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Closed for the Season


10/21/18 - Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch is now closed for the 2018 season.

07/26/18 - Thanks for getting us on Fourmile Creek! The water was really low and it warmed up quickly throughout the morning. Two of us landed 26 smaller fish and one 19 inch rainbow. Great property but the flow is now too low and warm.

06/08/18 - Water was high and the wind was blowing. Needed to be stealthy but still caught a good quantity of fish. Most took the dropper but streamers were productive as well. Found big fish in the riffles as well as skinny water.

05/28/18 - The stream was moving pretty fast but my boys still had a blast. They each caught a dozen fish including a few larger rainbows. Thanks for providing this experience!

04/27/18 - We caught about 40 browns, rainbows, and brookies between us. Most were in the 6-12 inch range, but we each caught a brown around 16 inches. Started at 10:00 and only caught one small brown on a beadhead prince. After noon we switched to dries and caught fish on parachute adams, blue-winged olives, and did very well on patriots. Quit at 5:00. The water was low and the fish were easily spooked.


09/20/17 - This was my first trip on this property. I started at the upper end around 10:30 am and worked downstream with a small black streamer. I landed around ten fish and turned a few that were considerably bigger. Once I reached the lower end, I switched to a hopper/dropper rig with a #14 red copper john as my dropper. I caught another dozen fish on my way back up, focusing on the larger pools. Six were browns ranging from 8 to 12 inches and six were bows from 10 to 18 inches. There are many fish in this stream and some of them are pretty big. Overall, an excellent day on the river!

08/23/17 - It was very slow until around 11:00 but then I caught a lot of 10-12 inch browns. The fly of choice was a super stimulator which emulated the hoppers landing on the stream. I found larger rainbows in the upper section between 1:00 to 3:00, including a nice 20 incher. Really fun fishing and I really like your properties. Thanks for offering the program!

08/08/17 - Difficult morning as the stream was way up due to the heavy rain overnight. Did manage two large rainbows on San Juan worms fished deep. Got chased off late morning by advancing storms.

08/05/17 - I only fished about two hours and targeted the bigger ones. Caught two that were 15-17 inches and had two that broke me off. The second one was pushing 28-30 inches. Only caught eight fish total but I was tinkering most of the time trying new stuff.

07/28/17 - Started at 9:00 AM and fished until a storm moved in around noon. Caught dozens of 5-9 inch browns, a few 10-12 inch browns, and one 13 inch rainbow. Royal Wulff worked great from start to finish but other patterns might have attracted larger fish. Watch the weather if you fish this property!

07/26/17 - Only fished until late morning due to weather but caught lots of fish, including a 24-inch cutthroat on a black woolly bugger (see "Photo Gallery"). Finally switched to heavier tippet after breaking off several other large trout. Best half-day of trout fishing in my life!

07/21/17 - Started at 9:00 and fished until about 2:30 when the storms rolled in. Water was a little high but clear and I thought the stream fished well. Caught 40+ fish, mostly smaller fish however a nice brown and rainbow were landed. Also had a couple close inspections from really large rainbows (gets your attention). A prince nymph dropper worked consistently throughout the day. The best dry flies were a Patriot (#18) and HL Variant. Always a fun property; thanks for the program!

07/14/117 - We had a great day of fishing with good action on dries after the water warmed up. My son landed 19 trout, including two in the 14 inch range. I landed 14 fish and we saw some really nice ones in there. We started at 8:00 AM so we were done by the time the storm arrived. Thanks again!

07/13/17 - Didn't start fishing until 11:45 and caught 15 fish before 1:00 PM. Mostly 9-11 inch browns, two brookies, and one 15 inch rainbow. Lightning came in so we ate lunch until 2:30. Water was way up in the afternoon but we still caught ten, including one cutbow over 20 inches that hit a brown caddis. Was a good day.

07/12/17 - This was by far the best day I've had on your properties. I only fished for about an hour and a half and I only caught eight fish, including seven rainbows and one brook trout. But two of the bows were 20 inches, one was 21 inches, and the biggest was 25-27 inches. I was using a rubber legs in yellow with a streak of flash. Fourmile Creek was faster then usual and stained from the rain. I didn't fish long because lightning was headed my way and I couldn't see because of the hard rain showers.

07/07/17 - Good day. Had two 20 inch bows on, landed one. Caught a bucket full of small browns. Not as many 10-14 inch fish as in the past. Royal wulffs and orange caddis worked well.

05/31/17 - It was very windy today but I still managed to catch a dozen browns (8-12 inches) on attractors and small droppers, and I had many other strikes.



10/01/16 - Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch is now closed for the 2016 season.

08/23/16 - Had a great day of fishing at Lower Fourmile. Lower water level really wasn't an issue. Caught fish pretty much throughout the property, all on hoppers.

08/12/16 - We had a good day on Fourmile Creek. It is amazing how big of fish this creek can hold. Two anglers, including one beginner, caught 30 fish from 9:00 to 1:00 but the action didn't really start until about 10:30. All fish were caught on Royal wulff, elk hair caddis, and pheasant tail nymph. All were browns in the 5-13" range except for one nice 17" rainbow. Saw multiple 16-18" fish in the deep holes but they are very spooky with the low and clear water conditions. Will definitely be back!

07/18/16 - Two anglers landed about 50 browns from 6-12 inches, and about 10 rainbows from 12-17 inches, almost all on parachute hopper with pheasant tail dropper.

07/15/16 - Great day on Fourmile Creek! Water was running clear and around 10 cfs. Two of us released over 35 small browns (4-12 inches), and at least a dozen rainbows (12-16 inches). One cuttbow was landed in a deep channel that measured over 18 inches. All fish were caught on dries (adams, royal wulff, stimulators and hoppers).

05/04/16 - Fourmile Creek is now ice-fee but flows are still low. As of today it hasn't been fished this season.



09/28/15 - Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch is now closed for the season due to low water.

09/09/15 - Caught several nice browns and rainbows in the morning. Things slowed down as the sun got higher and the fish seemed to disappear. Probably released 30 fish between us with many more strikes. The largest was a 16" brown on the upper end. Most fish were taken on small red hoppers. Very little action between noon and 4:00.

09/06/15 - Thanks for the program! Appreciate all your work and the helpful suggestions. Started at 9:30 am at the lower boundary. Fishing was slow on nymphs but picked up a few up on Royal Prince nymph. Switched to a big tan hopper and #10 green Amy�s Ant and started to pick up fish. Then switched to #14 tan caddis and Royal Crystal Stimulator after lunch and fishing picked up. Not counting little fish we caught 20-25 fish (8-10�) with a few more rainbows than I expected. Fishing seemed better closer to the upper boundary. Flow seemed fine for this time of year. Water was a bit off color from rain the night before. Great program!

09/05/15 - Started at 10:00 AM and fished until 4:00. Flow was a little low but still good for September. Water was cold in the morning but we had some success on small nymphs before switching to black stimulators and red hoppers at about noon. Released about 70 fish over the next four hours, including a few 12-17" browns and rainbows. Most fish were 8-12" browns but they were a lot of fun on a 3-weight rod. Also had dozens of refusals and missed strikes today.

08/23/15 - Had a great day with my son who is learning how to fly fish. Tried different flies but para-adams worked best. I really appreciate your program and Lower Fourmile is a good choice for beginners to catch fish!

08/02/15 - I have been fishing your program for 5-6 years and always enjoy it. Flows were good as was clarity. Quite a bit of bug activity throughout the day. Caught probably 30+ including the little ones. Landed 4 fat rainbows in 12 to 14 in range and turned one of the larger rainbows. Landed a number of nice browns too. Nice to see fish of all sizes which speak to the health of the stream. Surface was better in AM and sub was better as day went on.

07/26/15 - My Son and I fished from 9 AM until about 5 PM. The flows were perfect (25 cfs) and the water was crystal clear. We caught a good mix of Rainbow and Browns from 6-14 inches and one fat cutthroat pushing 19 inches. Most fish were under the cut banks and in the deep water corners. All fish were caught on hoppers. Combined we landed 34 fish and missed at least as many. My Son (26) hadn't cast a fly rod since he was 8 years old and had the time of his life. Super fun property. A big thanks for making this lease available.

07/20/15 - Water got a bit high & murky late in the day after heavy rain upstream. Managed to lose 3 rainbows in the 20" range and a bunch more smaller ones. Did land 3 bows & 4 browns. The big guys are a load with a 3 wt rod. Nothing particular hatching, used Royal Wulff mostly. They are in the deep water so you just let the current take the fly down & never give up on a cast. This little creek never ceases to amaze me with the number of big fish.



09/03/14 - Started fishing at about 11:00 with a parachute hopper and landed four browns in the 8 to 10 inch range. Added a pink san juan dropper & picked up 2 more browns. After my lunch break, nymphs were on the menu for the trout! From 1:00 to 4:00 I landed 16 browns in the 5 to 13 inch range and 1 plump 13 inch Rainbow! A prince nymph proved to be the fly of the day. Thanks to South Park Trout for another GREAT day of fishing!

8/02/14 - Fishing was slow until 10:45 AM. From that time until 4:30 PM, I had constant action. Four larger (over 12 inches) rainbows, three smaller but very fat rainbows, and 30 plus small browns. Also hooked and lost a cutthroat that was easily 18 inches. Saw him cruising in a pool and hooked him with a pheasant tail dropper. All other fish were caught on a size 8 hopper. Thanks for a great day!

7/13/14 - Fished Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch today and in all was a very good day. When the water is up on this property it creates some challenges but also creates opportunities. Guessing I landed a couple dozen and certainly missed a bunch. Mostly small browns but was fortunate to fool and land three 13"-16" rainbows. Everything was caught on the edges/banks with the water running high. Today's bugs were HL Variant and an Orange Beadhead Nymph. They hit other things but these are all I used from about 10:00 to 1:30 when I had the most action. Always a fun property.

06/28/14 - Just small (6-8") browns on this trip, maybe a few more then half a dozen of them! Water was clear, but fast.

05/27/14 - Runoff has started but Fourmile Creek is still fairly clear. I caught a few small browns on BH nymphs in the afternoon but fishing was slow.

05/20/14 - Fished from 11:00�4:00. Mostly clear and strong wind. Landed 20+ Browns, most small to average. One large Bow and one large Brown. Water level was very good. I didn�t see any bug activity due to the wind. If you like to fish small streams, this could be a good choice as long as water levels and wind cooperate.

05/17/14 - Fished from 10:15 � 12:30 under partly cloudy skies and a strong breeze. Landed 30+ Browns from 4� � 13�. Started at the lower end of the property with a Parachute Cricket and a BH Pheasant Tail dropper. Immediately caught fish on both the dry and the dropper. After about a half hour getting tangled up with the overhanging bushes due to the wind, I cut off the dropper and only fished the Cricket. The straight channels fished great with fish hitting the Cricket very hard. I did not have as much luck in the bend pools, probably need to nymph the bend pools. The fish were larger on the upper end of the property. This will be a fun property with Hoppers later in the Summer.

05/10/14 - Wind got up bad, couldn't make a cast more then 8-10 feet accurately. I arrived around 11:30 on the water around noon and was back at the car by 1:15. Caught 10-12 fish, all small, and one 16-18" cutthroat. I didn't see any reports of monster cutthroats being in this little creek! (see photo gallery).



10/06/13 - Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch is now closed for the 2013 season.

09/07/13 - Fishing was amazing today with a trout about every two minutes during late morning. Mostly caught small browns but one 12" rainbow and a few larger browns were released. Also saw a number of 12-16" trout dart under the banks. Royal Wulff and elk hair caddis were the only two patterns I used all day.

08/05/13 - Water temp. a nice 56. Flow was 4 cfs. Fish were compliant from the start on #18 bead head pheasant tail dropped 16-20" bewlow large para-adams and yellow stimmy and yellow hopper. Parachute red quill took a number of early strikes. The fast shallow riffles and deep holes brought a handful of rainbows at and over 14". Many smaller browns. Started at bottom of property and finished 2/3 of the way to the top before wind and weather turned us. First time there - a really delightful small stream, beautiful surroundings. Storms did not build near us until noon, but they were all around us.

08/03/13 - Fishing was pretty close to perfect on Saturday at Fourmile Creek. We had good action all day on dries. We caught mostly small to medium sized browns, but got into several browns and rainbows around 14 inches, two rainbows pushing 18 inches, and a fat 15" cutthroat. We switched flies all day, between larger attractor dries, mayflies, caddis, and hoppers. This is a seriously underrated fishery. We had a blast!

08/02/13 - I fished the 4 Mile Creek property on Friday. Was certainly a windy day for that property and it makes for a challenge casting to some pretty narrow and brushy openings. Had steady action throughout the day. Virtually all smaller browns, but did hook one large rainbow that was 18 inches and fat. Fought it for 5 minutes or so and it got off at my feet. Rolled a couple other large fish. Hit Royal Wulff and HL Variant consistently on top and bead heads below. Was an enjoyable day...thanks.

07/04/13 - Very good day. Caught one 17" rainbow and one 16" brown plus numerous 8"-12" browns. Water was a bit high but very fishable. Royal Wulff #16 & #18 did the bulk of the work.

06/23/13 - Good time had! Flows were a bit high, but the water was mostly all fishable. Stimulators, hoppers and San Juan Worms were the bugs of choice and yielded 20+ fish for two fishermen, all relatively small in size.

5/01/13 - Most of the stream is still ice covered.


10/15/12 - Closed for the season.

6/24/12 - Reservations have been suspended on Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch due to very low water conditions.

6/9/12 � It was very windy, even for South Park. But if you could get a fly on a good spot, there were plenty of eager fish to check it out. Caught a bunch of 8-11� browns AND three 18-20� rainbows.

5/31/12 My buddy and I fished lower 4 mile yesterday. Flows are perfect. Any place you think there will be fish, there will be fish. Undercut banks, anyplace you can't quite see the bottom. Lots of fun sight fishing. Browns, bows and cutthroat all caught. About 40-50 fish total. Around 5 bigger ones: 14-16 inches. Gotta be a little stealthy. Dries used included foam red ant, small stimy, caddis, renegade, even a small hopper. Didn't nymph but would probably have really put up a count with a dropper! Thanks! Another great South Park Trout day.


09/04/11 - Sunny day with some intermittent cloud cover. Day started off slow with several refusals on larger dry flies. Changed to caddis in the late morning and started to catch fish. Swapped out quite a few droppers until we had success with purple san juans. The caddis/san juan combo was successful the rest of the day until it shut down around 4pm. Approximately 25 fish caught between 2 anglers, several 16-18 inch rainbows.

9/03/11 - Water was low but still good for this time of year. Fishing was slow until about noon, then things picked up for about 3 hours. Hoppers and stimulators worked the best. Landed about about 20 browns and 6 large rainbows, all of which were very healthy. Missed many more strikes and saw lots of fish as we moved upstream. The larger fish are hiding under the banks right now.

08/23/11 - Wanted to give you some feed back on Lower Four Mile-it was not a good day and we fished almost to the bridge from the very bottom-we caught maybe 10 fish, 2 bows and the rest browns. The water was pretty thin and most of the places which should hold trout were trout absent. We saw a 14" brown barely swimming float by us with a large patch of white on the top of head (fungus??) It was the poorest we have seen lower 4-mile fish. I think either 1. It has been poached 2. Something has killed off many fish 3. most of the fish were hunkered down in just a few deep pools. 4. Think it needs to rest for balance of year but obviously not my call.

8/13/11 - Caught lots of browns up to 13". Saw larger fish but they just refused dries and nymphs. Lots of hoppers near the stream so they might be well fed right now. Great day!

7/28/11 - We ended up fishing Fourmile Creek Ranch for 3.5 hours. Flows had come up pretty high (40cfs) due to heavy rains the night before. Water was fast and slightly off color but we did manage to catch a good number of fish including some large rainbows (stimis, hoppers). Will be back.

7/23/11 - Even with high water we still managed to catch a lot of browns. This property should be really good once the water goes down.

7/22/11 - Fishing was consistent for several hours in spite of high flows. Landed about 20 browns and rainbows on royal coachman and stimulators fished tight against the banks. Not many quiet pools at these high flows but every small pocket holds fish.


Due to low water levels, Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch is now closed for the 2010 season.

8/30/10 - Fished Lower Four Mile Creek, a difficult day weather wise. When I first arrived the skies were clear and sunny. Around 11:00 I geared up and hiked into the lower section of the property, cast a stimulator 5-8 times and caught 3 Browns up to 12". After a storm I went back and caught some browns by fishing from my kness to keep from spooking the fish. Caught them on hoppers, parachute adams, stimulators,etc. Tried Nymphing with a drowned hopper, BH Prince, Copper John, etc. Difficult to get a good drift of more than 4-6 feet due to the wind, I had planned on using my 3 Wt., but that was out of the question. Decided to hike out around 2:30 for lunch and then the weather moved back in and I opted not to go back. This is a very narrow piece of water and only moderately deep in places, they have done some recent stream improvements to provide riffles, runs & pools. Small Browns ( 8-12") are abundent and I did see a few nice Rainbows in the deeper pools.

8/20/10 - Thanks for a great day on Lower Fourmile. My 12 year old daughter and I fished it August 20th and had a ball. Caught several 12-16" rainbows on small beadhead nymphs along with some smaller browns on hoppers and yellow quills. She lost one 20+ " bow in one of the deeper pools - was quite a circus watching her fight that fish in tight quarters. The whole booking process couldn't have been easier. We hope to return some day.

8/15/10 - Started out slow in the morning. Went back through a second time with a hopper and a second hopper that sunk to the bottm w/ a split shot. Caught fish on first cast; five rainbows in the 18 inch range; one 20+ inch football size rainbow. Also a handful of browns and rainbows in the 10-13" range. Thanks for a great day at Fourmile Creek Ranch!

8/13/10 - I did pretty well on Fourmile Friday. Most of the action was on top, royal humpies, ant patterns, and royal wulffs. Also caught a few on nymphs; Yellow Sally, barr's emergers. I managed to land a few big 'bows too, and lost a few more. Had to be stealthy. The sun was shining and fishing pretty much died by about 2:00 pm.

7/31/10 - My son and I fished the Lower Fourmile this past Saturday. There ARE some really big fish in this stream! My son and I can attest as he caught two very large rainbows on Copper Johns. Red ants (foam type) seem to work pretty well towards the lower end of the boundary as there are many large ants in this area. The restoration work has improved the flow pattern and structure of the stream and has made for some interesting drifts empting into large pools. If your approach to the stream is stealthy, you will be rewarded. We have always loved this area and now South Park Fly Fishers is another reason to keep coming back. The gentleman handing out the permits and running the shop at Yer Fliers Open was one of the nicest men I have ever run into a fly shop and I�ve been in a number of fly shops in North America. Keep up the good work.

7/28/10 - Thanks for the day at 4 mile. That place is so much fun with those big rainbows. Every deep spot has several rainbows lurking. We caught fish on everything we threw. There was an hour or so that no fish could resist a #16 parachute adams. Once I dropped a #14 red copper john behind a stimulator, things got crazy. 50% of the casts would get a strike, fish from 2" to 18" would swim a long way to get at the copper john. Thanks again.

7/25/10 - Two anglers caught loads of browns and hooked a few lunkers but didn't land any. Hoppers were the fly of the day. They had a great time.

7/24/10 - On Lower Fourmile I caught plenty of the resident small browns, but the gentleman at Yer Flies Open had mentioned that there were some nice big 16"-18" stocked rainbows in that small water. After hooking into several of the small browns, one of those larger bows came up and took my dry and took off. It was a little surprising at first, but turned into a nice fight with a nice fat bow sitting in the net.

7/14/10 - Thank you for a great experience. I fished lower 4-Mile creek today and caught a lot of trout including a 16" cutthroat & 15" Brown. I think the South Park Trout program is well done!

7/11/10 - Arrived late morning and fished until an afternoon storm came through. Lots of small browns and some really nice rainbows on royal Wulff and tan hopper. Several hatches but only a few fish rising to them.

7/5/10 - I had a great day at Fourmile Creek Ranch. Big stimulators and pheasant tails. I've started calling that property "The Ego Boost."

6/27/10 - Water conditions are now optimal at Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch.


8/07/09 - Lost count of the 8-12" browns we caught, along with several rainbows up to 15 inches. Hoppers, Royal Wulff, Adams, Orange Stimulators. Water is low so fish are stacked up in the pools.

8/3/09 - WOW...non-stop action from start to finish on a foam body caddis. They were still taking it when my fly was down to fuzz on a hook. Hatches included march brown mayflies and numerous caddisflies. Lots of browns and rainbows up to 16 inches!

6/29/09 - Very good stream conditions and lots of bugs combined for an excellent morning. Browns and rainbows up to 14" in the pools and deep runs. Dry flies didn't start working until late morning but small nymphs worked well.

6/05/09 - Fourmile Creek Ranch is running high and fast but is fairly clear.


9/25/08 - Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch is now closed for the 2008 season due to low stream flows.

9/20/08 - Please call (719) 836-4279 to make a reservation on this property for the remainder of 2008.

9/10/08 - Fished Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch on Tuesday September 9. No large fish but caught many, many small browns on Caddis dries, and Royal Wullf w/red copper john dropper. Had a great day with a 6.5 ft. 2 wt. rod! Third year in a row to fish this stream and it's a very enjoyable small stream experience.

8/24/08 - Fished hard all day but only caught a few very small browns. Expected to see other fish darting around but saw very few. Wonder what happened to the larger browns and rainbows on this property. Not worth the money under current conditions.

7/25/08 - Caught a lot of fish, mostly on small royal Wulffs and black ants. Fish were 8-12 inches, all browns. Great weather and a great time.

7/6/08 - Only fished for a couple hours before a storm came through, but what a great couple of hours. Not much on the surface but just about every nymph produced fish. I'll be back.

Additional data available from the Colorado Division of Water Resources.