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Tarryall L and C Ranch Fishing Conditions

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Tarryall L and C Ranch
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Closed for the Season


10/21/18 - Tarryall L&C Ranch is now closed for the 2018 season.

07/08/18 - Tarryall L&C Ranch fished great for me. I caught double digit numbers and all fish swam away with vigor. I really enjoyed fishing the diversity of water on such a small property. Thanks for offering such a great service!

07/07/18 - Fishing was spectacular! Two of us caught 30 plus fish, mostly 10-16 inches. Almost all on parachute adams. This may be the best day of Fishing I’ve ever had. Thanks!

06/29/18 - Fishing was great for flow being so low. Bottom half of lease was tougher. Got lucky with a caddis hatch in the AM and some dry activity. Top half of lease was way better with strong streamer success. Three anglers released 45+ fish but nothing of size. One or two rainbows greater than than 15 inches. One 12 inch pike was caught in the pool below the parking area.

06/07/18 - Tarryall L&C Ranch was incredibly productive! Probably released 100+ fish. Mostly smaller browns but a good number of larger cuttbows. All the flies you suggested worked: Royal Wulff, caddis, prince nymph and streamers. Water was a little high but clear.

05/12/18 - River flow was excellent but heavy winds in the afternoon. Brought about 35 fish to hand, mostly rainbows and a few browns. All fish were in the 10-16 inch range. We used streamers in the morning and nymph/midge dropper rigs below Amy’s Ant later in the day. Fish were caught on all of the above. Overall a really great day! Hope that TL&C will remain accessible in the future!

04/13/18 - The weather was terrible but fishing was surprisingly decent. Between the two of us we caught nearly 40 fish. Nothing of any size and didn't see very many big fish in the water. Most were 10-12 inch rainbows and the largest was around 14 inches. Golden Stone Fly Nymph worked best. Not a bad day all things considered.

04/12/18 - A beautiful place to spend my birthday fishing. Low flows and clear water made fishing a bit tough and the fish a bit spooky. The lower half of the property was slow due to the water conditions. I started getting fish at the beaver ponds and continued to land fish all afternoon on the upper half of the property. Ended up with a 20+ fish day. Mostly cutbows and a few brown trout, including two nice fish in the 14+ inch range. A black slump buster and squirrel hot head leach caught most of the fish. Small black stonefly and yellow sally patterns also landed a couple earlier in the day.

04/07/18 - Excellent fishing on Tarryall L&C under favorable spring weather conditions. We managed to land about two dozen fish between us - mostly browns. Clear water around 15 cfs meant a stealthy approach to the river. Best results on small streamers in black and olive. Lower third of the property was slow and we did not land anything bigger than 17 inches all day.

03/31/18 - The water is low and clear at Tarryall L&C Ranch. This property has not been fished since last fall.



09/21/17 - Thanks for a great day of fishing. We enjoyed ourselves and plan to come back next year.

09/03/17 - Fishing was great on Sunday. I caught about 30 including one 19 inch rainbow. The beginners in our group all caught at least three fish. We didn't fish the lower property because I figured they would be pretty spooky with the low water. Thanks again!

08/29/17 - Arrived late so I started above the beaver dams with a hopper and #18 pheasant tail. Caught four fish and missed others. I switched to a #14 pheasant tail and immediately got more fish on the dropper. I fished up to the “cliff pool” and caught 12 fish in that pool alone. It was the fastest day of fishing I can remember so I quit early.

08/27/17 - One of the best fishing days we've ever had in Colorado! Everybody in our group caught 12-17 trout. We will be back next year to check out other properties and are telling our friends to do the same. Thanks.

08/21/17 - It started out really slow and the lower section was hard to fish. The middle stretch was better. I hit the top stretch right around 11:00 and the rainbows hit everything I presented. It was during the eclipse, so not sure if that mattered, but for 2 hours I had a strike every cast. The largest was 22 inch bow, but I had a larger one that broke off. The most productive fly in the morning was a #14 chartreuse humpy. After lunch I went back to the top stretch and it was good, but definitely not as good as during the eclipse. Afternoon fly choice was Griffiths gnat.

08/14/17 - Flows were higher than I expected for this time of year. Fishing was slow at first but I caught a LOT of nice fish once I figured out the fly. Great day as usual!

08/02/17 - Extremely slow day. Only caught 4 small fish all day but missed many other strikes.

08/04/17 - Morning was very cool & cloudy with little action. Then it got better until about 2:00 when it died off. Landed 15 or so in the 8-10 inch range. Many more hooked & lost. A few fish were 11-13 inches. All rainbows except for one brown. An orange butt Elk Hair Caddis worked well. Also stimulators with a lot of white. Saw some very large fish that came up but only to take a look. Makes your heart stop though.

07/31/17 -We had a decent day fishing on Monday. The water was a bit murky from all the rain. We had the most luck using BWOs, parachute Adams, and red copper Johns. Most fish we caught were 6-10 inches and a few were 12-13. We saw some larger fish but they didn't want anything we threw at them. Unfortunately we had to quit fishing about 4:30 so we missed the evening.

07/18/17 - Fishing was good to excellent. Lots of activity on top with Amy's ants, Chernobyls and Caddis. Middle and uppern sections fished much better. Also good action on trailing nymphs, including Black Beauty and RS-2. They also liked anything green and flashy. Probably landed about 60 fish between the four of us. Nothing bigger than 16 inches but also had a few break-offs that were larger. Great day!

07/13/17 - Caught around 40 fish from the parking area upstream, as the other guy was in the meadows downstream. ​I only caught a few on hoppers in the morning so ​I switched to an olive crystal ​bugger in the upper section and really started hitting the cutbows. ​Caught several nice ones in the 16-19 inch range. They were hitting in almost every hole. ​ I talked to the other guy who fished the meadows and he caught several nice rainbows early in the morning. ​He was using a tan Chernobyl hopper​ with dropper.​

<07/06/17 - We only fished four hours due to other commitments but had a full day of catching between 3:00 and 7:00 PM. Released about 80 fish between us and missed twice that many. Mostly smaller browns but also some 14-18 inch browns, rainbows and cuttbows. The water level was perfect but air temperature was very warm.

07/03/17 - Hands down the best fly fishing day I’ve ever experienced. Caught between 80-100 fish but I stopped counting after 3:00 PM. All fish caught on size 12 Amy’s Ant. The action was so fast and I had several double strikes when fishing two dries at a time. My two largest fish were a 20 inch cuttbow and 20 inch brown. Caught a dozen nice sized rainbows in the beaver pond which was my favorite part of the property. Fished the entire property from end to end.

07/01/17 - Thanks for suggesting Tarryall L&C Ranch. The conditions were excellent with a good selection of browns, rainbows and cuttbows up to 17 inches. The fish were hungry and looked healthy.

05/31/17 - As usual, we had a great time at Tarry L&C Ranch. This program is the best in the country! The most productive set up was a small, tan Chernobyl hopper with a flashback pheasant tail nymph dropper. Largest fish was 17" rainbow. No regular hatches, but occasional risers were spotted, and usually took the hopper. Water was low and clear; remarkable for the end of May.

05/30/17 - Started around 9:00 with clear skies and water. Thought we would hit them immediately but it took about two hours before they started feeding. This was followed by 4 hours of constant action on Amy's ants and flashback PT droppers. Only a couple large fish but thirty or so were 10-16 inch browns, rainbows and cuttbows. Other large rainbows came up for the Amy's ant but didn't take. Overall it was a satisfying day!

05/25/17 - It was another successful trip to TL&C with PLENTY of fish caught (I landed nearly 50). However the size of fish were much smaller than my last visit. Dry flies were really working so I stuck with those and wasn't down deep enough for the big boys. I did land several nice fish but not quite the size I've previously seen at this property. Conditions were great minus the high winds. Water was clear and still running at a reasonable speed. Continues to be one of my favorite spots to fish.

05/12/17 - Good fishing. Had 30 fish on but only landed about 20. Lots of dry fly action today.

04/24/17 - Superb day of fishing. Amy's ant on top trailing a #18 BH flashback pheasant tail with a #18 red HB zebra midge as the bottom fly. Had action on all flies. Got a 16 inch rainbow and 16 inch brown in the riffle right below the corral in the first five minutes but riffle fishing was productive throughout the entire lease. Lost a big brookie just below the fallen tree/beaver dam. Great action in the pocket water near the upper end, including a 14 inch brown in a small pocket below a rock. At least 30 fish hooked but not all were landed. Only fished for 3-1/2 hours and can't wait to do it again!

04/23/17 - The fishing was very good. Two of us caught 40-50 fish, mostly rainbows and a few smaller browns. Biggest rainbows were 17-18 inches and FAT! The water is low and clear so the fish were easily spooked, but there are plenty to be caught. Both golden stone nymphs and girdle bugs worked throughout the day. This property has a great variety of water and we really enjoyed ourselves. We'll definitely be back!

04/08/17 - We did well using small dark stonefly nymphs below a #12 stimulator. Two of us got rainbows in the 18-19 inch range on nymphs but the largest fish took cone head bunny streamers. It was fun water and we enjoyed it a lot.



10/16/16 - We had a fun day yesterday at the Tarryall L&C Ranch. We each caught around 15 fish, from 4 inch browns to 16 inch rainbows. Most fish took a BH PT dropper but we did catch several on dry flies. The winds were very strong yesterday and often our dry fly was pushed around the surface.

09/28/16 - Great day and great property! Three anglers caught 12-15 fish each on dry/dropper (para-adams and prince nymphs). Saw and broke off some bigger fish. Best water was on the upper half of the property. Thanks!

09/23/16 - We had a great day and really enjoyed it. Very productive in the canyon section with Caddis trailed by prince nymph. Most action on the nymph. Probably got 15 fish each. Some bigger rainbows and impressive cutbows. Also a few smaller browns. Looking forward to next year!

09/07/16 - We caught over 20 fish with two cuttbows, several 15-17 inch rainbows, and many browns. Good dry action on stimulators and elk hair caddis.

09/04/16 - Caught 25 fish including a 19 inch rainbow, two rainbows over 16 inches, and several others in the 10-14 inch range. A thunderstorm came through around 3:30 with small hail that completely shut down the fishing. Only caught one fish after the storm. Yellow chubby with a green psycho prince worked best. Saw several nice fish but they were really spooky and quite leader shy for some reason. I switched to 5x flourocarbon and it seemed to help quite a bit.

08/26/16 - Didn't land a lot of fish but the ones we caught were large. All fish were taken in the riffles and we missed more than we hooked. Big hopper and royal Wulff worked best. Great time and great place but a little tight for 4 anglers.

08/24/16 - As usual this stretch of stream was highly productive and a blast to fish. We started out in the morning fishing in the rain, but the trout did not care. Within 10 minutes after starting all three of us had landed 15+ inch rainbows. And the action was nonstop all day. Most fish were caught on a hopper-dropper, but some also hit woolly buggers. And by mid-day there was a nice mayfly hatch and great dry fly action.

08/18/16 - Two of us fished from 9:00 to 4:00 and caught 20 fish despite the low water. Half were smaller browns on parachute adams in the riffles (I had never caught a brown on this lease before) and I did catch one pike below the parking lot. Caught one legit 18 inch rainbow on a streamer. More fish, but smaller fish than I caught Sunday but as always a GREAT TIME!

08/11/16- The fishing was OK but not great for that lease. That's why they call it fishing and not catching. Another time will be better.

08/03/16 - Good day with lots of strikes on dries (caddis and adams). Largest fish on hares ear dropper.

07/31/16 - Awesome day. Nothing over 14 inches but constant action. Will be back.

07/25/16 - Sally's, hoppers, mayflies, dry/droppers. Great day of fishing with lots of fish!

07/10/16 - Tarryall L&C fished really well. Focused on water near the parking area and above. Caught fish on dries, nymphs, and streamers. Very buggy from 12 o'clock on. Double dries produced lots of fish but bigger fish were landed on dry dropper and streamers. Warm water had fish in faster riffles. Saw a few Pike in the lower meadow section. Tough wading at these flows and only real option was walking through the water.

05/15/16 - Excellent dry fly fishing in the morning. Used stimulator with a para-adams and caught numerous fish on both flies. Heavy rain around 11:00 AM and dry fly fishing stopped. Swtitched to BH PT dropper in the afternoon and it worked great. Caught 25 browns and rainbows total.

05/06/16- We had a great time at the ranch. The water was a bit off color but the flows were great. I moved several fish on a streamer and had great success nymphing a rabbit hair leach above an RS2 foam post. They really seemed to be taking the emerger steadily around lunch time, but then it died down. Hope to be able to fish your properties again...soon!

04/01/16 - The morning was cold and started slow. Walked down to the lower boundary and saw a few spooky fish. Then we went back up to the corral area and things picked up. We caught about 25 fish in three hours with the biggest about 14 inches. Our best flies were egg patterns and small black beauty midges. The property is very nice but will be good to see it with a bit more water.

03/31/16 - Cold day with a high about 30 degrees. Had 14 hookups between 10:00 and 1:30. The biggest fish was about 16 inches and we lost a couple larger ones. Pink SJ worm, apricot egg and #22 black midge emergers.



10/14/15 - Thanks for recommending Tarryall L&C Ranch. Water was low and fishing was tough but we had a good day. Caught a few nice fish and saw many others. See you next year.

09/25/15 - Caught many small browns, a few large cutbows and one pike. Largest trout included a 16" brown and 19" cutbow. Several other fish were 12-16 inches. Most fish were taken on stimulators with midge droppers. A few of the larger fish slammed a purple leach. Overall it was a successful day in a great setting!

09/18/15 - I arrived at the property around 10 am and fished till about 6 pm. I landed 15 trout, including two brookies, two browns, and the rest were rainbows. Very few were lost but many more chased! All fish were in the 14 to 16 inch category, with one 18" rainbow and one 20" brown. My preferred method is streamer fishing so most were caught on a #10 black slumpbuster, although I did catch a few on elk hair caddis (#16) and BWO (#20) in the afternoon. River was running at about 35 cfs. Fish seemed to generally be where you would expect them to be, with a couple caught in shallow water. All in all an excellent day on the river!

09/14/15 - Fishing was great. Just fished four hours in the morning. Got 25 plus fish and landed 15 rainbows between 15 and 18 inches. All on the surface with foam beetle and tan caddis with green body. Beautiful place with lots of diversity. Used 3 weight rod which made life easier in the tight places.

09/10/15 - Arrived at 9:30 and walked down to the lower boundary. Caught (and missed) several nice fish while working back up to the car. Things really slowed down as the sun got higher and the fish quit surface feeding. Black stimulators worked best but also got fish on slumpbusters. Largest fish was a 17 inch rainbow.

09/01/15 - We were kind of late getting there and started fishing about 12:30. I started on the south end and fished back up to the parking area. Caught some nice cuttbows in the 12-14 inch range and a couple small browns. The browns took a beadhead pheasant tail drifted below a PMX. All the cuttbows took the PMX. Unfortunately, my brother-in-law and his nephew caught nothing. Each of them saw and missed fish and enjoyed the area though. Thanks for everything, we will be back.

08/30/15 - More productive before 1:00 PM when it got really warm (80 degrees). Landed 30 fish between two anglers. Most fish were in the 8"-14" range, and a handful of 16" fish. We both missed nearly as many fish as we caught, and several monsters broke us off. We fished a dry-dropper rig exclusively and were never tempted to nymph or chuck streamers. Used yellow PMX, hopper or stimulator with a CDC pheasant tail, BH Hares Ear, or copper john (Red and Green) for the dropper. Fished from the corral upstream to the upper boundary, had lunch and then went back and hit the good holes again!

08/28/15 - Tarryall L&C Ranch fished really well on Saturday with lots of strikes and hookups. Used ultralight gear with dry/dropper setup. Most fish were caught in runs and riffles with only a few in the deep pools. Also got a few on streamers. The biggest were 16-17" rainbows but we saw larger ones.

08/22/15 - Fishing is getting more challenging as flows get lower, water temps get warmer, and the fish become better educated. We did OK today but not as good as July.

08/18/15 - Four anglers. Slow in the morning. Mostly top water with size 6-8 hoppers and stimulators. Dry fly fishing picked up in the afternoon, as well as takes on #18 copper johns and BH prince nymphs. Caught 25 fish total, including 14 rainbows, 8 cuttbows and one brown. Nice day but windy. Thanks!

08/17/15 - Two of us caught 20-30 fish. Biggest was pushing 20 inches. Dave's hopper, pheasant tails, yellow sallys. This is our third year...Thanks!

08/08/15 - Fished from 10:00 to 4:00. Caught 16 rainbows and a couple of browns between us and easily lost that many more. The novice in our group caught one on a fly he tied. We hooked and lost two rainbows that were easily over 20 inches. Most fish taken were purple leeches and black cone head woolly buggers. Great program and great water.

07/31/15 - Fished Tarryall L&C three times during the past week. Good to see the high water did not change this section too much. Good fishing with 20-35 rainbows up to 18 inches on each day. Saw some bigger rainbows and also caught a handful of browns. Hatches included midges, bwo, yellow sally, caddis, and some pmds. Flies used: rainbow warrior, rs2, soft hackle pheasant tails, yellow sally nymphs, big prince nymnphs, yellow stimulators, elk caddis, caddis pupae, and para adams.

7/22/15 - Caught about 18 fish, all bows in the 14-18 inch class. Mostly on small nymphs like size 22 red copper johns. Hooked a large brown (20+) on a hopper right against the bank. Got into a nice caddis hatch in the afternoon and were catching them on size 16 tan elk hairs. No takes on SJ worms.

07/20/15 - Excellent day! Numerous cuttbows, browns and rainbows. Largest fish of the day was a 22" rainbow. PMDs, caddis, stoneflies.

07/18/15 - Flows were too high to wade so we fished from the bank. Landed about 20 fish, most of which were over 16 inches. Largest was a 22" rainbow and smallest was a 12" brown. Most fish were taken on copper johns and red SJ worms fished deep. Great day!

07/16/15 - Caught a few including some cutt-bows. Lots of mosquitoes!

07/07/15 - Great conditions with flow around 150 cfs. Caught over 20 browns and rainbows, including a 22" rainbow. PMDs, SJ worms, stoneflies.

07/03/15 - Fished from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Fished adams and PMD dries. Fish rising along the banks. Excellent day of fishing.

05/03/15 - Had a blast, caught some really nice fish and saw a couple of monsters. I had no idea what to use but it seemed the fish were more interested in a drag free float than the pattern. I caught one big bow on a large coachman attractor and got a couple on smaller droppers.

04/23/15 - Great fishing on green crystal buggers and stonefly nymphs. Released 45 browns and rainbows between us, including a 19" brown. Smallest fish was a 13" rainbow. Thanks for recommending Tarryall L&C Ranch!

04/18/15 - We had 30-40 fish on but landed about half that number on pink SJ worms, stimulators, mayfly emergers and parachute adams. Largest fish was a 16" rainbow and we lost one brown that was bigger. Mayfly hatch throughout the afternoon.

04/12/15 - Low flow but good day. Caught 20 rainbows between two guys. We will be back.



10/24/14 - What a beautiful day in South Park! In the morning we fished the lower stretch and were able to get a few nice rainbows up against the cut banks. They were hitting a flashback pheasant tail nymph, fished under a hopper or a stimulator. After lunch, we fished the upper stretch and caught football rainbows in essentially every good run and deeper riffle; mostly on the dropper but also some on the dry flies. The fish of the day was a large brown that Rick spotted in a deep corner hole and I also got a nice hook-jawed brown. Overall, it was a fantastic day of late fall fishing.

10/11/14 - Landed 25 trout and lost a very large pike. Good day.

09/18/14 - Great day! Caught about 30 fish and missed at least that many on dries, nymphs and streamers. All rainbows and cuttbows except for one 18" brown. Most fish were 10-20 inches on the upper half of the property.

09/17/14 - Fishing is still good on Tarryall L&C Ranch.

09/13/14 - Fishing on this property was fun but more technical than a couple weeks ago. Stealthy approaches, long casts and 5X tippet are now required to avoid spooking the fish. Used a large attractor as a strike indicator and caught most of our fish on #18 pheasant tail droppers. Both the browns and rainbows are nice sized with brilliant colors. Will be back soon!

9/09/14 - I struck out. I am sure it was me as I saw a few fish. I did have a strike on an olive wooly bugger, but otherwise didn't do any good. I fished from 2:30 to 7:00. Rained on me a fair amount - not sure if the weather had anything to do with it, or just my skill level!

08/26/14 - Awesome day today! We caught 40 Plus fish between the two of us. Hoppers and streamers including purple egg head leeches with lots of weight. We'll be back.

08/02/14 - Two fishermen had a very productive day on the Tarryall L&C Ranch. Caught 23 nice rainbows, most between 13 and 14 inches and a few in 16 inch range. No small fish. Most caught by fishing dries to rising fish with mayfly imitations -- royal wulff, parachute Adams but a few on elk hair caddis. Success dead drifting Woolley buggers through deep runs. The upper canyon section was too fast so all fish were caught below it.

07/01/14 - Four anglers released over 40 fish, several of which were 15-18 inches. Although the water is still high and difficult to wade, they did very well on prince and pheasant tail nymphs in size 12-18. They also hooked some nice fish on hoppers and elk hair caddis later in the afternoon. Most fish were rainbows but they also got a few cutthroats and a brookie.

05/26/14 - Water was dirty and fishing was poor. Caught one fish in a beaver pond but we didn't stay long. Many areas were difficult to access due to high water.

05/20/14 - My client landed 3-4 browns to 18" and upwards of 20 rainbows to 17 inches. Lost several as well. I saw some bigger fish but not sure which flavor. Fish are healthy. most of the bows were 13-15 inches. Mayflies coming off too so some on dries. Some of the fish were in the riffles.

05/03/14 - Fished 2-3 hours and caught 10 fish, including several nice fish in 15"-18" range; one pushing 20". I had several more fish on that I didn't land. Fish were all in deeper slower pools with nothing in riffles. #10 crystal buggers in green worked best. There was a small blue winged olive hatch, but they were very small.

05/01/14 - Landed 9 Beautiful rainbows at Tarryall L&C Ranch. The big three were 16" 17" and 18" bruisers. Couldn't fool the big browns but saw some NICE ones.



09/30/13 Caught a few bows this weekend, combination of different flies, attractor was a yellow hopper that they showed interest in, but, would not take, used an ant dropper, which got one, then a small streamer that several took interest in and chased; had to jerk it away from just about every pike in the area.

08/20/13 - Used a size 12 dark colored leech dropped below a size 14 olive full back fished across and down stream. This combination produced fish consistently throughout the day and produced the biggest fish.

08/10/13 A great day on a great property. Lots of fat healthy rainbows in the deeper pools. Caught mostly on nymphs, BH Pheasant Tails, Red Copper Johns. About 14 fish and easily as many hooked that were not landed. Fun day.

07/24/13 Another good day on TL&C. Lots of healthy, fat 12" - 16" rainbows and one nice brown. Used PMX dry with BH Flashback Pheasant Tail dropper. Caught all but one on the PMX.

07/18/13 Lots of strong rainbows. Where are the browns? Nice day. Thanks.

07/14/13 Fish in deep slow pools took black stone fly & hoppers. 14" browns.

07/06/13 As close as you can get to having your own private ranch. Fishing was great. Rainbows and browns in the 12" - 16" range. All taking nymphs.

07/01/13 Great day! Caught 20 and missed at least that many. Good luck on PT/Prince/Hare's Ear and hoppers. Thanks for the memories.

05/13/13 Let me start by saying I have been coming to these ranches for about 10 years now and I can't remember the Mosquito Range having as much snow as they currently have. We are going to have a banner runoff season in South Park this year. Also, anglers take note to the road construction, they have the road completely torn up from Tarryall, east to the Ute Creek office where you pick up your pass. It is a mess so don't bring your nice car! Now for the fishing, was a little slow in the morning, but they woke up in the afternoon. We used a variety of nymphs in the morning to no avail, the hot fly turned out to be Streamers in the afternoon. Between two anglers we brought about 40 fish to the net. Nothing huge and mostly all rainbows, all seem to be very healthy. I did not see quite the numbers that we ususally see however...I also did not see any female Rainbows on the redds as of yet, but please use caution when wading as not to disturb. This is usually when the Rainbows will spawn is in the Spring.

05/03/13 - When I saw the road "construction delays" sign at Jefferson I wondered if I was going to get screwed. When I got to the flag lady she said it could be an hour, well that seemed ridiculous. But that is about what it took to get all the way through. There were tree bulldozers working on the hill right there at the L&C Ranch. So even though I was 150-200 yards away and standing in the running river I was still listening to the constant drone of the diesel engines, the crunching noise of the blade on rock and gravel and worst of all was the beeping of their backing up signals. I did not realize it at the time, but there is a significant dust blowing through the air all day. I only noticed it the next morning, when I blew a good bit of fine dirt out of my nose. Can't be good for the fish either, but what can you do. Just so you know, I thought it was really unfair to not warn people on your website. The road delays are really frustrating, but its part of life. But driving for hours to get there to discover this was maddening. And while I appreciate the long-term benefits of the road improvements - the fishing environment is really poor. Not being warned really upset me - and I am a very longtime user of your properties. As for the fishing report, the crew leader mentioned that the fishing should be good since the just stocked the river. Well that put me off too. I like your waters for the natural experience and the quiet. I like to catch the hefty and crafty browns. But that was not what I found. What I did find were 11-14" rainbows. And I did land quite a few, but mostly on streamers. I am not a streamer kind of guy, but it was the bulk of the action. There was never a hatch all day. I did see a couple of rises to emergers in the beaver ponds and I caught a few on droppers, but the only reliable action was on green sparkle streamers. The fish were still pretty clustered in the deeper holes. The pocket water seemed empty at this time. The flow as you know is starting to come up a little, but being pre-runoff and with the construction dust I found the river bottom to be very silty and a bit dead looking. I certainly won't be going back to L&C any time soon.


09/22/12 Beautiful da of fishing. 3 of us, caught 8-10 fish apiece. BWO and Adams in the morning did well. Hoppers and ants in the afternoon. Great water and beautiful scenery.

08/18/12 - Did OK but conditions were off due to low water. Caught a few fish but we were concerned about warm water temps.

08/14/12 Low flows. Dry fly fishing in AM on lower half. No strikes or nets. Caught one rainbow (14") about 3 PM on upper half on #14 red BH san juan worm.

07/21/12 Great day. Approx. 20 fish total. 4-5 were 12"-14" browns and brookies. Parachute adams, para hopper and stimulator were the flies of choice. Will be back.

07/08/12 Great day -- until the lightning!! All fish on the surface. Parachute hopper w/parachute adams trailing. Also, Amy's Ant after I lost my last parachute hopper. About 20 fish, mostly browns.

06/30/12 Good day. Anything orange worked great, plus caddis did well, too. We'll be back.

06/24/12 Good day! 25+ fish caught by two anglers. 8" - 13" -- all but 2 on dries. Size 12/14 on Wulff, adams, caddis. 2 large (13") fish caught in mini canyon above corral. Water very low for June. We worry about July & August. Thanks!

06/17/12 Low flows; Good morning fishing on dries. 6 fish; browns & rainbows 8" - 10".

06/16/12 Really fun day. Between the two of us we easily caught over 50 fish. Mostly browns in the 8"-15" range. Pretty much every dry fly in the box got hit. Beetles and caddis caught the most fish. The best numbers of fish were found from the gate up. However, fishing large eratic streamers down to the lower boundary produced bows up to 19" and nearly a dozen northern pike.

06/09/12 Five fish: 4 rainbows & one carp! 3 on green copper john; 1 on flashback hare's ear; 1 on elk hair caddis. Skinny water, herded a lot of fish around. Beautiful day.

06/08/12 What a beautiful property -- from canyon to beaver ponds to open meadows -- water was very clear. Fishing was excellent -- came with my wife and she had a wonderful hike up the Ute Creek Trail -- 11 fish -- copper johns - red & green.

06/03/12 Good day! 20 fish between 2 anglers. Biggest was 15"; most were 8" - 18". Slow in the AM. Few fish caught sub-surface. Good dry fly action in PM in upper half -- canyon and pocket water above canyon. Thanks!

05/27/12 Very good day. 20+ browns and 5 rainbows. Used a #14 green body stimulator with a #18 Hare's Ear as my dropper. 10 caught on the dry; the rest on the dropper.

05/20/12 Great day!! Lots of 3" - 12" browns; three 14" + one 16" rainbow. Used a yellow stimulator rubber legs with BH pheasant tail dropper all day,

05/13/12 - Nice when we arrived but a winter storm moved in and we quit after an hour of fishing. Two of us landed ten browns in the short time we fished, the largest of which was 14 inches. Not much activity after it started snowing and blowing. Would have been a very good day if the weather had cooperated but we'll be back!

04/29/12 Amazing day!! 25-30 fish between 2 anglers. Most fish 10" - 14" -- a few bigger -- including the proverbial "one that got away". Regular size dries -- parachute adams. We started just downstream of the corral and fished upstream to the boundary. Fish everywhere - slow water, fast water, pockt water. Thanks again for hospitality.



10/08/11 2 fisherman/ 12 fish. Flashback PTs, purple prince & red hots. 30 degrees & enjoyed it!

09/17/11 Lots of dry fly action around noon. # 16-18 pale grey or brown flies. Upper canyon section #20 blue wing olive nymphs -- 16" brown.

09/08/11 Very nice techincal water. About a dopzen fish each (x 3 anglers). Lots of 12" - 14" browns and a few bigger bows. Hopper/dropper.

08/28/11 Fished 9:30 - 2:00. Landed 14 browns and 4 rainbows. All fish caught above the house. Small hoppers(#16) and small BH Pheasant tails.

0827/11 Good fishing, but had to work hard for it. Hopper/dropper worked both top and bottom flies. Also, caddis and streamers. Plenty of small browns. Landed some large rainbows 16"-20" and broke off some larger browns.

08/21/11 Caddis, purple haze worked well. Sunny most of day with clouds moving in. Wooly bugger, hopper/dropper worked well in deep pools. Caught 3 large browns in pools and many smaller browns in riffles.

08/16/11 8 browns (10" -13"), 2 rainbows (13" - 14"), 3 rainbows (16"), one rainbow (female, 21"). Small elk caddis (14/16), Joe's hopper (14/12), Rubber legged hoppers (14).

08/14/11 Cloudy, lite rain. 4 browns, one 13" on parachute adams & stimulator (14). Water clear and low. Good program, however Park County needs to do a better job of maintaining the road.

08/08/11 Two anglers, 10 fish each. Caddis, parachute adams, hopper (caught 7 on hoppers), black streamers late in the afternoon worked on a big rainbow.

08/06/11 Four brown trout 11" -16". 2 on hoppers, 2 on caddis. Thanks. Great day.

08/05/11 Beautiful day. High pressure, plenty of sun, light wind. Water is pretty clear and still a bit high. Poor fishing. Four of us caught one fish. Tried hopper/dropper, smaller hoppers, wooly buggers, etc. Nothing. No fish rising, nothing. Had fun though. Beautiful water with some good holes. Better luck next time.

08/04/11 Caught 13" rainbows; 9", 14", 11" browns on hoppers, caddis (elk hair blonde, nymph, 1 prince.

08/02/11 Good day for two anglers. One caught six 12" browns & three 14" rainbows; the other caught one 17" rainbow and three 11" browns. Mostly all were caught on elk hair caddis. AM was better than the PM due to weather moving in.

08/01/11 20 fish. Two 14" - 15" rainbows. Bead head wooly bugger, black. Caught them on humpy, grasshoppers, stone fly.

07/30/11 Good day as usual!!! Flow was a 175 CFS, slight tea color which was nice, not the usual stealth tactics. First off, dont forget your bug spray. After all you are fishing in South Park. Rig of the day was a Hopper Dropper set-up. Fish are starting to look up. About 15 fish between two anglers. Missed probably twice that much as usual (slow sets, argggg).

07/28/11 Average day. Landed 12, 10" - 12". Hopper-dropper rig. Little to no surface activity. Water slightly elevated, tea color.

07/20/11 We had a great day fishing. Nice water and remember to bring BUG SPRAY. Black Wooly Buggers worked well. We caught some very nice fish. Thanks!

07/02/11 Challenging but productive. About 1/3 fishable with flows at 250+ cfs. Mixture of rainbows, browns, cutbows. 25 - 30 between 2 of us ranging 14" - 20". Few on the surface but mostly nymphs -- peacock wooly bugger, stone fly nymphs & aggravator. Always a fun day on the TL&C! Thanks!

06/03/11 Great day! 10 fish. Pheasant Tails, BH Hare's ears, RS2.

06/01/11 Good time! Caught a couple of small (8") browns on caddis.

05/30/11 Fished from 9:45 - 1:00. VERY windy! Caught 15+ browns & rainbows. 5 rainbows were 13"-17". Dry dropper rig. 4 fish on the dry. Para Adams and #18 BHPT as my dropper.

05/29/11 20+ fish caught by 3 anglers, all on dries; one 18", all the rest 10"-16". Slow start, then turned on when we switched to dries. All fish caught on upper portion above the car park. Many patterns working: parachute adams, caddis, etc.

05/28/11 Good fishing. Several 18"+; majority 10"-14"; Czech nymphing.

05/27/11 Cheesman emerger, buckskin nymph. The girl's FIRST trout! Good day in spite of the wind.

05/26/11 Sunny and a bit windy. Beautiful! Had a great time even though we did not catch any fish. We'll return and try again.

05/13/11 Landed 3 rainbows 17", yellow sallie nymph #14, pheasants # 18. Lost big guy. Couple small browns on pheasants.

05/08/11 Big rainbow on yellow streamers. Small browns on caddis dry flies, caddis pupae, bead head pheasant tail. Lots of fun.

05/03/2011 Good fish all over. Pheasant Tail, Blue Tung, *Pandemic*, PMX, Red annelid.

04-09-11 Good on Stones and Streamers. Water was low (45 cfs) and stealth was required. Fish are very spooky. About 40 fish between two anglers. All fish were very healthy. Great day as usual we will be back.

03/31/11 - Tarryall L&C Ranch is now ice free and we are currently taking reservations for April 2011.


10/12/10 - Conditions are still very good at Taryall L&C Ranch. Expect low, clear water and wary fish. Call (719) 748-1494 to make a reservation through October 31, 2010.

10/01/10 - The small ones were aggressive; but the big ones were skiddish. I think they could see our every move, due to the low water and our lack of stealth. But we sure enjoyed the place and will do it again.

09/17/10 Flows were low so it was a sight fisherman's dream. Fish could be seen everywhere, but were very spooky. So, we decided to go slow and target the big ones. 7 fish caught between 2 fishermen. Caught (1) 20", (1) 19" and (3) in the 15"-17" range. Only 2 browns. This is the 5th year fishing here from Michigan and we'll be back...

09/04/10 - My son and I had a good (but not great) day fishing. We fished the lower meadow section in the morning with very marginal results. Very clear water, muddy bottom and spooky fish. The upper section in the afternoon was much more productive with most fish being caught on a small (18-20) flash back pheasant tail dropper. There was very little surface action although we did catch several smaller fish with a yellow stimulator (14-16) on the surface. Hoppers produced very few strikes. While most of the fish we caught were browns, we did get a couple of very nice rainbows in the 18" class. A beautiful day and great location, but we're still waiting for that 'killer' dry fly day on the Tarryall!

08/28/10 - Epic day on Tarryall L&C! Man, I cannot wait to do that again. Totally worth the fee. See you next year. Report: Hoppers were everywhere and worked great all day. At points I trailed a calibaetas midge and that worked too, but it was silly because we saw rises all day long. There was a massive trico hatch, but I never switched because the hoppers worked so great consistently all day long. The upper mile is technical so I had a lot of takes and misses. It took pinpoint casting and the strikes are violent. Lots of shrubs and trees to catch too. Beautiful stretch of river. We fished it twice upstream and walked back. Behind the giant tree that has fallen across the river, in the 100 foot pool it has created, we caught a few nice fish and I got snapped off on the fish of a life time. The fight lasted no more than 5 seconds as he peeled line violently from my lamson on my 3 wt (bent over). He headed straight for under that big tree and I knew I had to stop him so I tightened my grip on the line until I had to clamp down...snap! It was not the 3 weight as much as the 5x. My guess is bigger than 22 inches and there is no way anyone is going to catch it without 3x. There is a reason hes big. In between canyon sections during what was supposed to be the slow part, 12 to 2, we hit the meadow section with the slow moving water. I did not have much expectations for it, but unbelievable! 4 fish over 18 inches landed in a 20 minute stretch. It took stealth and really long reach casts, but huge fish. Attached is a pic of a monster brown from yesterday at Tarryall Creek in the meadow section. Is that a "huck hopper" hanging out of that huge browns mouth? Why yes it is!!! ~30 takes missed 3 fished snapped off one of which was troutzilla. About 15 fish under 16 inches and 4 fish over 16 inches. Epic day.

08/20/10 GREAT fishing!!! MANY fish caught among 3 anglers. Fished with a "lightning bug" nymph brought along by our buddy from NC. We'll be back!

08/15/10 Fished TLC on 8/13, had a good day. Fished TLC on 8/15 and it was a little tougher that on8/13, but still a good time.

08/14/10 Great day! Perfect weather. Lots of fish on hoppers & ants.

08/05/10 - Great day of dry fly fishing on small patterns!

07/18/10 Tough day...but, general nice fish on dries and one 20" rainbow.

07/12/10 Quiet AM. Picked up around noon. Hopper/Dropper. I used C. Ant after, no luck & Stimulator. 15 fish, 8"-21". 4 rainbows. Largest fish on dropper - caddis pupae.

Another fine day on TLC. A little slow in the AM; picked up significantly in PM. Stimy & Royal Coachman, RS2 & BWO emergers & caddis pupae on lower section late PM. Around 40 total for my son & I. A number of 10" - 12"; largest 18" -20". Thank you!!

07/02/10 Excellent day. 15+ fish. Small browns on the top section and big rainbows on the bottom. Caddis pupa, PT, stimulators. Lower section excellent for streamers.

6/30/10 Caught about 16 fish, mostly browns, all on dries -- PMX, Stimulator, Joe's Hopper. Largest one - 16" brown and one 16" rainbow. I'll be back.

06/27/10 Today the Fishing Gods smiled on us. First and foremost do not ignore the fast water. Most fish were in the riffles today. After talking with Jim about the previous days report we started by using Dry Dropper Rigs that consisted of a Terrestrial on Top and a PT on the bottom. We also had a fair amount of luck with a Caddis pupa on the bottom (there is a ton of caddis in the air right now). After a very successful morning the afternoon became a little cloudy (typical South Park weather). Most action stopped on the top water so we switched to streamers (one of my own ties that will remain anonymous). The next few hours became a blur. Almost every hole we stopped at we pulled out at least 3 to 6 fish. Too many fish to count on this particular day. Highlight was 5 fish over 18 inches, all very healthy and fat. One Rainbow looked like a football.

06/21/2010 Solo angler caught 7 on dry flies and one on a nymph with dropper.

JUNE 17, 2010: The flows are steadily decreasing on the Tarryall Creek and the water is clearing beautifully. Conditions are good and should continue to improve over the next several days.

05-23-10 Great day! Stimulators of all sizes & colors. Caught many bows, browns + cuts. Very windy and no real hatch. Great water clarity and level.

5/2/2010 - Overall a fun and great day. Flow was a bit lower than I thought it would be. It was cold and snowy...around 25-32 degrees all day. Caught 5 bows and 1 brown in the deeper pools. Three fish were around 15-16 inches. Wooly bugger size 10; san juan worm; RS2 size 20.

05/01/10 Good day, but cold and windy. Fished the upper end of the lease in the deep pools. Browns caught on breadcrust; rainbows liked the zebra midge.

04/25/10 - Four anglers fished until early afternoon then left after getting skunked.

04/19/10 - Good fishing 1:00 -1:30. Dark patterns. 9 fish 12" -16+". Mix of 6 browns/3 bows.

04/17/10 - Didn't arrive until afternoon and the water was just off color. Large brown stonefly nymphs yielded three huge rainbows and several smaller browns and rainbows. Need to drag the bottom of deep pools where the fish are stacked up. No action in the runs or riffles but I did spook several fish in shallow water.


Caught a couple of browns and rainbows. Biggest = 20". Beadheads & eggs. Thanks! 10/13/09

Slow day, but fun. Saw lots of fish; caught a few each on wooly worms, olive drakes and crystal buggers. 09/26/09

11-yr. old Sam caught 5 fish including a 13" cutbow, two 20"+ fish that broke him off. Sam's dad caught 4 fish 10"-13" and landed on 23" rainbow. Great day! We'll be back for sure. Most fish caught on hopper and adams dry and a few on BHPT. 09/20/09

15+ fish 3 to 1, browns to bows. Largetst 15". Hopper/dropper (BH prince nymph #18). 09/09/09

We felt like we owned the river!! Spooky fish, large browns in meadow. Caught several browns, 8"-12" on upper end. Deb & Jim were great hosts & very knowledgeable. 09/03/09

Flow very low. Fishing was still good. Fewer fish than usual. Dry/dropper, yellow stimi, BHFBPT. 3 large bows 16"-20". 08/30/09

Had a great day. The morning was slow. Started lower end of lease in AM. Very spooky fish. Caught 2 browns. Fished upper half in afternoon. Much better. 14 browns, 1 rainbow 10"-18". Lost huge brown by ranch house. Yellow stimultor. 08/27/09

Great day, great fishing, great program. 08/26/09

Great day, lots of fish in the 7"-14" range. Yellow stimi with BHFBPT & red on black zebra midge. 08/23/09

6-YR. OLD JAKE FISHED WITH HIS DAD ON JAKE'S FIRST "OFFICIAL" FLY TRIP (he'd been practicing his skills all summer on various rivers). JAKE HAD GREAT SUCCESS WITH A PARA HOPPER AND SMALL GRASS HOPPERS. DAD'S REPORT FOLLOWS: Great day! Took my 6-yr. old on his first fly trip. He caught 4 fish (3 bows, 1 brown) 14-16" on hoppers. I only caught 3 fish, but they were bigger; one 24" bow, one 22" bow and one 14" bow on para hoppers. most challenging was getting 6-yr. old to net bows that big! Gotta learn sooner or later. Thanks, we'll be back! 08/14/09

8/7/09 - Caught about 20 fish total, 8 of which were in the 17-19" range - fat and healthy. I caught most of the big fish w/ large dries (Fat Albert, Chernobyl Ant) on the lower 1/2 mile - took perfect presentation down there due to the smooth gin clear water and spooky fish. Great property! Will be back again.

2 rainbows - 8"; 2 browns - 12"; 6 browns - 8-10"; Parachute adams (#12) knocks them dead! Great day -- best action in the morning. Para hopper #14, Mayfly #12, Para adams #12. Rainbows 12" x 2. Browns 12" x 2. Many smaller. Great day. 08/02/09

Great day! Water: clear, 60 degrees. Weather: storms on & off. Bugs: PMD, Caddis, Midges. Flies: Aimee's Ant, Hoppers, FBPT, Hare's Ear, Yellow Sallie Nymph or most any dropper. Fish: Landed 23, more bows than browns; 4 over 18", avg. 13-16". Very healthy fish. Lots of fun! Thanks! 07/29/09

Another awesome day on TLC. PMD, PMD emergers; Adams on top BH hare's ear. BHFBPT and killer caddis below. Nice mix of rainbows and browns, most 12" -16", AND 2 Granddaddy's 19" - 21" caught by my son. Thanks again for a wonderful day! 07/05/09

Great fishing with hoppers. 12 caught by each angler. One 16" brown and one 16" rainbow. Price very reasonable for convenience and pressure. 07-03-09

Flows made the day challenging. Hooked 25; landed half as many. 06/12/09

Good day even with the wind blowing. Used terrestials, red midge and streamers. Probably caught 25+ fish, all very healthy. ANGLERS PLEASE USE CAUTION: STAY AWAY FROM REDDS -- Rainbows are spawning. 05/08/09

Great day at TLC, one of my most favorite places to fish. Flow was low so I used Amy's ant as my indicator w/ a BHPBPT & a red zebra midge dropper. Believe it or not, over half of fish took the ant. Lots of action! 05/03/09

Great day of fishing. Nymphs, streamers and good dry fly fishing. BWO hatch around 2:00 - 4:00 PM. Many decent browns, bows, cutthroats and several large fish. 05/02/09

Great day, plenty of fish. Most 10"-14" browns, rainbows and cutthroats. Biggest was 18" brown. Dry flies, nymphs and streamers. See you again soon! Thanks! 04/28/09

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

10/03/08 - Stream flows are above average and fishing has been good, although a little challenging due to clear water, at Tarryall L&C Ranch.

10/06/08 Good day of fishing. Flows are down and clear. Windy today, which limited the dry fly action. Still, we caught some nice fish.

10/05/08 Bead heads, SJWs, Parachute Adams, Eggs.

09/28/08 Had a very good half day on the river with over 30 fish each. BH Pheasant tails, Red San Juan worms, and Hares Ears all worked REALLY well.

08/30/08 Nice day. Nothing huge but a nice mix of 10"-17" browns, cuts and bows. Yellow stimulator w/ #16 red copper john was the most productive rig. Hoppers got some action & #14 yellow humpy.

08/29/08 1 cutthroat - 10"; 4 browns - 1 @ 16"; 9 rainbows - 1 @ 18", 2 @ 16"; 1 cutbow @ 15". Hoppers, Caddis, Adams, Brassies, Royal Coachman. Beautiful water; great program.

08/26/08 Good day. Many bows to 20"; many browns to 18". 2 cutthroats - 13"; 1 cutbow - 15". Hopper/dropper; stimulator/dropper; caddis; double beadhead; Hopper.

08/27/08 Nice day, great water! Some big healthy fish in the lower stretch on flat water. BWO worked well. Cutbows on upper section along with many browns.

08/12/08 Fished with dries all day. Para Adams (#16 & #18) and Elk Hair caddis (#18). Morning fished downstream of parking, caught 3. Afternoon fished upstrean of parking, caught approx. 20. All fish in 6"-12" range.

08/03/08 Lots of fish! AM caught 14 on lower section ranging from 10"-21". PM fished upper section and caught 8 fish ranging from 12"-18". Back on lower section caught 8 more 10"-16".

08/02/08 Great day! Big fish all day.

08/01/08 Lots of great fish, but they are showing the stress of the warm water temps. Largest 22"; nice mix of browns, rainbows, cut throats and cutbows. Hoppers, 12 - 16; Copper Bobs; Blue Midge; Black Midge.

07/30/08 2 anglers fished this property each claiming he had a great day, but neither left comments.

07/25/08 Olive streamer seemed to be the ticket. None of the usual stuff worked today. Also caught a few on a san juan worm. As usual we will be back.

07/14/08 Great fishing! Lots of fish, nice size. Black, dark green copper johns, streamers, wooly buggers, even a little dry fly action. Great day! We'll be back!

06/28/08 Runoff is calming down. Condtions on river good. Nice dry fly action -- PMDs, Caddis, Stone Flies. Lots of good, healthy fish.

04/19/08 60 degrees w/just a breeze all afternoon! Water came up & got more turbid as the day progressed. 24 fish between us including 2 rainbows over 20", several 15

Additional data available from the Colorado Division of Water Resources.