - 7 PM: same rig - two 20"+ rainbows; FAT! By the bridge. All rainbows hit stonefly nymph! 3 fish hit my orange indicator when fishing double nymph.

05/25/12 Great day! Tons of fish! Great program!. If you are thinking of making a reservation, DO IT!! A.M.: Streamer - sculpzilla wht. Mid-morning to early afternoon: - Amy's Ant; - BHPT; - Guides Chaise Hare's Ear; - Barr's Emerger. Late Afternoon: Nap. 3:00 - 6:00 P.M. Sculpzilla Wht. Thanks for all your efforts, Jim!!

05/01/12 Caught 5, lost 3. Large, bushy dry fly w/dropper. Biggest fish (20-22"!!) took dry that looked like a grasshopper. Beautiful area; want to come back. Great program, reasonable price!

04/28/12 Great day! 16 fish -- big bows, 16", 18", 20"+. Wooly bugger worked on a couple of fish; prince worked on many fish; ugly streamer worked on 1 and hopper worked on 2!

04/11/12 As I mentioned in the shop � I had a wonderful day on the river. I can't begin to count the number of trout I landed, ranging in size from 10 to a tad over 20 inches. Lost one a bit bigger (he opened the hook bend!) and spooked a very large rainbow (solid 24") trying to stalk closer for an accurate cast. I was the first person to fish this section this year, and the fish certainly acted like they had not seen a fly for several months. I also saw several medium to large sized pike, one of which was about 4 feet long and swam right by me headed down some riffles. I've fly fished over 30 years and in some pretty far away places, but having a monster swim by like that was a first for me. Thanks for your program and I look forward to many more visits.



10/15/11 - Just wanted to thank you for a great day on Allen Creek 10/15. caught 9 total, 7 over 20 (including a Pike!) all on dumb bell head autumn splendor streamers...The bend pools above the bridge were amazing...every time I'd catch a big fish in there, I'd leave for 30 mins and come back and hit it again and catch another one...Nuts. Nice job on stream improvements. It's really coming around.

10/07/11 Great water w/ great possibilities. Saw some bigger fish (15"+). Not interested in whatever we threw from #22 midge to #18 buggers. Next time! Handled 9 fish.

09/17/11 Great property. Caught 15, lost as many. Miami vice, SJ worm, juju. Biggest fish 18", many 10" -14" Saw 0ne 32" pike.

9/6/11 - I fished in a light to moderate rain for about 5 hours and caught 28 fish. 20 fish on a size 14 elkhair caddis and 8 on a Daves hopper and a caddis nymph dropper. 8 of the fish were rainbows in the 12 to 20 inch range. The browns were very concentrated and caught 2 to 7 per run.

09/03/11 Browns & rainbows. Nypmhs most of day, some top action with tan #14 hopper. Nymphs: Olive beasties # 18 & 20; Hare's ear # 18; Gray RS 2 ## 20.

08/14/11 Hare's ear #10. Prince nymph beadhead #8 wgt. Slow & deep. Nothing on drys. 3 ft. clear water. From 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Sun & overcast. Great program.

07/31/11 A few fish, 12" range. Lots of skeeters. Thank you.

07/30/11 The ranch fished well despite troubles with higher flows. Fish were caught on a variety of nymphs size 6 - 16 and on large hoppers tight against the banks. Most fish were 8"-12" but severaal 16" browns and bows were caught. A few 20" or so fish were lost and one behemoth in the upper 20s broke the 3X.

07/25/11 Father/daughter fished in spite of the mosquitoes. Daughter caught and landed her first rainbow on a hare's ear bead head. Nice 16" rainbow!

06/3/11 Water was very nice & weather was great. Fishing was slow but one rainbow was over 20".

06/02/11 One 18" - 20" rainbow on baetis emerger. Multiple 8" - 14" browns, mostly on baetis emergers, 2 on beadhead hare's ear.

05/30/11 Windy!! One fish, 18"-20". Streamers.

05/28/11 - The river was low and clear, had to be stealthy. I dropped to 6X and brought 10 in. 3 Rainbows, 7 browns. My first firsh was a 'bow that had to go about 23". Also, lost quite a few. Pink SJW, Caddis fly nymphs seemed to be the only thing working. Can't believe it's May 28th and it's running at 30 cfs. Thanks again!

05/25/11 Fished about a half day. Water level was good. A little cold and windy in the morning so switched to streamers and started catching fish, including a few big ones.

05/24/11 - We had a fish count of 28 with one fish over 18 inches each. A large brown took John's stimulator strike indicator just upstream of the bridge. Prince nymphs, size 16 & 18 worked best for John, stone fly pupa for Ned, and small gold ribbed hare's ear for Fred. The water was very clear but overcast skies made seeing fish almost impossible. The deep runs and pockets behind the rocks held fish as expected but the inside bends and riffle tails also had nice fish. This is a great pristine flyfishing spot.

05/01/2011 - Very slow in the morning. The fish were hiding in the extremely cold conditions. We found a couple large fish that ate Golden stone nymphs. The afternoon warmed up a bit as did the fishing. Streamers and Black Leaches were the best flies. Some rising fish took Blue Winged Olives in late afternoon.

04-29-2011 Wanted to let you know how the day went last Thursday. Thank you for the info and tips! I did not have nearly enough time to fish the entire stretch, but will be back for sure. The lower willow section was fishing slow, caught one brown on a large Adams. Here is the summary: Nice sunny day. Great property. Fished for about 4.5 hours. Caught 11 total, all browns 10-16". 6 on the dropper (BH Prince), the rest on a large Para Adams. Water was low, clear and cold. Will be back.

04/18/11 Slow in the morning. Picked up after noon. Elk hair caddis with BHPT dropped below. Most caught on pheasant tail but took one good fish on dry fly. 17 on the day, 3 over 15". The rest between 10"-12".

04/17/11 11 fish -- 6 rainbows, 5 browns. 3 rainbows were 20+ inches. Caught all fish on 20-inchers and BH Pheasant Tail. Windy day but sunny. Great to be on the water.


10/12/10 - Conditions are still good at Allen Creek Ranch. Expect low, clear water and wary fish. Call (719) 748-1494 to make a reservation through October 31, 2010.

09/05/10 Outstanding!!! This is the best time of year to fish Allen Creek Ranch. I lost count of the smaller brown trout. Landed a 21" rainbow and a 15", a 17" & a 19" brown. Slow in the morning...but, the afternoon...WOW!!! #14 - #16 stimulator w/ a BHPT #18 & #20.

09/04/10 Great day. Spent early part of the day on the lower half and did okay in spite of gusty winds and low, clear water. Took a break for lunch and returned to fish the restoration area just below the bridge. Intended to make a couple of casts and call it a day. As luck would have it, I hooked the biggest trout of my fishing life although it broke off before I could bring it in! Just had to keep fishing after that and managed to catch several nice fish in that area. What a terrific property. I'm already planning a return visit next summer! Thanks!

08/28/10 A few big browns on hoppers & droppers (yellow flash); Lots of small browns on red quill spinners; A couple of 14"-17" rainbows on hoppers; Lost a few very big rainbows on large yellow stonefly nymphs.

07/18/10 Thank you very much! You have some huge trout on this property. This is one of the best kept secrets for monster trout that fight hard.

7/16/10 - We had a really good day fishing on Friday. We caught about 20 fish in 4 hours. I lost 2 others as they broke my 5x tippet. The river was active with bugs and the small trout were voracious eaters. The fishing slowed after 1pm. A #16 tan caddis and #16 green caddis pupa/beadhead worked the best. Tell people fishing to get there early due to warm temperatures.

07/03/10 Great time. All runs to ourselves. Doesn't get any better than that. Caught several fish each, all quality fish.

JUNE 17, 2010: The flows are steadily decreasing on the Tarryall Creek and the water is clearing beautifully. Conditions are good and should continue to improve over the next several days.

05/13/10 Snow! Snow!! Snow!!! Fishing was slow. Caddis larvae, egg pattern flies. Angler #2: caught 4 browns. Snowing. Caddis worked. Hit one on dry fly.

4/18/10 - Beautiful day. 3 fish: 2 browns 11" & 13"; one rainbow (female, heavy with roe) 15+". Water slightly off color. All fish taken in pools. All fish taken on green streamer size 12.

Great fall day. Morning was slow but the afternoon was really good. #14 - #12 Charlie Boy hopper with a wire prince or copper/red copper john dropper. 14 fish total, mostly browns. One rainbow, 17". 09/26/09

Fishing was fair to good. All action on was on top. Mostly browns in the 12-15" range on Joe's Hoppers and Yellow Stimulators. BWO hatch from around 12-1 pm, but trout were very, VERY selective. We couldn't land any of them during this hatch! Fish would make a move towards the fly but then bail out at the last second. Water was very low, so most fish were held up in the deep pools and runs, and along the banks. We had the best luck in the middle third of the section, below the bridge. Crystal clear water, so sight-fishing was fun! 09/05/09

(The following report is from two buddies -- one recently diagnosed with a serious illness. They took their time and fished slowly, all the while savoring a warm summer day on a crystal clear river tempting trout with just the right flies. When the action slowed mid afternoon, the anglers, also, took a break, relaxing in their lawn chairs, eating lunch and enjoying the quiet solitude of a picturesque mountain valley.)

Fun day, low water. Caught some nice larger bows on caddis & hoppers -- one was 20". Smaller browns and bows on the same. 08/23/09

Seven rainbows, 16 - 20". Tried hoppers - nothing. Saw no hatches. Tried Adams. Tried nymphs. Hot in afternoon. Saw many and missed them all. They were by banks and in pools. 08/22/09

16 total. 4 between 17"-19". Hopper prince dropper; streamers. Slow furing 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. 08/21/09 SLOW. 3 fisherman, 14 fish, 4 - 15-16"; 10 - 8-12". 08/19/09

Joe's Hopper x 3. Hare's Ear, Green - 19" rainbow. Prince Nymph x 3. Orange stimi x 1. Caddis pupa x 4. Red/Black Ant x 1. 3 bows 15-19". The rest were browns. Thanks very much. 08/13/09

Two 20" rainbows on Joe's Hopper; one 18" rainbow on Chernobyl ant; one 12" & one 14" on foam caddis; one strike on hare's ear; numerous strikes on hoppers; nothing else on nymphs. 07/19/09

Three of us fished a full day and caught plenty of fish. Sizes ranged from 10"-21", with all but the larger fish (18"+) being rainbows and the smaller ones were mostly browns. Caught a lot of fish on copper johns, pheasant tails, prince nymphs and the larger fish were caught on large dry's like hoppers and caddis. We highly recommend giving this stretch of water a try! 07/10/09

Tough day. Willows make fishing this stretch challenging. One 18" rainbow, one small brook, one 24" rainbow got cut off near the shore. 07/09/09

AM above bridge, zero fish. PM below bridge, 12 browns -- 9"-13" -- on dry caddis flies. 07/08/09

07/05/09 - Two anglers, lots of fish, one big rainbow that broke a 5-weight fly rod, and one giant pike that tried to swallow a small brown on the end of a dry fly...incredible!

Tough day. High strong flows made it challenging. 06/21/09

Two 13" browns on red copper john; one 12" brown on rows ribbed san juan worm; one 18" rainbow on rows ribbed san juan worm; one 18" rainbow on red copper john. 05/14/09

Caught about 10 fish; mix of browns to 14" and 1 rainbow that measured 22". Caddis pupa worked best, also copper john & PBBHPT. Fun day. 05/08/09

4/26/09: The stream was beautiful, slightly colored. We caught four 19-20� rainbows and eight 10-12� browns on san juan worms, pheasant tails and green wooly buggers. We also had several other trout on and off including several big rainbows. It was a wonderful day! Thanks

Additional data available from the Colorado Division of Water Resources.