Alto Llano Ranch Near Como Fly Fishing Conditions provided by South Park Fly Fishers

Alto Llano Ranch Near Como Fishing Conditions

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Alto Llano Ranch Near Como
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Great Flow & Fishing


05/07/18 - I started fishing mid-property and worked upstream to the boundary fence. My expectations were fairly low but I was surprised, to say the least. The flow was perfect for wading in the channel and I averaged twenty fish per hour, many of which were 10-12 inches. Most were browns but I also caught a few brookies. The banks are lined with willows and accurate casts are required. This property is not for everyone but the fish are abundant and strong for their size.


08/27/17 - I disagree with the comment made about Alto Llano on August 21. Even with tough fishing conditions I thoroughly enjoyed my day! You have done a fabulous job of clearing away vegetation and I appreciate your hard work. I caught several 8-10 inch fish but quit after 1.5 hours due to weather.

08/21/17 - First I want to say thanks for your great customer service and attentive information. On the down side I would not have this ranch as a place to rent out. I caught 12 fish total in about four hours, including six 4 inch brookies, five 7 inch browns, and one 11 inch brown. The property needs major work in my opinion to be able to fish it. Small fish with limited room to actually use fly fishing techniques. Sorry for the bad review. I have had some great experiences on your properties but this was not one of them.

08/18/17 - What a solid and unique stream. It really holds a great number of fish and they are extremely healthy. Started around 8:45 and it was a little spotty for a while. Then the fish got real active until I left around 3:30. Guessing I landed around 50 fish hooked and lost another 15 or so. Caught fish up to around 14 inches and also caught a number of little guys which shows the health of the stream. Really enjoyed catching brookies when they have some size as these do. Best dry was Patriot (size 18) which they hit consistently and best droppers were BH Pheasant Tail and BH Brassie. Really enjoyable day and great stream!

08/4/17 - I fished Alto Llano both Wednesday and Thursday. Fishing was fair on Wednesday afternoon and I noticed that the water level was lower than the week before. I only had hours to fish on Thursday so I spent them fishing the upper beaver ponds. In addition to small mayflies, I saw a very large aquatic insect hatching. Trout sold out to attack the #10 yellow Stimulator I was using to imitate them. Several trout came completely out of the water while striking my fly. I caught 12 fish in less than two hours.

07/25/17 - Awesome fishing before being chased back to the car by thunder. I caught about 20 trout in less than 3 hours of fishing. More than half were brook trout.

07/18/17 - Fishing yesterday was somewhere between awesome and epic! Three of us had more than 50 hookups, including two browns over 16 inches. Many of the fish I caught were brook trout, some of which were really nice. You guys did a remarkable job pruning the willows and much of the property has been completely transformed.