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Closed for the Season


10/21/18 - The DM Ranch is now closed for the 2018 season.

08/31/18 - It was pretty tough fishing at the DM Ranch on Friday. All the structures were holding water and water temps stayed in the 50s all day. Most fish were caught near the bridge and in the natural beaver ponds. We lost a good-sized fish in one of the lower ponds and saw other large browns but weren’t successful in landing them. We caught several others later in the day on the upper beaver pond. Overall we landed about 20 fish between us (40 total). Almost every fish we caught was a brown and the largest was 11 inches.

08/30/18 - Two of us fished the property from about 10 am to 7 pm. Great air temps in the high 60s to mid 70s. Not too much wind. Water flow much too low at 7 cfs. No fish in the riffles, just in the pools. Actually, I’m not sure you should have opened up that site with such low flows! Between us we caught two large browns, one 13 inch brown, and maybe a dozen smaller brooks and browns. All fish caught on streamers, dry humpies, and bh nymphs. We were somewhat disappointed in the fishing after all the prior accolades! Getting around was pretty difficult and I thought the stream itself wasn’t much to look at, being virtually all mud bottom with minimal gravel/rock.

08/29/18 - Caught fish all day on small hoppers and nymphs. Most fish were holding in deeper water where the current was faster. Saw many fish in the large pools but the water was very clear and only a few were interested. Our largest fish included 15 inch browns and rainbows but we caught a bunch of browns in the 12-14 inch range! This is a great place and fishing was good considering the low water.

06/20/18 - Had a great day and the flow still seems OK. We caught three 18-inch rainbows and lots of smaller browns on green drakes. The water warmed up in the afternoon to about 63. On our previous trip (June 10th) we caught a 22-inch rainbow and a 24-inch brown on hopper-dropper.

06/09/18 - Super fun and super productive day with big numbers on streamers as well as dries and droppers. Water was a little high but not off color. Fish took both the top fly and dropper. A good number of bigger fish were caught under the cut banks and deep pools. We had a blast!

06/07/18 - Water conditions were very good and small caddis were everywhere on the stream. Got a few small browns on elk hair caddis but Pat's rubber legs caught the most and the largest fish. Three of us released about 60 browns, rainbows, and cuttbows today and a dozen of them were 16-20 inches!

05/28/18 - The stream was still high and the fishing was fair today. Caught small browns on a variety of dries and nymphs but nothing over 12 inches. Fishing should be good when the flow drops a little more.

05/16/18 - Great day at DM Ranch. Guessing I caught 35 fish. Mostly smaller browns and one 17 inch rainbow. Flows were 35 cfs and the water was just slightly off color. Fished the lower boundary to middle parking area. Fishing really picked up once it warmed up around noon. Fished dry/double dropper all day. Fish hit all my flies but the guides choice and royal prince won the day. Beautiful property. Will definitely be back.

05/14/18 - The water was a little off-color and the flow was good. We didn't catch many fish but still enjoyed the DM Ranch. Thanks!

05/09/18 -The water definitely had more color today but the DM fished really well. Dry/dropper was best for numbers of fish. Most took droppers but we got a surprising amount on dry flies. Also did pretty well with streamers. Got a few of the bigger ones in the middle Beaver Pond which really made the day!

05/06/18 - Two of us had a great day at the DM. Caught smaller fish on nymphs and some large browns on streamers in two different beaver ponds. Landed 30 fish total but spooked many others. Great place!

05/02/18 - The DM really is a special property and piece of water. First rock I turned over had both a golden stone and drake nymph. Great diversity of pools, riffles and undercut banks. The bug life is incredible and fish were everywhere. The Beaver Pond in the middle of the property held the biggest fish. Got one 18 inches and had one spit a streamer that was about 20 inches. I am really looking forward to fishing dries later in the season.

04/29/18 - Had a good day at the DM Ranch. The fish were hitting streamers, small stoneflies, dry/dropper combos, and midges. The largest fish was an 18 inch football.

04/27/18 - Excellent day of fishing at the DM. The water was pretty low and a little off-color. Landed 43 fish between the lower boundary and the bridge. Most were 8-12 inch browns but I also got a 20-inch brown and six rainbows over 12 inches. Royal prince nymph worked best but also caught fish on a small golden stonefly nymph.

04/25/18 We arrived about 9:00 and there was a few inches of fresh snow on the ground. Fished until mid afternoon. Together we caught 20-25 fish, all Browns. Most were in the 12-14 inch range, with a couple approaching 18. The bigger ones were in the three beaver ponds. There is a lot of beaver activity around those ponds, but didn’t see any sign on the rest of the ranch. Great day, thanks.

04/22/18 - No sign of moose today. Low water but lots of nice deep pools. It was a great day of fishing!

04/19/18 - The stream is low but fishing was excellent today. Landed 55 fish and missed more fish than I hooked. About twenty of my fish were browns over 12 inches, all in deep water. I used golden stonefly nymphs in the stream and black crystal buggers in the beaver ponds. The caretaker told me to watch out for a cow moose with a young calf but I never saw them.

04/16/18 - Fished from 9:00 until we got tired of the wind around 2:30. It blew hard all day which made for a challenge. That said, we landed a couple dozen fish; mostly smaller but a few of some size. Did not fish the beaver ponds because the wind was crazy when I reached that stretch. Caught fish early on small black crystal bugger and then switched to nymph combos. Did well on a brassie and prince nymph. Water was very low but still a terrific property! Thanks as always for the program.

04/10/18 - Low flow and clear water. Fishing was slow except for the deepest pools. Managed to entice fourteen browns in the 16-20 inch range, all on a black crystal bugger. This was a blast and made up for the otherwise slow fishing.



09/17/17 - Stormy weather but two beginners still landed about 25 fish. The largest was 8-9 inches but we also saw a few spawning browns that were 16-17 inches. Everyone had fun but the fish were pretty small.

09/07/17 - I wanted to let you know how much fun we had at DM ranch. We caught over 100 fish between us and the largest was an 18 inch brown. Thanks for a great recommendation; we will be back!

09/03/17 - Released about 100 browns between 8 and 12 inches. No big fish but constant action which was great. Used small caddis with #18 flashback PT dropper.

08/29/17 - Took my wife to the DM for a fishing getaway. Started at the lower boundary and fished up to the bridge in the morning. I was surprised by the size of fish in this section with several browns up to 16 inches. Caught only small (4-6 inch) browns above the bridge which may be due to the time of day. Mostly used hopper/dropper but tried streamers in beaver pond above the bridge with no luck. A good time was had by all!

08/19/17 - Great day! Released 50+ fish between the 3 of us, including a few between 14 and 18 inches. Hoppers-droppers in the morning; hoppers and stimulators in the afternoon. One of my favorite properties in the program.

08/12/17 - I had a great time fishing the DM Ranch on Saturday. We fished from about 9:30 to about 4:00 and the weather was fantastic. There wasn’t much of a hatch going and we had little surface activity all day. We nymphed in the morning and then used woolly buggers/hoppers after lunch. We both hooked some nice fish. My largest were a 16” rainbow in the morning and a 20” brown after lunch.

08/09/17 - Everybody caught lots of browns up to ten inches. One nephew caught a 15 inch brown and was super excited about that. I had a 20 inch rainbow that I lost before getting it to the net. Everything we used seemed to work today. We really enjoyed the DM and think it's one of the prettiest places I have fished!

08/05/17 - The DM is a beautiful ranch and we enjoyed it. There is a lot of stream on that property and I would like to fish it at higher flows. Thanks for turning me on to the DM.

07/30/17 - The flow was up but it was a good day. I took two newbies and we all caught our fair share of fish. We had a brief shower at around noon but it was short lived. I actually like the higher flows because we didn’t need as much stealth.

07/28/17 - We arrived to find the water off-color but not muddy. We fished the lower section as thoroughly as possible and the only fly I used was a #6 Woolly Bugger. Along the way we released twenty browns; six were over 15 inches and the largest measured 22 inches. When we got back to the car the lightning increased in intensity so we decided to end our very successful morning at the DM Ranch. This is fantastic fly fishing, especially for beginners!

07/21/17 - The fish hit everything we tried and we caught fish all day. Nothing huge but we both got some nice fish, including an 18 inch brown and a couple larger rainbows.

07/12/17 - We fished the DM Ranch all day on Wednesday. The flows were a little high and discolored. We caught about 50 fish with a couple nice browns in the 18-19 inch range. Most of the fish caught were 12-13 inches with some smaller ones. We used royal wulffs, olive caddis and larger stimulators with prince nymph and golden stone droppers. ​They all caught fish but one wasn't better then the others. ​Also, I broke off a couple large fish because I was fishing with light tippet. ​We had a great day until heavy rain moved in​.

07/11/17 - Had a great day at the DM Ranch today. Fished from 10 AM to 3:30 PM. Started at the east boundary and fished up to the bridge in the morning and caught at least 20 fish. Most where browns in the 8-14 inch range but I did catch a 17 inch rainbow that was very fat. All the fish where caught on either a red humpy or a royal wulff. I fished above the bridge in the afternoon and caught another 10-15 browns until the rain started. Overall the water looks great. Looking forward to coming back again.

07/08/17 - I caught about 20 fish ranging from 10 to 16 inches. I didn't see any large fish. It was lots of fun. They hit flash back pheasant tails, brown drake, and stimmies.

5/03/17 - Fished from 12:30-3:00. Weather was sunny and windy. Fished from the bridge upstream. Caught 11 fish, all browns, ranging from 8”-14” on stonefly patterns.

4/17/17 - The stream was low but fishable. Landed 18 browns and one rainbow, including several 10-14 inch browns. Largest fish was the rainbow (16 inches). Spooked and lost many more fish than I landed and strikes were often subtle. Most fish were taken on golden stonefly nymphs.

4/07/17 - Water was low and clear and fish were easily spooked. I managed to entice 18 browns and five rainbows up to 19 inches. All fish were taken on ice dub stonefly nymphs between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.



10/14/16 - The weather was warm today but flows were low and the water was cold. The fish were easily spooked and not actively feeding. Probably tried a dozen different patterns but never found the magic fly. Managed to hook 25 browns in four hours and had many more refusals. My largest fish was an 18-inch brown but most were 6-12 inch browns.

09/20/16 - Yesterday was a really good day for us! The fall color was spectacular with temps in the low 70s and hardly any wind. We caught in the neighborhood of 70 browns during the day, mostly on orange stimulators and trico spinners (#22). Most of our fish were in the 10"-14" range. Fishing was more productive on the upper portions of river and we found fewer fish below the bridge, but did catch fish through the entire drainage. We were very happy to have saved this for the last day of our trip. It was definitely the highlight of our four days in South Park.

09/12/16 - Two of us had a great day on the DM Ranch. Best patterns were red stimulators, psycho prince, and October caddis nymphs. The water was low but the fish were plentiful. Caught about 60 browns and one cutthroat in the riffles, pools and ponds. Also saw a few very large browns that weren't feeding. The biggest challenge was not spooking fish while moving upstream.

09/04/16 - Water was a little off color which probably helped, as the fish were a bit spooky. We both caught 15-20 fish, but had to work at it. Covered a good portion of the property. Tried tons of different fly combos. Didn't get any real big fish. Mostly 8-12 inch Browns. Will be back next year.

08/29/16 - Started slow but things turned around after putting on a size 18 parachute Adams and a size 20 Griffiths gnat. Only fished until about 1:00 because of the weather but ended up with about 20 fish. Also saw two 24 inch browns that were spawning.

08/23/16 - Three of us had numerous hits and lost count of the number of medium-sized browns we caught. We also each got some larger 15+ inch fish, including a few rainbows. Best action was on a hopper-dropper. We fished from the most downstream point to the upstream end of the lease. In the morning, it seemed that many strikes were short, and we missed more fish than we hooked. But in the afternoon the bites were more aggressive and we had plenty of fish on. Water was low, but the fish did not care.

08/21/16- Just wanted to let you know that I had a great day of fishing at the DM Ranch. Caught lots of fish but I had to cover a fair amount of territory to find water that held fish. Mostly they took hoppers but I caught a few on a #14 Royal Wulff with golden stonefly dropper.

08/20/16 - Slow day; we caught fish, however not in great numbers or size. Definitely does not compare to other reports I’ve read about the property.

08/11/16 - We had a nice day at DM ranch. Two of us caught and released over 40 trout in about 4.5 hours of fishing. We started above the beaver pond and fished up to Twelvemile Creek. All of the fish were browns, with most being 8-10 inches and the biggest being 14 inches. The morning was very slow and action picked up around 11 am on foam hopper with #18 beadhead pheasant tail nymph dropper. Even caught and landed two 12 inch browns at the same time on two flies! The fish were not taking the flies very hard but the pheasant tail and prince nymph were top performers for us. Thanks, great program!

07/31/16 - We had a poor fishing experience at the DM Ranch. Low water, few fish, not many strikes, tough wade - worked hard, tried several flies, but just caught a few small trout. Nice people at the ranch.

07/30/16 - My son and I fished this property for the 2nd time. As usual, the property is in a beautiful setting and the river was running clear and easy to wade. We both caught many trout with most being German Browns in the 6" to 13" size. Our largest trout were a few Rainbows in the 15-16" range and my son caught one 13" cutthroat. We used a Royal Wulff and Copper John and caught fish on both flies. DM Ranch is a great property!

07/10/16 - As always, it was delightful to be on that property and enjoy the high mountain beauty of South Park. We found the river to still be high, but clear. We started with streamers in the AM and had good success. Those were the bigger fish of the day, laying in the deeper holes. Mid-day we had more takes on double nymph rigs. In the afternoon there were hits on dries so we switched to Royal Wulffs. Some holes produced four fish in the same spot and other fishy looking water yielded nothing. All in all, we caught numerous fish, though it was hard won. The largest fish were around 15-16" and most were in the 8-12" range. Most were browns. It was not an epic fishing day but highly enjoyable. It felt like a rare privilege to be there.

07/07/16 - Great day of fishing and water conditions were excellent. Most fish were taken on small nymphs and San Juan worms. Largest fish was a 14 inch rainbow but lots of browns were slightly smaller. I will be back later in the summer!

06/06/16 - Tough water conditions but we caught a few and had fun.

05/15/16 - Yesterday was a great day on the water. All four anglers landed 10-20 fish. I personally caught 18 fish including two 18" rainbows, and numerous 12-14" browns. Fished mostly PMX/Stimulator, yellow stonefly and black zebra midge with white bead head. DM ranch is excellent water. Thanks again.

05/09/16 - It went well today considering the crazy weather. We had two young fly fisherman with us, and they had a blast. They landed their first Trout on a fly, so it was a memorable day for them and us. It seemed the best combination for the day was a San Juan worm trailed by a Baetis nymph (Cravens JuJu). Of course we will be back!

05/05/16 - We had a GREAT day. It was a beautiful day, perfect temperature, 6 fish. One decent rainbow (14”) and 5 browns.. love that section. Water was gin clear when we arrived which was my biggest concern. Stopped for lunch around 1:00 and walked back to the stream after 30 minutes and the water was totally chalk color!!! Still caught one more fish in the afternoon, but the runoff had begun for the day and had washed down into the ranch. We were lucky we started about 10:30 and got some good fishing in before it hit. I’m sure it clouds up every afternoon and then clears overnight when the temperature dips and will be clear again this morning. We will be back to that site – really liked it.

04/24/16 - We caught a few and had a good time but the wind put a damper on fishing.

04/22/16 - Beautiful property and water conditions. Lots of action on golden stones, zebra midges and crystal bugger. Caught several 14"-18" rainbows and many smaller browns and rainbows. April fishing doesn't get much better.

04/07/16 - Fished for about four hours in the afternoon. Water was low and clear. Fishing was slow for a while but really picked up around 4:00. Landed several nice browns and rainbows and lost several others. Largest fish was a 16" rainbow. Small prince nymphs and black beauty midges worked best.



10/04/15 - The property and accommodations were great. We averaged about 40 fish per day with most in the 10-16 inch range. We caught a brown that was about 17-18 inches and a few rainbows in the 18-inch range. We caught one rainbow yesterday that was 20+ inches. Most fish were caught on dry flies, especially terrestrial patterns. Anything with legs worked well. Thanks again. We will be sure to return to the property in the future.

09/24/15 - The stream was low but it was a beautiful fall day. Good action for small browns on PMX with midge droppers. Biggest fish was an 18" rainbow on a large streamer. Also picked up several 12-17" browns and rainbows on a PMX and purple prince nymph dropper. Best fishing was between 4:00 and 6:00 PM when the larger fish were feeding.

09/14/15 - I had the pleasure of fishing DM Ranch three times between Sept 6 and Sept 14. Single angler released in excess of 150 trout on three trips, the majority of which were 5 to 11 inch browns, although a few larger trout were caught, missed or broken off. Fished almost exclusively with hopper/dropper, using a para hopper or stimulator trailed by a tungsten bead head flashback PT. Most fish were caught in moving water due to lower water levels and bright sunshine.

09/08/15 - We expected low flows but water conditions were pretty good. Water was cold all morning but we still caught a few fish. Dry fly fishing picked up late in the morning when they started rising. Black stimulators and red hoppers worked best but we also caught fish on elk hair caddis, green hoppers, and red stimulators. Things slowed down around 5:00 PM so I switched back to nymphs and caught another dozen fish. Released about 70 total, most of which were 9-12 inches. A few browns and cuttbows were 12-14 inches but didn't see anything larger all day. Good action for September.

09/07/15 - Had a great time. Beautiful water. October caddis nymphs worked, along with black-body elk hair caddis dry fly in the afternoon. No big fish, but a few good fighters! As you suggested, a little slow until it warmed up. But once it did, there was plenty of action. Loved the water and the spot. Beautiful. We will be back!

08/25/15 - Fishing was fairly slow most of the day. Three of us caught or missed a lot of little browns. Broke off one very large fish on a purple nymph and caught one 14" cuttbow at the end of the day. Fished Parachute Adams, Puterbaugh caddis, yellow and tan hoppers with BH pheasant tails and hares ears droppers. Water level is still good.

08/21/15 - Fishing was slow early in the morning but things turned on at 10:00 AM. Four of us released over 100 fish, including a 19" brown, several rainbows, and a few cuttbows. The water level was good but fishing may be more challenging if it gets any lower.

08/16/15 - Landed 42 fish between us. Nothing large today but we broke off four bigger fish. Had a great time - thanks!

08/10/15 - Amazing fishing on Saturday! Four of us released 30-40 browns each (120-160 fish total). Most were caught on stimulators with a pheasant tail dropper, but we also did well on hoppers. Our two largest fish were 18" browns and we also got a couple nice rainbows.

08/06/15 - Only fished three hours because the wind was blowing and casting was a challenge. A few tan caddis, olive drakes and PMDs were observed near the stream. Caught a few small browns on elk hair caddis and prince nymph before switching to a #10 yellow stimulator. Released a total of 28 fish and missed just as many strikes. Nothing huge but caught several lively 12-14" browns and one 15" cuttbow. Lost two larger fish but I couldn't tell what they were.

7/30/15 - We released over 50 fish today between the four of us. Some had success on hoppers and green copper johns, a few on BH pheasant tails, and one on a woolly booger. Two people in our party each had 20+ inch trout that broke off their hoppers. Later in the day it seemed like all fish were hitting hoppers. Interestingly, two anglers in our party were catching fish in holes that had just been fished by others in our group.

07/28/15 - The river was rampant with fish, and a gorgeous setting. Water is wadable in several places, but that reduces if a person is not athletic or used to dealing with stream currents. The earlier part of morning was limited action, but increased as the day/water warmed. Saw a couple Yellow Sallies hatching. There were several very small flies hatching in mass in areas, but fish were not rising. But, it did not prevent fish from hitting the following with consistency: tan hopper size 10, dry yellow stone fly size 12, green drake size 12, CDC beaded pheasant tail size 12, beaded flashback pheasant tail (PT) size 12-14. Between all of us about 26 fish were landed and 20 were missed from hook set timing. Most were in the 8-10 inch range. Our 1st timer (with a guide) brought in 12 and nailed a 17" brown (2-3 lbs.) on a size 12 CDC PT. Lost another one that was easily 15 inches.

07/18/15 - We had a great day and it's more beautiful than imagined. We fished golden stonefly nymph with a smaller nymph behind for just an hour because there were already lots of flies on the stream. We switched to a green Drake with a green Drake nymph around 11:00 and started catching lots of fish. They really went after the green Drake dry. Then as the day wore on, we went royal Wulff and occasionally went royal Wulff with green Drake behind. I tried a small caddis and got a couple fish on that too, but by the end of the day we were using the one royal Wulff and doing great. The fish were in the pockets that were calm near the banks. I got about 30 in total and had a great time. Will definitely be back.

07/16/15 - Stream flow is high but visibility is pretty good. Wading is a still a challenge so I walked the banks as much as possible. Golden stonefly and prince nymphs produced a dozen browns in the morning but things took off at noon when the green drake hatch started. Hooked 15 browns and rainbows in about an hour on a green drake, the largest being a 20" brown. The fish seem to be holding in small pockets along the edges where the water is barely moving.

05/17/15 - We found the fishing a little more challenging than expected. None of our group saw any fish unless they were on the end of our lines. We worked the undercut banks, with big stoneflies and black streamers yielding the most and biggest fish (18-20" browns and rainbows). We also caught a few smaller fish on tiny rainbow warriors in open water. The beaver ponds proved challenging for us as well. We threw a good amount of streamers but didn�t pull any out of the ponds. Overall everyone had a FANTASTIC time. The river is incredible and scenery is unmatched. We will definitely be back again!

05/13/15 - weather was good, fishing was slow. only small fish and not a ton of them. Fished the beaver ponds too without much interest. fished streamers, nymphed, and dry drop so tried a bunch of options. usual flies didn't work. flows were fine and clarity good, just not a lot of action.

05/11/15 - Fishing reports have been mixed this spring at the DM Ranch. Fluctuating water levels have made it tough for some anglers while others have caught large browns and rainbows on streamers and stonefly nymphs.



10/11/14 - Low water and spooky fish. Caught a few 16-20" rainbows but no big browns. This property fished much better when flows were higher.

09/20/14 - Landed 50+ fish on small nymphs, including some large rainbows. Fishing is getting more technical now that the flows are lower.

09/13/14 - Fished the DM Ranch on Saturday. Met the owner and thanked him for putting his land in the program. Caught a dozen fish and easily missed a dozen more on Autumn Splendor Streamer. Complete mixed bag of rainbows and browns (and one cutbow). One brown was 18�. Missed another rainbow easily that big. Flow is low but fishable. Deeper pools and beaver ponds all hold fish. it was fun to see every take/swing and miss at the low flow, but frustrating to see how many fish either followed without striking or swiped at the streamer.

09/10/14 - I wanted to let you all know what a fantastic morning I had fly fishing on the DM Ranch property! Tad with Colorado Trout Hunters was a super teacher, very knowledgeable and very patient. What a wonderful opportunity for myself and others passionate about fly fishing to be able to fish on this beautiful section of the river on the DM Ranch. Thanks again for providing this opportunity - I will definitely be back!

09/03-09/06: All four days at the DM Ranch were excellent, with good action for medium-sized (up to 14-inch) browns. In the early part of the morning they were hitting nymph droppers but by about 10 am they starting going for hopper patterns. All stretches of the stream held fish.

08/22/14 - As an Orvis Endorsed guide for the last 12 years I thought I�d offer my perspective on your DM Ranch property. It is a rare little gem, a classic in every way. Access is easy, but it has a remote feel because the ranch and surrounding property is very much as it was a 130 years ago. The views are spectacular, with peaks providing a backdrop. The South Fork of the South Platte has that classic meandering meadow oxbow structure with deeply undercut banks and riffle, run, and pool (beaver dam) features. That balance creates plenty of bio-mass based on the numbers and health of the fish. No cattle damage or bank erosion, aside from what I expected from our heavy runoff this year. The fishing was excellent, something for everyone. Action started late due to the weather but we had some fast, fun dry fly fishing with large attractors and golden stone or mayfly droppers until the BWO�s came off in mid-afternoon � and then it got even better. Most of the fish were in the 8-12� range, but occasional bigger fish like a 22” Rainbow kept things very interesting. Those bigger fish are a big bonus in such a small stream. I was impressed by the volume of insects and the variety. I saw Golden Stones, BWOs, PMDs, Little Yellow Stones, caddis and some small crawling mayfly nymphs. To sum it up, I think the County is providing a wonderful opportunity for anglers at a very reasonable price. I�m already planning a second trip over to visit, this time with one of my sons, and looking forward to sampling one of the other properties.

8/14/14 - Water was perfect but very little surface feeding. Landed a number of 8-14" browns and rainbows on a stimulator with prince nymph dropper. Also lost a couple larger browns.

7/25/14 - My son and I had a great day on the river. We probably fished about 2 or more miles of the river. We both caught over 25 fish each, mostly browns in the 9" to 13" range and several rainbows with a few being in the 14-15" size using a 16 parachute Adams and a 16 or 18 bead head pheasant tail. We caught fish on both flies. This is a great stretch of the river to fish. We will try fishing another property next time.

7/12/14 - Great day on the DM Ranch! Two of us released around 25 fish, mostly midsize browns in the 8-14� range. We also netted two 20� rainbows and lost 2 more. Dry-dropper was the ticket all day long, with most of the strikes coming off the dropper before it had a chance to sink. After an afternoon rainstorm, we found a few more stripping streamers and nymphing under an indicator. Fish seem to be holding in the slower pocket water, deep pools, and beaver ponds. We didn�t find any in the faster currents, even though the flows were down to 60cfs.

07/08/14 - Two of us caught fish all day on para-adams and streamers. Most were small browns but we also landed a few between 15" and 19". Fish were holding in quiet pockets along the edges. Didn't try the beaver ponds but they may hold larger fish.

07/05/14 - Water came up overnight due to rain. There were lots of caddis and yellow sally stoneflies, as well as a few olive drakes throughout the day. Very little surface feeding but we managed to release about 20 browns and rainbows up to 15 inches. Most of the river is still too fast to hold fish so we concentrated on the edges and beaver ponds, but we really had to work to attract their interest.

07/02/14 - Fishing was pretty good, especially in the morning. Caught ten trout from 10" to 15". The couple of larger ones put up a good fight - one of them jumped 3 times! Everything was caught on a dry fly, various caddis fly patterns. Missed a few, mostly little ones when I tried larger Elk hair caddis patterns. The ranch is a very nice place to stay, but if anyone asks be sure to tell them to take mosquito repellant!

06/27/14 - Fun fishing at the DM. Fished about 6 hrs and did very well. Landed fish on dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Nymphs being most productive. 2 anglers landed lots of fish with several 16-18 inch fish mixed in. Mostly brown trout but a couple nice bows too. A lot of beaver dams had blown out but there were still several intact. Fun day!

05/27/14 - High flows and muddy water at the DM Ranch.

05/18/14 - We caught fish off and on throughout the day. Three of us caught a couple dozen. Mostly rainbows. A half dozen in the 14-15" range. A few browns mixed in, all pretty small. Hooked up on a nice fish briefly in one of the beaver ponds. All caught on nymphs. No surface activity. Most took a brown or red San Juan worm but we kept changing up the trailer fly. A variety of midge patterns in red and black caught fish, as well as a leech pattern. We all appreciate your program. We fished the DM Ranch on the same day last year.

05/03/14 - We all had a great time on the DM. Our group only landed 16 fish; the largest were about 16" and 14". Conditions improved in the afternoon as the temperature rose. I probably had 12-15 strikes that I missed. We also spooked some very large browns and rainbows.

05/01/14 - The DM Ranch was awesome once again. Many large rainbows. Many feisty smaller browns. Water was perfect.

04/30/14 - Tons of small browns at the DM Ranch. I am not so good on the still water so I couldn't fool the big ones, but they are there. Several 12"-13" chubby browns.

04/23/14 - Great day at the DM even though it was windy. A strong hatch of blue-winged olives yielded several nice trout between 11:00 and noon. Crystal buggers worked well until 3:00 and small nymphs produced a few more fish late in the afternoon. The largest fish was a 22" brown in one of the beaver ponds.

04/19/14 - Two anglers released over 40 browns and rainbows, many of which were 15-20 inches. Streamers and small midges worked great throughout the morning but fishing slowed down in the afternoon.

04/11/14 - Had an amazing afternoon at the DM Ranch. Arrived at 2:00 PM and landed 22 browns and rainbows in the deep pools and beaver ponds. Several fish were 16"-24" in length and many others were over 12". My largest fish included a five-pound brown and a three-pound rainbow in different beaver ponds. Started with an olive crystal bugger and never changed flies. This experience makes me wonder where the big trout hold during summer.

04/04/14 - The air temp was 10 degrees and there was ice on the beaver ponds with I arrived late morning. Saw lots of trout darting around, some of which were large. Managed to land a dozen fish including some nice browns. I'll be back this summer!



10/14/13 - The DM Ranch is now closed for the 2013 season.

10/12/13 - Not much was going on at DM, saw maybe 15 fish all day, (all but one was upstream from the bridge). They did not like your choices of flies. They never even looked at any of the various sizes of those patterns I threw at them. Spotted no big browns, mostly 10-12 inch fish. Saw one that might have been 15-18 which was swimming fast upstream while I was standing on bank by a pool changing flies. It went right by me and never slowed down. I had a BH Pheasant Tail in size 12 that got one take.

10/09/13 - Arrvied at 2:00 and fished until 5:00. Hooked about 30 browns and rainbows and missed several others. All fish were taken on red and pink beadhead nymphs. Also saw a number of large (18-24") spawning browns that weren't feeding. This may explain why many smaller (8-14") browns were holding in the riffles.

10/02/13 - Angler 1: I caught 25 or so fish over the 5 hours it took to fish from the lower boundary up to the ranch house. They hit dry flies on occasion but mostly hit a green nymph. Then it seemed to pretty much shut down. I liked the beaver ponds with the short stretches of faster water but had little success. Around 5:00 I walked downstream of the bridge and immediately caught 2 more before calling it a good day.

10/02/13 - Angler 2: Today was like summer fishing at the DM Ranch! Started above the bridge to avoid another angler. Landed over 50 browns and rainbows on small BH nymphs. Several fish were over 14" and two were pushing 20".

09/27/13 - I fished the DM ranch yesterday and wanted to report that it was great. Water flow was good and I caught a bunch of 10-14" browns on both the top and with small nymphs. Also had some luck with a few bigger rainbows. The reason for the report though was the monster brown trout that had moved to the front of the riffles right before a bend in the water, with some branches hanging over. I watched this huge fish feeding in about 6" of water for a while and then casted to him unsuccessfully a few times before hooking him on a size 24 emerger. He was 24-26 inches long and probably 4 or 5 pounds, with beautiful bright wild colors. Biggest fish I have ever caught. Wow, my heart is still pounding. I wanted to say thanks again for this program and all the fun it has provided over the years, you deserve an award.

09/06/13 - This little stream holds some big trout! Two of us caught and missed rising browns and rainbows up to 20 inches throughout the morning. We also caught smaller browns everywhere we fished. Feeding turned off mid-afternoon due to warm temps (80+ degrees) and bright sun. Effective patterns included royal Wulff, para-adams, hoppers, royal stimulator and BWO. Also tried a variety of small nymphs with no success.

08/22/13 - I want you all to know what a great experience I had yesterday fishing the river at DM Ranch. Medium-size browns were hitting surface Elk Hair Caddis (size 16-18) regularly during mixed sun/clouds, 65 degree, mid-day weather - beautiful! (May flies were hatching, hovering along the banks.) Equally if not more important than the nice fishable water was the gorgeous old ranch location itself; scenic, Colorado postcard views all around, cattle grazing in the woods, horses prancing across the river to other pastures, wild flowers, birds... one of the best days I have ever experienced IN MY LIFE! Please pass along my thanks to DM Ranch folks for sharing their very special dream spot on the planet. I will be back with friends...

8/20/13 Flows down to 13 cfs. Pretty low in most areas, and higher water temps in middle of day. Air temps today up around 80 degrees so very warm. Early in day fished good and then after clouds built up in afternoon. Slow fishing midday with hot temps. One client had 40 hookups, landed around 20. A lot of small browns, then 10-15 rainbows to just under 21 inches. Hatches: caddis, midges. Flies: bh pheasant tail-18, 20 rainbow warrior, purple prince 16. caddis emergers. Charlieboy hopper-14 or 16, elk hair caddis-16 black body, 14 stimulator yellow.

08/11/13 - Fishing was erratic today at the DM Ranch. Landed a few large (15-20 inch) browns and rainbows and many smaller browns. There were periods when we caught several fish in a row followed by long periods with no action. The best patterns were Royal Wulff and Gray Drake.

08/04/13 - What a fun day in a great setting! Every dry fly we tried brought fish to the surface. Didn't catch anything large but we had non-stop action for five hours. The best patterns included a black foam caddis and small orange stimulator.

07/27/13 Good day! Caught 40-50 fish between two anglers, mostly brookies. Some rainbows and browns. In the morning, Amy's Ant with black midge droppers worked really well. Elk Hair Caddis, too. In the afternoon a double dry worked with Hoppers, May Flies and Elk Hair Caddis.

7/4/13 - Fished hard for five hours and released about 40 fish. The largest fish included a 15" brown, 14" rainbow, and several 12" browns. Even though 40 fish sounds like a lot, the "catching" seemed a little slow. For every fish caught, there were about five refusals. This may be due to the number of different hatches throughout the day, including several mayfly species. No single fly worked consistently and we probably used a dozen dry fly patterns. Orange stimulators, elk hair caddis, and red quill mayflies worked the best but nothing on nymphs.

6/27/13 - Caught a 22" rainbow using a Hot Belly Pheasant Tail above a beaver dam. Fished most of the time with Caddis on top and dropping small bead heads. Others did well on hoppers. We had a great time catching 10-14"er's consistently in the A.M. Fishing slowed in P.M. with very warm temperature. Will definitely return in the near future! Beautiful place!

6/26/13 - Had a great day. Fished from 11am to 6 pm. Caught about 45 for two anglers on mostly beadhead nymphs. Some were on elk hair caddis. Flow seemed to pick up a bit in the pm and water was a little more turbid than in the morning. Overall it was a great day. I would definitely fish this ranch again. Thanks for the opportunity.

06/23/13 - Flows were still a little high but fishing was outstanding. Thousands of caddis were on the water and tan elk hair caddis produced about 60 browns and rainbows. Most fish were 9-12" but a few were larger.

04/27/13 - Great fishing during the afternoon on small olive crystal bugger. Concentrated on the beaver ponds and deepest corner pools. Over two dozen fish were released in the 8-14" range. One brown was 16-17". The fish totally shut down around 4:00 PM.

4/21/13 - The stream was great and the weather ended up pretty nice too. We never did figure out the fish though. Only caught a few in the ponds. Little browns. Tried several differnt rigs and went deep. We didn't sight many fish either...just a few 4-6" fish darting below some of the damns.


10/11/12 - Arrived late morning and started at the the bridge. Water was low and clear and fish were easily spooked. Stimulator, parachute hopper, Colorado caddis, and small pheasant tail produced fish all afternoon. About 60 browns and one rainbow were released in six hours of fishing. The largest was a 20" brown and several were 12-14". Mostly we were herding fish as we waded upstream.

9/14/12 - Had a terrific day on the stream. All day had constant action -- guessing landed 75 fish and lost a bunch mostly small browns only a few over 12 inches. Good sign to see so many smaller fish. They were very eager to take bead-headed nymphs with best being PT and copper john other bugs worked too but these were the best. Did catch a few on dries but clearly most the action was sub surface. Very enjoyable day.

8/25/12 - Good flows and great fishing on Saturday at the DM Ranch. Three anglers released over 50 browns ranging from 8 to 16 inches. Small copper johns, pheasant tails and prince nymphs worked the best.

8/07/12 - Thanks for allowing us to fish at the DM Ranch. We released 85 browns and one rainbow, the largest of which was 13 inches. Nothing large but we had a great time!

07/29/12 - Amazing day on a beautiful piece of water! Nothing large enough for the taxidermist but two of us released 80+ browns on mayflies, caddis and foam ants. It didn't seem to matter what we used or where we cast. Apparently the big boys weren't interested in our small dry flies because the largest fish was about 13 inches.

07/25/12 - Thank you for allowing us to fish at the DM Ranch today under these unusual water conditions. Even though the stream is quite low, the water was cool and the fish were feeding. It wasn't great fishing but we managed to land about 30, the largest of which was an 18" rainbow. The best patterns were royal wulff and small hares ear nymph.

07/02/12 I wanted to personally thank you for accommodating us on my trip to Colorado for what turned out to be the best three days fishing of my life. I like all kinds of fishing, but the opportunity to pursue wild trout in a pristine stream is by far my favorite. It was truly a privilege to fish for wild trout in such a beautiful setting. I was reeling in an 8 inch brown when a fish estimated to be at least 24 inches swallowed him. My pole bent double and when I looked up, this monster trout opened his mouth, released the smaller fish, and retreated to his lair under the bank. Thanks again for all that you do to provide these special opportunities to fish at the ranches in South Park. I promise you that we will be back as soon as we can.

7/1/12 - We had a great day on DM Ranch. Fish in every run and hole. The water was cold in the morning and still pretty cold in the afternoon. The flow was fine.

6/28/12 - Four of us did pretty well at the DM Ranch on Friday. The water was a little low but the fish were taking mayflies, stimulators and small nymphs in the riffles and pools.

5/31/12 - Arrived late morning and had little success the first hour. Switched to elk hair caddis about noon and never changed flies again. Almost every cast produced a strike. By late afternoon we had released about 60 browns and rainbows, the largest of which was 13 inches.

5/30/12 - My friend and I had an outstanding day today. We didn't catch any large fish, but caught a bunch of small browns on nymphs and streamers. It was a perfect day. I really appreciate the work you've done to provide the opportunity to spend a day like we did.

5/18/12 - Started at the lower section and worked our way upstream...Water was cloudy and running at about 40-50 cfs...We used various sizes of Stone Flies (Yellow), Bead Head Pheasant Tails, Pink Worms, Pink Jills, Rubber Leg Copper Johns, Streamers (Slump Busters) Olive Color...We netted about 25 fish and would say we missed that many on not setting the hook...Biggest was about 16" and the average for the day was approx. 10-12 inches...All trout we caught were browns, healthy and wonderful colors...As the morning went into afternoon the water was rising and the color was getting more off color...But we did catch fish on Pink Worms...No dry fly action to speak of.

5/04/12 - Beautiful May day at the DM Ranch. Water was clear, cold and a little on the low side. About 30 fish caught on golden stonefly nymphs, including a 20" brown, 16" brown, and a few 10-14" trout. Also many small fish.

4/29/12 - We had a great day at DM Ranch. We arrived about 8:30 to some frost on the ground and calm wind. We parked at the middle parking spot and fished our way downstream to the lower parking lot. We caught a few 12-14" fish. Half were rainbows and half browns. About 10:00 AM a 20+" rainbow was hooked in a lower pool. Beautiful fish (I will send a picture). Wind picked up and made it difficult to cast for the remainder of the day. We walked back up the property and fished the upper section. Around 1 PM the fish were actively feeding and were taking our flies in the shallow runs on the side of a deep pool. We had numerous browns take our strike indicators first and then take the fly as well. These are very aggressive and active browns. They are some of the most colorful browns we have seen in a long time. Very healthy fish. We landed about 24 fish (most in the 10-14" range) and probably lost quite a few from their subtle takes. Even though it was a fairly windy we will be back again soon to finish fishing the upper stretch of this beautiful water.

04/23/12 - Arrived to the Ranch on a splendid Sunday morning at about 8:45am, clear and sunny, 65 deg.. Water was somewhat off color (tea color), flows are at about 15cfs. No visible bug activity. Given the history of this time of year (however it has been un seasonably warm), we started with yellow stones and dropped a PT under that. First couple of runs produced fish. We really never had to change our rigs all day, probably 50+ fish between two anglers. Note: caught three huge 18� to 21� Rainbows (this was a pleasant surprise), I have no idea where they came from because there is 99% Browns in this river. Most fish average 8�-12� range in this river so catching three this big was a real treat.

4/21/12 - Not much action until the water warmed up, then it was like someone flipped a switch. Landed over 50 fish between 1:00 and 5:00 and missed many others. About a dozen fish were over 12 inches, two of which were 16-18". Small BH nymphs in the stream and crystal buggers in the beaver ponds. Hard to belive it's the third week of April!

4/14/12 Arrived at ranch about 9:30 am with temps in low 40�s and 15mph winds. Two of us landed 14 trout with all but one being in the 8-10 range. Caught one nice rainbow around 19 inches. Started at the bridge and fished pools and riffles. Water seemed low and clear. Was disappointed in the size of the fish and thought we would of done much better. Tried eggs, Pheasant Tails, nymphs, and midges. Caught everything on a size 20 RS-2 with a green sparkle . If I were to fish this property again I would use a 3 wt 7.5 rod. Very small stream.

4/11/12 - Arrived around 11:00 AM. Nice day but was a little windy at times. Guessing I landed 18 fish or so and easily missed that many. Water was low and clear. Good consistent action from 11:00 to 3:00 when a storm front rolled through and pushed me off the stream. Bigger fish seemed to like a stimulator w/ flashback and rubberlegs (bigger bit) and smaller fish liked a variety of nymphs with some flash in them. All in all a very pleasant day on the stream. Thanks for the program.

04/07/12 - Didn't arrive until noon. Hooked about 40 fish but only landed 24. Nothing huge but several browns were 12-15". Started with small crystal bugger and never changed flies. Many casts yielded a strike but the fish were difficult to hook.



09/09/11 - 1st time fishing this property. Water was a little up and off color but the stream fished pretty well. Overall caught around 30 or so and I�m sure I lost half that or more. All were browns, many were small but was able to land a very healthy 18� fish. Did the best on drys � Patriot/HL Variant/Parachute Adams. Very enjoyable day on the stream...thanks for the program.

08/18/11 I fished DM Ranch today August 18th from 8:30 until 2:30. I started at the bridge and worked my way upstream until I couldn't get around any more beaver ponds. Caught browns and rainbows all day from one under the bridge until the last out of a beaver pond. All on drys. I started with a Royal Gorge Anglers mama ape fly (lots of yellow) like a stimulator and wound up with a Daves Hopper. Had a total of 55 fish, I think I missed three times that. Didn't try any nymphs as was suggested a couple of days ago , but did get one brown 18 inches. Lots of fun. You have a great program.

8/16/11 - Arrived late and fished four hours. Released 50 fish on a wide variety of dries and nymphs. One 22" brown was about 4 pounds and didn't fit into the net. Also got one nice cuttbow north of the ranch house. Best pattern was a #8 beadhead stonefly nymph in the deeper pools and runs. If nothing is hatching, try stonefly and prince nymphs with tungsten beadheads.

08/13/11 Day was Clear about 78 deg and no rain for a few days; flows at the DM were 25 cfs; water had a slight tea color. Started to the east of the property and made our way upstream (west). As we were walking thru the meadows the hoppers were abundant, (that sold me right there) So we started with a Hopper on top and dropped a PT and/or midge and/or SJ. The fish are definitely looking UP. That�s the only thing we used all day. Too many fish to count!! Nothing short of a fantastic day. Mostly Browns in the 6� to 13� class. There are 4 to 8 fish in literally every bend of that river. Also had a chance to meet the owner of the DM Ranch. Great guy, has a wonderful piece of property, and his own little slice of heaven. I would like to personally thank him for sharing it with the rest of us. As usual we will be back!! Always practice �Leave it as you found it�.

8/3/11 - The first day we fished the morning in the area near the parking area to the right of the house, across the bridge. We were most successful using a parachute Adams (the parachute was pink) with a little purple on its abdomen. In the afternoon we moved to the furthest parking area to the far left. The fishing was even better. The entire day was overcast and around 3:00 it really started raining hard. We left the stream then. I would say we caught a dozen or so, most all of which were Browns about 12". The next day went to the left again. The day was very bright and sunny, which I think put the fish down. We tried the same Adams, along with a host of other flies (hoppers, Royal Wulff, elk hair caddis, etc.). Nothing was working but we only tried dries. I think we had one strike apiece. Nevertheless it was beautiful and peaceful.

7/30/2011 - Fishing was good, though not great. My son and I caught between 12 and 15 fish each on drys over 3 1/2 hours fishing. Most of the fish were small. Water was a little off color. I suspect it will be very good shortly. Strange year with such late high water.

7/22/11 - Just wanted to say thanks. The flows ended up being perfect! We each caught fish into the double digits. A few big ones but mostly really eager fish. Black Wolly Bugger and X-Caddis were the key flies that were working best. Thanks again... Great property and we'll see you next year for sure!

7/19/11 - The water was sitll high but visibility was decent at the DM. The stream fished pretty well with about 40 fish between us. This is a great place and we had a good time even though the mosquitoes were bad.

7/08/11 - We had a pretty tough day on Friday. The water visibility was about 18-20", so not too bad, but the fishing was pretty slow. I had two young guys who were beginners with me, so I spent most of my time trying to get them into some fish. I did get to fish on my own a bit and got a half dozen browns in the 7-12" range but you really had to fish tight to the edges. I caught 3 fish on dries but only saw two other rises the entire day, which was strange because there a lot of insects around! I'm sure the high water affected the fish activity, although the water temp was about 52. We loved the ranch and hope to come back again under better conditions.

6/7/11 - Due to high water and poor fishing conditions, reservations are on hold until July 1st at the DM Ranch.

4/14/11 - The river is now completely open at the DM Ranch but the water is low, clear and cold. Concentrate on the deep pools and beaver ponds with nymphs and steamers.


10/12/10 - Due to low stream flows, the DM Ranch is now closed for the 2010 season.

09/23/10 - After two days of rain, we have opened the DM Ranch for additional reservations. Expect low, cold water conditions, as well as fall weather.

08/18/10 - Fifteen browns, one of which was 19 inches.

07/30/10 - After checking in with Yer Flies Open and hearing that the water was a �little off color� we made the short drive to the DM Ranch. A little off color was an understatement. The water was chocolate milk due to recent heavy rainfall. We assessed the available waters upstream as well as downstream hoping that the water was a little more clear upstream. Unfortunately, it all looked bad. Really bad. Visibility was less than 5�. Nonetheless, we fished for a couple hours and didn�t manage to hook a fish and we were off property before lunchtime. We tried San Juan worms, as well as an assortment of nymphs, dries and streamers...nothing. Maybe next time the weather will cooperate.

07/25/10 - All I can say is WOW! Your program is excellent. Everything was top notch. The check-in process in Fairplay was super easy. Directions to the leases were straightforward and the leases themselves were outstanding. I had a great day of fishing on the DM Ranch. I fished dries only and had a blast and caught plenty of fish. I never saw another angler and felt like I had my own little slice of fly fishing heaven.

07/17/10 - Non stop action for four hours on a royal Wulff. We probably released 70 fish and missed as many as we hooked. A few fish were 15-16" browns and we saw larger ones. Lots of hatches all morning, then nothing after 2:00 PM (too warm).

07/09/10 - The DM was a puzzle today. Fish were caught on many different patterns but not consitently. At times they were feeding like crazy but were very selective. At one point there were eight hatches on the water, including three different mayflies, two caddis species, yellow sallys, bicolored midges and damsels. This is why we keep coming back!

07/05/10 - Fishing was slow in the morning due to cold weather. Hatches began before noon and things picked up for about two hours. Trouble was there were so many hatches at once and the fish were very selective. Still a good day but not like other days at the DM.

07/03/10 Beautiful property. Caddis & BHFBPT all day. Too many fish to count. Average 10" -12"; some 14". Great day!!

6/27/10 - The water is still a little high and off color but conditions are much improved at the DM Ranch.

5/22/10 - We were at the DM Ranch yesterday and the water was chocolate milk. looks like it could be a excellent place to fish. Unfortunately we did not catch anything.

5/02/10 - Absolutely great property! Looks like it would be good dry fly water later in the season. Just wish you could guarantee no wind. Good action all morning on stonefly nymphs. Caught a lot of 12" browns until 2:00 PM, then went down to Spinney Reservoir and got skunked.

4/29/10 - Even though the wind was fierce yesterday, the fishing was good. We caught about 30 browns up to 14" and one 18" brown on #8 golden stone flies. The fish hit so softly, we missed many more than we caught.

4/24/10 - Cold action until 1:00 PM. Fish became more active in the afternoon. Released 24 browns in three hours on golden stonefly and copper john nymphs. Water is very nice but needs to warm up before fish start feeding. Lots of golden stonfly nymphs under the rocks.


9/22/09 - Stream flows have come back up at the DM Ranch. The most recent fishing report (9/13) indicates that fishing is slow but conditions are good.

8/12/09 - Best dry action was on beetles and smaller lime trudes. Water is getting bony and warm. 58 degrees before lunch. Small prince droppers brought the most activity including a 17" brown at two pools above the bridge. The rest were 9-10" and several 12"s.

8/09/09 - The stream seemed low and it took a while for the hatches to get started. There was an abundant brown mayfly hatch about 1:00 PM and a few caddis and gray drakes were also on the water. We had the most action using a hares ear and prince nymph combo, mostly in the deep pools. Otherwise, we got an occassional fish to come up for an adams. Nothing big but several browns were about 12 inches.

7/11/09 - Flows were good. Water was a bit off color rom the recent rains. The downstream part of the property and the pools in the upper middle part were best. The very uppermost portion seems a bit too brushy to fish without combat gear. Caught around 30 browns 6-16 inches and 1 cutt which was around 16". Dry fly success with size 16 March brown; Adams size 18; caddis size 16-18. Skittering caddis in faster water was good. Nymphing with olive size 20-22 RS2 was successful. Another great South Park Flyfisher property!

07/05/09 - The river is still a little high and off color but orange stimulators worked well all day along the edges. Two of us released about 50 fish up to 16 inches.

07/02/09 - There are now multiple hatches throughout the day. Optimal fishing conditions should occur within the next two weeks.

5/17/09 - Arrived in the afternoon and tried several flies before putting on a large stonefly pattern, after which we had non-stop action for two hours (30 fish total). Fish are holding along the edges to escape the fast current. Visibility is poor due to runoff so you have to place the fly close to the fish.

5/13/09 - Water was high and muddy. Caught about 20 browns and lost many others on large streamers. Several of the fish we lost were huge. There are a lot of deep holes and people should be careful wading if they can't see the bottom.

5/03/09 - 35 nice browns during the afternoon of May 3, 2009, two of which were around 20 inches. Anglers should start at the lower property boundary and work upstream to the bridge (livestock barns).

Additional data available from the Colorado Division of Water Resources.