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Closed for the Season


10/21/18 - Historic Williams Ranch is now closed for the 2018 season.

07/31/18 - Fishing was not as good today due to low water levels, particularly upstream from the parking area. However, there are a lot of big trout on this lease and the water below the parking area fished well. Seven browns and 2 rainbows landed, the biggest of which was an 18 inch rainbow. There is a lot of good water here and I look forward to coming back when the water levels normalize.

07/21/18 - Fishing was crazy good. We caught most fish on parachute Adams. The highlight was the beaver pond downstream from the parking area. We cast to rising fish and caught many fat 14-18 inch rainbows. We fished a 30 yard stretch of the pond for about an hour with continuous hookups on the dry and the nymph. The trout did not stop hitting, even though we were catching fish. This was an amazing experience.

07/15/18 - I had a good day teaching my daughter how to fly fish! We only fished for about three hours before the weather moved in and we had to leave. She ultimately landed three fish and probably should have had four more. We used a simple Amy's Ant with a BHFBPT dropper. In between teaching I fooled two large rainbows. I was surprised not to catch any larger browns. Hopefully the rain is helping. No moose sightings. Still love this property. Keep up the great work!

07/03/18 - Really fun day but pretty hot. I netted five browns that were over 20 inches and lost another one the same size. Also picked up some 12-14 inch browns. Morning catches were on hoppers with a nymph dropper. After noon a caddis without a dropper was most effective. The most productive section was just below the man-made dam in the middle of the property (near the parking area). I also had some nice fishing where the flows were good farther upstream. Most activity was before 11:00 AM and after 3:00 PM. No moose today.

06/24/18 - Williams ranch fished really well on Sunday. We are not particularly good fishermen but we caught a number of fish. Didn’t see a moose but lots of small animal tracks.

06/15/18 Had a great day on Williams Ranch. There was a bull moose in the meadow when I got there. Later on in the day the moose was following me and it pretty much spooked me so I ended up leaving early. I was able to catch a lot of fish first though, including a 26" cutbow and landed two on at one time with a stimulator trailed by a batman.

05/14/18 - Good day at Williams Ranch. We caught several nice browns, a few large rainbows and a couple pike. The largest fish were holding in the beaver ponds and they were only interested in streamers.

04/14/18 - Three of us landed a total of 26 fish. Many were small browns but we caught several rainbows between 18 and 24 inches. The large fish were holding in deep pools and beaver ponds. This is a great property to fish at low flow but would be difficult during high water due to thick willows along banks.

04/06/18 - Fishing in a snowstorm is always interesting so I only fished a couple of hours. I caught a few small browns on nymphs and had 2 large rainbows temporarily online until they broke off. Still good to get back on the water.

03/31/18 - The water is low and clear at Historic Williams Ranch. This property has not been fished since last fall.



08/27/17 - This is a nice section of Tarryall to fish, although brush along the creek is challenging in places. Lots of surface activity between 1:00 and 3:00 pm and we each caught 2-3 fish over 18 inches. Went back and forth between dry/dropper setups and beadhead nymphing. All in all a good day. Thanks!

08/26/17 - Had a great day today. Everybody caught fish with several in the 18 to 20 inch range. Love that stretch of water!

08/04/17 - That was the best day of fishing I've ever had in Colorado. My dad and brother enjoyed it also. Looking forward to the next time.

07/19/17 - Two of us had a really good day at Historic Williams Ranch. The flow was a little over 80 cfs. Caught a total of 22 fish (browns and rainbows) up to 18 inches. Started off a little slow then picked up. Best flies were pink foam caddis(#8) and Amy’s Ant with BHPT or San Juan worm dropper. Also nice fish on olive flash bugger. Mosquitoes were really bad – bring bug spray! Great stream. Thanks for opportunity you provide!

07/02/17 - Did not find any big fish but I did catch 40-50 trout. Most were 10-14 inch browns but two were 18 inches, all on dry flies. Small olive stimulator with a caddis trailer was what the fish wanted. I only fished the upper half of the lease.

06/30/17 - Good water conditions. Caught browns up to 15 inches on top and bottom flies. Also got seven large rainbows including a 24 inch hog. Bunny leaches, Pat's rubber legs and pheasant tail dropper worked best.

05/14/17 - My wife and I had a great day even though we spent very little time on the water. We netted nearly 18 browns in two hours, with the largest being 17 inches. We fished dry/droppers and picked up a few on big caddis & stimulators. We loved the property but I was hoping to see a pike or two. No big rainbows, but we didn’t fish the really deep holes due to good dry fly action.

04/20/17 - The water was pretty low (20 CFS) and the fish were easily spooked. We fished the lower section in the morning and caught a huge rainbow on a crystal bugger. Missed a few more nice fish and caught three or four fish in the 12-14 inch range. We fished the upper section in the afternoon and caught more fish on crystal buggers, including two rainbows over 20 inches in the deep holes and a lot more smaller fish. A fun day overall. Thanks for making this available.

4/19/17 - First anglers of the year. Didn't start until 12:30 and did better on lower half because the upper section was quite low/skinny. Caught a total of three fish on SJ worms and prince nymphs. Two of them were 20 inch rainbows and the other was a 14 inch rainbow. Also lost one on a crystal bugger. I was a bit surprised we didn't catch more but it was my brother's first time fly fishing and he caught all three fish. Very nice day!



10/16/16 - I had great day with lots of fish. Three rainbows were between 18-20 inches and many smaller browns. What a wonderful way to end the season on the Tarryall! Hope to see you soon.

09/04/16 - Water conditions were OK and the water was a bit murky. Very slow day for fish but that could have been my setup. Finally found a few big fish around noon in the big pool areas but not a lot of numbers. I like that area and will go back again later.

09/02/16 - I caught 27 trout. Five were 19-20 inches and one was a 22 inch bow. Best on hopper with large BH pheasant tail dropper. Thanks again!

08/28/16 - We caught a lot of nice fish between the four of us. Water level was great and a slight water "stain" due to the rain was beneficial.

08/26/16 - We had muddy water because of the massive rain the evening before. Fishing was slow in the morning on the upper stretch but the fish started hitting more regularly in the afternoon. Largest trout of the day was a 19 inch rainbow with several other rainbows and browns in the 14-18 inch range. Hopper-dropper rigs worked best, but dredging the deep pools with double nymph rigs was not productive on this day. By the way, we spotted a moose just across the stream in one place that added to the fun.

8/13/16 - Thanks for one of the greatest days of fishing I have ever had. I was immediately struck by the beauty of the place and the weather was letter-perfect. I could have caught as many as I wanted. Every fish I caught was a 20+ inch rainbow. They all jumped, they were all huge, and they were all gloriously colored. I fished less than 3 hours and went home happy. I took them all on beadhead flashback pheasant tail droppers off of a prince nymph. The takes were all subtle, but once I set the hook the excitement was incredible. The water was low and slow. The conditions were a little warm so you can easily overwork these beauties. Use a 4x tippet despite the low clear water and haul them to net as quickly as you can. We have to protect these wonderful trout. It was a privilege to be there and I am looking forward to my next visit!

07/29/16 - Slow fishing yesterday on Williams Ranch but all of us caught at least one monster. Fish deep with short sinking lines using black stones and buggers. No top water at all.

07/20/16 - Had a great day of fishing at Historic Williams Ranch yesterday. Fished five hours and caught about 30 fish. Most were in the 12-15 inch range but three were over 20 inches. Mostly browns and a few rainbows, all on dry flies.

07/17/16 - Got 14 good sized fish, all on prince and pheasant tail nymphs. The browns were farther upstream.

07/15/16 - Caught plenty of gorgeous fish today at Williams Ranch but didn't see many smaller fish. Worked upstream from the lower boundary and found larger browns and rainbows in deeper runs, especially the old beaver dams. Weighted dropper worked best about 30 inches below my dry fly.

07/13/16 - Went to the bottom end of Historic Williams Ranch and fished up to just above the diversion dam. Some of the smaller fish are starting to get spooky but I did find a number of very nice rainbows and browns. Only turned one fish in each run so I just kept moving upstream with a dry dropper rig. Most fish were on a #16 pheasant tail with a bit of flash dub. Also a few on a yellow crystal stimulator. One brown was at least 25" but I didn't land it.

07/12/16 - We had a miserable experience at Williams Ranch today. Mosquitoes were terrible and the fishing was sub-par so we left.

06/05/16 - It was a good trip in spite of slow fishing. It's a beautiful creek and we got two rainbows and two browns. Had another good bow on and one rolled on a fly. I was kind of disappointed with the way it fished. The water was a bit high and off color; just not many fish.

05/22/16 - Fish were holding in slow, deep water and shelves. Very good fishing with half rainbows and half browns. Nymphing with leeches and attractor patterns worked best. Thank you! Beautiful section!

05/08/16 - It was a sunny day and the wind had calmed down. The water was clear...maybe just a little low. We caught five fish between us, including two browns and three rainbows. Only stayed until noon so we could get home by 5 PM. The fish looked healthy, as though the winter was not too rough on them. We certainly had fun!!

04/27/16 - We had about 30 hookups in five hours- pink and red worms, BH prince, olive slumpbuster, olive chrystal bugger. Some fish were rising in the afternoon to mayfly dries.

04/26/16 - Thank you for the opportunity to fish HWR. Its a beautiful property and we had fun for a few hours out there. It was a snowy and cold day but we managed to get into the fish. Everything seemed to be concentrated in the middle part of the property. We caught about 30 fish total with another 15 or so lost. Average fish was about 16 inches and the largest was 20 inches. Best flies were egg patterns, black midges (nymphs) and streamers in black, brown, and olive. This looks like fabulous dry fly water at higher flow.

04/21/16 - We did pretty well on the lower half and got a few on the upper property. Landed about 35 total, many of which were browns. Largest fish included a 20-inch rainbow and two 19-inch browns. Also saw some large fish that we spooked. We had the best luck fishing the deeper pools with pheasant tails, SJ worms, copper johns, black midges and olive streamers.

04/05/16 - Landed a dozen fish and lost six others, including a 24" pike and 17" rainbow. Fish are mostly in the slow, deep pools. Really windy and then heavy snow in the afternoon. Most fish caught on olive streamer, pink SJ worm and prince nymphs.



10/10/15 - Water was clear and low. Caught over 40 fish with more rainbows than browns. Saw one pike but didn't catch it. Started at 10:45 with hopper/dropper. Size 16 beadhead prince nymph dropper was the ticket. Switched to streamers in the afternoon. Bottom section and top section of the property fished the best. My wife and I had a wonderful time. Thank you Williams Ranch for making this water available to fish!

10/04/15 - Multiple browns and rainbows over 20 inches. Gorgeous day!

09/18/15 - Been here for a week. Fishing has been great. Will give you a report when I get back home.

09/07/15 - Size 18-20 caddis, pheasant tails, and midges in various colors worked during AM trico hatch. Black streamers in the deep holes produced big fish, including six over 20 inches. Had to be stealthy. Great day.

09/05/15 - Hooked 15 fish and netted nine between two people. Used dry/dropper all day. Had a great time with my 15-year old son. Thanks!

08/29/15 - The water was low and clear and the air temp was 46 degrees when I arrived. Fishing was slow in the morning but I caught a lot of 10-12" browns between noon and 6:00 PM. Also got a few larger fish, including a 20" rainbow. Lots of fish in the net today but I had to work for them.

08/22/15 - We had three anglers and did pretty good. I landed 16 (10 rainbows and 6 browns), with one 20� rainbow. 14 of my fish were caught on a #14/16 Prince Nymphs; the others on #18 Pheasant Tail. Lost another 6 or so that were hooked. No top water action but there were bugs in the air. The middle part of the day was slower than morning and afternoon. The other two anglers caught 15 and 7 respectively, mostly on prince nymphs. I also tried, PMD emergers, rainbow warriors, and copper johns with no success. We saw many large fish in the deeper water, but they were hard to catch. Water was very clear.

09/19/15 - Bright sun and very slow in the morning. Several fish on hopper/dropper mid-day. Best dry action after 4:00 PM. Largest fish was a 20" rainbow. Water was low and clear (hard work).

08/19/15 - Lots of fish averaging 14-16". Hoppers, caddis, copper john, pheasant tail, hares ear. Thanks.

08/02/15 - Did well yesterday at Historic Williams. Caught a total of 24 fish, including several rainbows over 20 inches. Prince nymph worked best.

07/27/15 - Good fishing with several 12-18" browns but no big rainbows. Mosquitoes were crazy.

07/25/15 - We fished the Williams Ranch on 7/25 and had a great day. Flows are still a little high but should be in great shape soon. Most of the action was on nymphs (prince nymph, copper john, san juan worms), though we caught a few on top with ants and hoppers. Most fish were 12-14 inch browns, with several larger rainbows thrown in. This is a nice property with a lot of good water. The bottom end of the lease has some deeper pools and the top end has some nice water for wading. Make sure you bring bug spray. We left a net near the top end of the property with a name and phone number on it, so please call if you find it. Tight lines!

07/19/15 - Water was still a little high and clearing. Multiple hatches coming off all morning but very little surface action with all fish (15+) caught on nymphs. Clouded up just before noon and it was streamer heaven all afternoon. Released 25+ fish on streamers, the smallest was 18� and largest was a beautiful 24�bow. Good mix of browns and rainbows (50/50). Continues to be a great property! Look forward to our next visit.

04/28/11 - Caught several large trout and saw a few large pike in slow water. Fishing was very good for early season.

04/27/15 - Hooked about 16 fish and landed the majority. Most were 12-14" browns but also caught some larger fish, including a 20" rainbow. Started with a crystal bugger but they just followed it. Then switched to BH pheasant tail, red copper john, and wire SJ worm. Most action was in the slow runs...not much in the deep pools.

04/20/15 - Historic Williams Ranch fished very well. Olive slumpbuster worked the best but also got fish on pink SJ worms, prince nymphs, Pat's rubber legs, and a few on stimulators. Lots of fish in the pools and runs but also got a few in the riffles. Biggest fish was 17" but we lost some 20" browns and rainbows.



09/28/14 - Landed ten fish -- mostly rainbows -- the largest was 18 inches. Lost another five. Very little surface activity. All fish caught on red San Juan worms. A nice property and I'll go back.

9/16/14 - Very good day of fishing at the Williams Ranch. Had success on orange ants and midge patterns for browns and rainbows in equal numbers. One brown was 24" and a few other fish were 15-18". Great program.

9/14/14 - I believe this is the best time of year to fish the Tarryall. The weather was phenomenal as was the fishing! By my estimates I fooled at least 40 fish. I used a dry/dropper setup which is my favorite rig for this river. I fished with an Amy's Ant (12-14) as the attractor, along with a tungsten BH red zebra midge (18-20) and a BHFBPT (16-18). Sometimes I will add a No. 8 micro shot between the two droppers. The fish took the attractor and the nymphs about 50/50. I caught and lost numerous browns and bows in the 16 to 20 inch range. I love your program - keep up the good work!

9/13/14 - We fished Williams Ranch on what turned into a great day. Morning was very cool but a few rainbows still hit small PMD nymphs. River banks lined with willows made working the banks difficult yet the river entry sign posts made it possible to find good sections to work. As the day warmed fish got very active on surface with hoppers, both rainbows and browns. Everything landed was 14-16", very healthy fighters for a 4 wt rod. They're all still there. Fun day.

8/11/14 - I have fished here several times and this was the poorest effort I've had. My son and I have had 30 fish days, with good quality before but we landed a total of 6 fish. One 15", the rest small. Using mainly san juan worms, but also gave stimulators and royal wulf's a chance but nothing was rising. The water was somewhat high and off-color.

8/01/14 - Stream conditions were such that us dry-fly fishermen were shut out. Oh well, you pay your money, you take your chances. Nonetheless, we walked the entire stretch of the lease. In lower water conditions I know that it'll be worth returning.

7/12/14 - Early morning temps were low but nymph rig with a large stone, pats rubber legs, san juan worms, and green caddis worked well. Worm produced fish all morning. As the sun got higher tan and green hoppers under the overhangs worked well. Duns hatched about 9:30 but no fish were rising to them.

7/7/14 - We got to the ranch at about 8:00, put our waders on and went fishing. We found the path mowed in the grass made it easy to know where the boundaries are. We did not knock them dead but got a little action. I caught a real nice one, probably about 18 inches which I played for a couple of minutes before he snapped my leader off. I caught one more about 12 inches before we left at 2:00 pm. My son got a few hits but did not hook any fish. I think the stream is still too high to be great, but we really enjoyed just being on the stream in such a beautiful valley. Want to try again later this summer or early fall.

05/03/14 - We had a great day. Between the three of us, we managed 19 fish. Mostly browns, but a few rainbows. Average size was about 11 inches, with a few around 16-17 inches. They were mostly in the deeper bend pools, not far out from the bank. We also took a few in the plunge pools below structures. The most effective flies were Flashback Pheasant Tails, Red Copper Johns, and Eggs (in oranges and pinks). Already looking forward to our next trip out there.

04/27/14 - Flows were 80 cfs with good clarity. Two anglers landed ten fish - browns to 16 inches, rainbows to 17 inches. Lost 5-7 others. Flies: pink and red worms, pat's rubber legs, pink/red egg. Fish were holding in the deeper/slower water.



10/06/13 - Historic Williams Ranch is now closed for the 2013 season.

9/08/13 This is my favorite time to fish the Tarryall Valley. Early fall, warm days, good flows, and the entire valley to myself, or so it seemed. I lost count of how many fish I caught and/or missed! Most were 10-16" very healthy and beautiful browns. I did miss a couple of rainbows (one very large) and I also landed one 18" beauty below the diversion dam. Early in the day (9:30) I tried to match the hatch, unsuccessfully I might add, when the fish were surfacing. That didn't deter me however and I went to my tried and true rig for the Tarryall, a hopper attractor, #18-20 red zebra midge, and a #18-20 BHFB pheasant tail, with one #6 micro shot. This is great lease with lots of variety, nice stream improvements, and tons of water to fish.

08/25/13 Six fish, all on hoppers & stimulators. Sad to see such a beautiful stream with so few fish. I hope it comes back.

08/24/13 Great day of fishing! Had lots of action with hoppers. Caught a few on streamers and other various dries. The lower end of the property was fishing much better than upstream.

8/23/13 - Twenty 16" browns; two 14" bows; lots of 10" - 12" browns. Great day! Great area! We'll be back!

08/14/13 Slow fishing mid-day. Beautiful area...Thanks for sharing!

08/10/13 Had a great time! Caught 7 fish, all between 7-10 inches. Had 7 or 8 get off. Caught fish (all browns) on Para Adams, Royal Wulff, and Ant fly. Picked up in the afternoon. Thanks again!

08/03/13 Amazing day! Browns all morning, Bows all afternoon! Crushing Annie's Ants, Royal Wulffs, PMDs, Yellow Humpies, and Black Streamers later in the day. Not much nymphing, didn't need to. Love this place! Will be back soon! 10-15 fish a piece. Thanks!

07/21/13 Slow day. Couple of good sized almost netted. Good heads up on the bug spray - WOW!! They are out there. Thanks, see you again!

07/20/13 Eleven fish.

07/14/13 Little action. Water high and rising. One 17" rainbow on #12 stimmie.

05/18/13 Three anglers had a good day. Slightly overcast; good flows (+/-50 cfs); temps in the 60s. Caught smaller, healthy browns in riffles and moving water. No action on rainbows. No action in the pools. Nymphs and midges were the keys. #22 and # 20 zebra midge worked best. Nice water to fish!

4/19/13 - Caught 15 browns and rainbows during an afternoon of fishing. Fish are stacked up in the deepest pools.



07/24/12 Fishing was great all day! Fish were healthy ranging from 6" -22". Well worth the reservation. Big rainbows and browns! 40+ fish caught in one day.

06/25/12 Tough day. Very low flows. Spooky fish. Warm water. Barely managed double digits.

06/16/12 Great day. 30+ landed...all on dries!

06/13/12 Fished well w/ Amy's Ant, Caddis, Adams & Dropper (Pheasant Tail + RS II). Water got hot (67 degrees) by 4:00 PM. Several browns & a few larges bows on the surface. Good day.

06/05/12 Two anglers, 40+ fish. Mostly streamers. Autumn splendor; wooly bugger(black); black, green orange streamers all worked well. Some caught on caddis dry flies.

06/02/12 Worked hard for our fish today. Came in streaks. Rainbows 14" - 17" on black bugger. Small browns on prince nymph & pheasant tails, size 14-16. Once 15" brown on the dropper.

05/27/12 Slow mid-day; picked up around 3:00 p.m. Dry dropper, Amy's Ant, BHFBPT,BH yellow stone, red copper john. 20 fish or so by 3 anglers.

5/20/12 - Stream flows and fishing contitions are very good for this time of year! Stream habitat work has increased the trout population considerably on this property.

05/09/12 Great day! Caddis, caddis then, caddis.

4/30/12 - Beautiful day on the river. Started catching right away at 10:00 AM on nymphs (BH Hare's Ear & pheasant tails). Some smaller browns but mostly fat rainbows 13" - 18". Best fly of the day was a Green Sparkle Streamer.

3/30/12 - This property is very different with the improved fish habitat. Large trout are now staying on the property all winter. Several browns were 12-14" and a couple rainbows were over 18".



09/23/11 The Historic Williams Ranch is now open for fall reservations, following an extensive fish habitat enhancement project.

05/28/11 2 guys. 15+ browns (6"-15"); 2 rainbows (16"-23"); 1 big pike (4-6lbs.) - not landed. Hare's ear #14-18; Copper John #16; Tungston teaser #16 caught most of the fish. Black pike fly should still be in the side of the big pike. Tried a second time to get him and did not succeed. He's in the first big, deep pool about 100 yds. downstream of the parking area but well before the lower boundary fence.

04/07/11 Couple on PT (16). Missed some big ones on streamers. Lots of debris = lots of snags. Good day.

8/27/10 Fished the lower portion...beautiful day, partly cloudy at times ( and that helped ) otherwise sunny and nice. Water was low (flow@24) and warm (58*) so the nice fish were on the bottom and easily spooked. Nymphed with Bead Head Prince, several colors and sizes of Copper Johns , San Juan worms, Pheasant Tails,etc. without success. Finally fooled a couple of nice fish with streamers, Trico hatch went on for most of the day, but only the young and dumb would rise. Parachute Adams, Yellow Sallies,hoppers when near the hay fields all worked. This IS NOT A PROPERTY FOR WOMEN, KIDS OR BEGINNERS as the banks are lined with a very thick growth of willows, 8-10' high and 10-20' thick, there are no apparent trails and you need to be careful walking in the tall grass due to some erosion and sink holes. I suggested that they go in there with a chain saw and cut some access paths to the water. This is a good looking piece of water , is very reasonably priced and I will fish it again under better conditions.

8/23/10 2 Guys, on the water and fishing from about 9 to 6. Over 15 fish landed, mostly rainbows, only 4 browns, anywhere from 8" to a monster 24"! Had difficulty finding what fly was working. Used almost every nymph in the boxes, a large BHPrince with a small zebra midge had a little success. We tried over a dozen dry flies and many in different sizes, PMD and BWO had moderate success in a sz 16. Also, big hoppers were getting some attention. Finally after seeing more fish than we could stand, one of us decided to try a streamer (never fished with one before today) started with a large brown woolly and BAM! Landed a nice 20" rainbow. Then, unfortunately, lost the fly in a snag. So, we used the only other one we had, a huge yellow rubberlegged thing. It was hit after hit for almost an hour until one large rainbow took it from us, but not before landing a monster 5 lb rainbow 24" long! Such an awesome day in the most beautiful of settings. Thank you.

8/22/10 Slow day. Caught several browns & brookie in morning on #14 parachute adams above parking area. Nothing rest of the day. Tried nymphing -- no luck. Caught 16" male brown about 5 PM. Total of 7 fish fore the day. Great property!

8/12/10 - This is a beautiful property and it was nice to have that large a stretch available. Unfortunately it was also a very disappointing day. We started at the parking area and by the end of the day had worked all the way up to to the rock wall section and back. During that entire time we did not catch a fish and more disappointing we only saw three. One was large, and the other two smaller and spooked from the side to the deeper water. We watched riffles, the shallows and did not see any other activity. We threw streamers, drys, small hoppers, yellow simulators, prince nymphs, midges, all sort of things. If we had seen fish and not caught them I would have also been disappointed but more in our talents and excited to try again, this is not the case after this trip. This was a very frustrating trip and certainly not one we would be willing to repeat. The man where checked in asked us to drop off our comments and indicated that very few people were doing that, perhaps it is because they have had similar experiences.

07/18/10 Thank you! 8 fish total. Three browns; five rainbows 18" plus. Prince nymphs, streamers. Great program! Easy water access. Perfect day on the river, great restoration work on the river.

07/15/10 Started slowly, not much activity until about 11:00. Tried dries & nymphs & caught a few. Switched to copper johns, PT & SJW. Ended up catching 6 browns up to 14" & 5 very big 'bows, 19" -23", healthy hard fighters. Quit @ 2:00. Mosquitoes & biting flies were pretty thick. Bring deet.

07/11/10 Good day. Many fish 18" - 20". Beautiful day. The big fish fought hard. Streamers. Healthy fish. Great hostess.

07/10/10 25 browns up to 15" on dry/drops & dries. Gorgeous water. Dries: P. Adams, Stimulators, Caddis, Hoppers. Drops: PT, Prince Nympph, SJ Worm.

07/04/10 One rainbow - 19" on Killer Mayfly; 2 browns - 16" on PT. I had a fun day!

06/29/10 RED COPPER-JOHN. Rainbows, 16" -19"; Browns, 8" - 10".

JUNE 17, 2010: The flows are steadily decreasing on the Tarryall Creek and the water is clearing beautifully. Conditions are good and should continue to improve over the next several days.

05/02/10 - We did OK but the snowy weather was certainly an issue. We saw a bunch of pike in the river, which I can only imagine can not help the trout population. The stream itself was very nice; boulders & logs were very well placed. Between the 3 of us we only managed to land a few fish, all rainbows and all very good sized, 14-18"

3 nice rainbows. 15 browns. PT stimmies, pine squirrel leech. 10/03/09

Good weather all day. Water was low but good pockets. Fishing was slow. Get about 20 hits. Landed a 19" rainbow and an 8" brown. 09/07/09

Things were slow from 8:00-12:00 with a few strikes on caddis and parachutes. Frome 12:00-5:00 there was a lot of top water action with fish ranging from 8-17". One fish caught on an RS@, one on a "20 incher". Most afternoon action ws on caddis, blue wing olives and parachutes. 09/05/09

Good day fishing. Lots of fish 8"-12". One 15", one 17". Caddis, hoppers & ants. 08/27/09

Three fish on Hopper patterns. Water was low; hot. Lots of small fish, missed about 8. Good day with friends. 08/22/09

(One angler) Fished 3.5 hours. Caught 10-12, all browns 7"-13". Size #16 anything dry -- humpy, royal wulff, etc. 08/16/09

Very low water. Caught fish mostly on top. Orange stimys, royal wulff, yellow humpy, beetle, turks tarantula. Barr's emerger, yellow sally accounted for a few. Mix of browns and bows. 08/14/09

Streamers and dry droppers. 07/21/09

Streamers! Buggers, sculpins, pike bunnies. Lots of fish that would not take typical beadheads were smoking streamers today. More big fish farther you work up the property. 07/20/09

One angler fished 6 ous and landed 8 rainbows, 18" -21" and one 26" that weighed around 8 lbs. Most fish caught in slow deep holes on bead head hares ear and PMD emergers. Thanks again for another good day. 07/14/09

3 guys fished a good part of the day and did pretty well on nymphs -- pheasant tails, copper john, caddis all worked well. Caught a good mix of browns and bows ranging from 10-16". Bring plenty of bug repellant, the mosquitos are thick! 07/10/09

One angler, 6 fish. 3 rainbows 19"-21"; 3 browns 12"-14". Only one fish in afternoon. SJW, CJ, BHHE. Water high and murky. 05/13/09

Probably 20 fish. 6+ on dries (big parachute adams). 10 -12 fish were under 12"; one was 18"; one was 20"; one was 22"; And! One was better than 24" (above the diversion dam in big pool, deep run). Beadhead pheasant tail and beadhead caddis pupae worked great. Thanks (five fish were near the diversion dam). 05/02/09

Fishing slow in AM; by early afternoon caught a 24 1/2" rainbow on a streamer! 04/24/09

Additional data available from the Colorado Division of Water Resources.