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10/19/18 - The fishing was a little slow. Caught a couple on SJ worms and a couple on streamers. The water temp. was cold, 42 degrees when I started.

10/13/18 - The flow was adequate but gin clear. I caught over 20 fish today, all in deep pools. San Juan worms were very productive in the morning. In the afternoon I swung some streamers and got some bigger guys. I was expecting to see some browns on reds but I didn’t see any.

09/08/18 - Fishing was great. Several in the 12-15 inch range and two 20-22 inch bows. Fish were healthy and fighting. Water temp was about 60 degrees when I quit. Thanks, I appreciate opportunity!

09/07/18 - Thank you for letting us fish today. Flows were on the low side (25 cfs) but the weather was cool and fish were actively feeding. Two of us released about 30 fish in four hours, including many 15-20 inch browns and rainbows. Small fish were taking Amy's ant on the surface but all larger fish were taken on Pat's rubber legs fished deep. Really good day considering the water situation!

08/05/18 - Excellent day on Santa Maria. Caught 15 small browns, five rainbows in the 14-16 inch range, and four 19-20 inch browns. Used a little bit of everything, including para-Adams, hopper, hopper-dropper, and streamers. Caught something on all.

08/04/18 - The river was low and clear. My son caught 30 or more fish and I caught about 20. We hooked five very large rainbows but could not land them. We also caught several rainbows in the 12-15 inch range. All the other fish were 3-10 inch browns. We fished two flies with most trout taking a bead head Copper John nymph, while a few took a Parachute Adams or Royal Wulff. It was a beautiful day on the stream with good fishing.

08/02/18 - I fished 5.5 hours and landed about 36 browns and 6 rainbows, all caught on a hopper dropper rig. The biggest today were a 16 inch brown and a 16 inch rainbow, although there are certainly much bigger fish here. This property is beautiful and always a joy to fish. Thanks again for all your help; I love the program.

08/01/18- We had a blast. The two beginners in our group had numerous hits and landed some nice rainbows and browns. One used a parachute adams all day and the other used the hopper dropper rig. The experienced angler in our group had a great time hooking and landing several rainbows on steamers. The water was low but fish were very active and many were in shallow runs.

07/27/18 - I released 23 fish with a couple browns and rainbows around 20 inches. Most fish were 14 to 19 inches. Every fish was taken on a double BH nymph rig in size 16-18. I will be back next year and hope the water situation improves!

07/07/18 - Outstanding fishing as usual. Fished with #6 slump busters all day and caught 20 large trout between us. I caught my personal best rainbow in the morning and upgraded it twice in the afternoon! One was a 23.5 inch monster rainbow that I’m guessing was 7-8 pounds. Another was 21 inches and about 5 pounds. Used 3x leader but probably should have used 0x as my girlfriend lost a huge one after a long fight. Thanks for everything you do to make this program awesome! I look forward to this trip every year.

07/06/18 - Santa Maria fished great! The water was a little low but we caught lots of fish and several large fish on small psycho prince, elk hair caddis, and parachute madam X.

06/25/18 - I guided an older gentleman from New Zealand who is a very good fisherman. The largest brown was probably ten inches but we landed a surprising number of good rainbows today. The largest fish I have ever seen at Santa Maria just exploded on a dry fly. All in all a very good day. Thank you!

06/23/18 - Thank you so much! I had an awesome time at the ranch. Absolutely beautiful. I will be back for sure.

06/15/18 - My son and I had a really fun few hours st Santa Maria Ranch. He fished and I took lots of terrific photos of the scenery, flowers, and pretty awesome trout. He netted 12 fish, rainbows were largest, but a few chunky browns in the mix. Two huge rainbows broke off as they headed downstream. Used three-fly dropper rig that included hopper, black stone, and SJ worm. All 3 we’re getting nailed. Water was good from 8:30 to 11:30 am, then flows become higher. Thanks for getting us in there. I would definitely go back!

05/17/18 - Very high flow today and water visibility was about a foot. Two of us caught about 30 fish, all in the "soft" water below the structures. They were taking hares ears and a variety of other nymphs but the takes were subtle. Good day considering the water conditions.

05/09/18 - Cool property! it got muddier as the day went on but we both did well. I was surprised how many I caught, including some bigger fish.

05/07/18 - Santa Maria fished pretty well, especially with nymphs but a few on dries. Water still has great clarity, no run off yet there.

05/02/18 - It was a slow day and the weather was weird. We caught one on a golden stone, some on a black beauty (midge) and I had a few nice fish on a small streamer near the upper end of the property. We had fun and met the property manager who was nice. Looking forward to the next trip. Thanks!

04/22/2018 - Awesome day. Two on streamers and 15+ on eggs, copper johns and golden stones. Most were 10-12 inches but also one 20 inch bow. Two other big fish broke off. The action died around 4:00 PM.

04/21/2018 - I fished with my daughter and son-in-law who have never fly fished. We started on the lower end and they both hooked some smaller browns and rainbows in the slower, deeper water. Right before lunch we fished one of the deeper holes and my daughter landed an 18 inch rainbow. They also hooked several larger fish near the upper end of the property. As we were wrapping up, my daughter coaxed out several large rainbows in the same hole she fished before lunch. Overall it was a productive day with 25 fish landed on red san juan worms, copper johns, prince nymphs, chocolate foam back emergers and scuds. If you’re fishing with newcomers, I would highly recommend Santa Maria Ranch.

04/18/18 - We had a great time at the ranch - thanks! Fishing was lousy but it was a gorgeous sunny day. I wonder if you should close the ranch to fishing until the water comes up. The stream was running 25-30 cfs, the fish were concentrated in a few deep holes, and they were extremely spooky.

04/15/18 - Windy day and cold to start but the fishing was good. Three guys caught 40 or so fish, mostly rainbows. Managed some really nice ones including several in the 16-18 inch range. Copper John worked OK but Golden Stone Fly Nymph produced more often. The fish were definitely holding in deep water and there was almost no action in the riffles. Water is low but fish were actively feeding. Had a great time other than the wind.

04/07/18 - Pretty nice day for early April. Got seven browns and rainbows in the 16-19 inch range. Also caught ten smaller fish. Streamers, SJ worms, and BH flashbacks. Had a good time.

04/02/18 - We only fished a few hours due to strong winds. Two of us caught seven browns in the 16-20 inch range and missed others on San Juan worms and black woolly buggers. We also caught several small browns. All large fish were caught in the deep pools Good day except for the wind!



10/15/17 - Good fishing for mid-October. I caught 15-inch rainbows on zebra midges in the morning, red SJ worms mid-day, and terrestrials in the afternoon.

09/30/17 - We had a great time. Started out slow but picked up in the middle of the day. I caught around ten rainbows on a hopper. My friend landed one nice brown on a SJ worm. My brother was fishing with a streamer and caught the nicest brown of the day. The three pools upstream of the bridge were the most productive for us.

09/22/19 - We had a great time at Santa Maria once we found the ranch. Caught a lot of fish and even had a couple of 20 inchers on the line, but could not reel them in. We plan to fish the program again someday.

09/19/17 - We had a rare day at Santa Maria Ranch - only managed to find a dozen interested fish, the largest of which was 12 inches. Large fish were stacked up in the pools but wouldn't move off the bottom for anything. This could be due to the low flow, bright sun, and strong wind today.

09/13/17 - We had a great day. Started a bit slow but once it warmed up we just fished double dries. Thank you.

09/11/17 - Great day as usual. Three of us landed about 30 rainbows & browns. Most larger fish were rainbows in the deeper holes and edges, and a few in the deeper runs. I had the best success on streamers with several false strikes by larger fish. Also tried a double nymph rig and hopper/dropper. Finished out the day with a yellow hopper only and had surprising success.

09/04/17 - Red hot fishing today. We fished small PMDs in the morning and had non-stop action. Then we switched to autumn splendor streamers in the deep holes. Caught another eleven fish over 18 inches, including 21 and 22 inches. All large fish were rainbows except one 18 inch brown.

08/28/17 - We had a blast fishing Santa Maria Ranch. There was never a dull moment throughout the day. Hopper-dropper rigs and various deep nymphs worked well. I hooked a monster brown on a hopper near the upper property boundary. It jumped a few times and I estimate it was 28 inches and eight pounds. After a few minutes it went under the bank and the hook pulled out. What a cool experience to see a fish like that! Thanks for managing the program so well over the years. Truly, it’s the best fishing program in the country.

08/19/17 - My son and I had a wonderful day of fishing. He caught over 30 fish and I caught over 20. We used a royal Wulff as an attractor and a green or red bead head Copper John below. We had success on both patterns. We caught some very nice fat browns between 8 and 15 inches and many large rainbows between 15 and 20 inches. We were using a 5X leader and found we needed at least a 3X leader as several trout broke us off during runs.

08/17/17 - Caught six fish greater than 18 inches and broke off three others on 3x tippet. Ten or more fish hit size #16 Chronic Caddis.

8/15/17 - Awesome day! Three of us caught 40 or more fish and some were good size. The largest was 22 inches! Mainly hit hoppers and caddis. We will be back!

08/07/17 - Had a terrific day at Santa Maria. Landed at least a dozen large trout - browns and rainbows. All caught on a large cone head streamer. Flows were much higher which made nymphing the deep holes difficult. No hatch or surface feeding activity but fish hammered the streamer.

07/28/17 - We had a very fun day at Santa Maria with dry/dropper rigs. There were tons of caddis in all sizes, as well as little beatis and pmds. Traditional Elk Hair Caddis was probably the most productive. We caught many browns, and missed probably twice as many. We also nymphed a few runs. That produced a few larger rainbows. I think we landed 25 fish in 4-5 hours. Mainly browns and a few rainbows ranging in size from 6 to 20 inches.

07/25/17 - Had an awesome day at Santa Maria Ranch. Flows were higher but the fishing was red hot. Caught at least 20 and lost another 10-15, including some big browns and rainbows. Caught several on dry-dropper combos but the bigger ones were in deeper water so I switched to nymphing. They were keying on caddis nymphs and just about any caddis pattern worked. Also some on chartreuse copper johns with rubber legs. Love that property.

07/20/17 - Water was high but fairly clear. Caught 23 fish in the 17-19 inch range. They were mostly browns but also got a few nice rainbows. Amy's Ants and parachute hpppers with different droppers (pheasant tail, SJ worms, and copper johns). Thanks, we will be back!

07/18/17 - The water was high today but I still caught ten nice fish. The key was using weighted flies so they sink deep.

07/15/17 - Water rose to over 300 cfs in the morning due to rain. Came back in afternoon and caught two 18-20 inch rainbows, several smaller rainbows, and one small brown.

07/13/17 - Looked at the river and decided to fish elsewhere today.

07/09/17 - Water was high today but we did well on hoppers and other dries. We tried fishing deep but got nothing on nymphs. Caught browns up to 15 inches and a few 18-20 inch rainbows, all on the surface.

07/08/17 - Anglers reported high water and slow fishing on July 8.

05/25/17 - I'm not sure what happened but we couldn't catch anything bigger than 6 inches... wind was blowing about 30 mph. Still had solid drifts all day nymphing and dry. Nothing but small fish all day. Beautiful place though!! Thanks so much.

05/13/17 - Great day at Santa Maria. Two of us caught many small browns and several rainbows in the 11 to 17 inch range. We hooked up every few minutes but the larger fish were in the deep pools. Pat's rubber legs, zebra midges and SJ worms.

05/12/17 - Santa Maria fished well yesterday. Not many of the larger rainbows but lots of healthy and happy browns. We even gave up on the dropper and fished a straight dry fly most of the day.

04/21/17 - Very slow fishing...only one fish was caught all day between three anglers.

04/17/17 - One angler caught 30 fish on PT, zebra midges and SJ worm. Several fish were over 18 inches. Will be back.

04/14/17 - Two of us caught 32 fish on stonefly nymphs, copper johns and pheasant tails. Two fish were over 20 inches and two others were 18 inches. Great day.

04/11/17 - Awesome day! Hooked 42 fish including browns, rainbows, cuttbows and suckers. PT, RS2, and stoneflies.

4/08/17 - Three anglers released 40-45 fish on golden stones and PT nymphs. We each got one rainbow around 20 inches. Great day!

4/07/17 - Ten fish total including one 18 inch rainbow on #12 golden stonefly nymphs. Great day!

03/18/17 - Two anglers released 25 browns & rainbows, including several in the 16-20 inch range. The river was low and clear in the morning but the water got murky around 1:00 PM and the fish shut down. All fish were taken on golden stonefly nymphs and red San Juan worms.


09/27/16 - Beautiful day with bright sun and no wind. We really had to work the stream to find cooperative fish. Changed patterns a dozen times before discovering the "magic fly" combination around noon - crystal buggers fished as droppers below yellow hoppers. Netted over 20 fish including eight large rainbows, a few nice browns, and several small trout. Also missed and lost dozens of fish which are now congregated in deep pools.

09/26/16 - Nice day but fishing was slower than I expected. Got a couple large rainbows and a few smaller fish.

09/22/16 - I caught my biggest fish of the season (22 inch bow). We also got two 20 inch bows, 17 and 15 inch bows, a 20 inch brown, a few 12-14 inchers, and numerous 4-8" browns. Beautiful day!

08/25/16 - We had a great start to our day, with an incredibly fat 20-inch rainbow under the bridge. After that fishing was sporadic with some periods of numerous hits and others with limited action. Most fish were caught on a hopper-dropper, with several of 16-20 inches. Near the top of the lease there was a nice hatch and good dry fly action.

08/22/16 - Really enjoyed Santa Maria during my first time there (great looking water). Got a few on small beadhead copper johns and disco prince nymphs but most fish took my hopper. Met the ranch owners who are great folks.

08/07/16 - Always fun here! Two anglers caught over 40 fish, 3 were over 18 inches and one was over 22 inches. Elk hair caddis on top with copper john droppers.

08/05/16 - Three of us caught 31 fish total, including one 18 incher and one over 20 inches. Largest fish was on a streamer. Flow was higher today (80 cfs) but fishing was good.

08/03/16 - Wonderful day at Santa Maria. Got several 20 inch rainbows and numerous smaller fish. Nymphs worked best, including black stoneflies.

08/02/16 - I had the best "big fish" day of my life at Santa Maria! 10 huge bows (22-24"), at least 3 others broke off and a few missed strikes. Several smaller trout. Easier access than the DM Ranch.

07/24/16 - I caught 13 fish and my wife caught eight. Landed two 18-20 inch browns and broke off other large fish. Use heavy line; broke off four big fish on 6X tippet.

07/23/16 - Biggest fish were 16 inch brown and 19 & 20 inch rainbows. Used hoppers with PT and stonefly droppers. Great day, thanks!

07/22/16 - Great day of fishing. lost track of how many we caught. Largest was a four pound brown.

07/21/16 - Three of us caught 30+ browns & rainbows. Used caddis with purple prince dropper and the fish took both. Also fished deep pools with olive & yellow streamers. Great Day!

07/15/16 - Fishing was great and flows were perfect. Netted 22 fish, including two 18 inch browns and several large bows. All fish were caught on SJ worms, pheasant tails and caddis nymphs. Did not try dry flies.

07/13/16 - We fished from 8:15 AM to 7:15 PM and probably released 50+ fish. We started out using stimulator's and beaded prince nymphs, copper johns, pheasant tails and caddis. Copper johns seem to work best but all produced fish. We caught a lot of fish in the 15-18 inch range and one over 20 inches. In the morning they were hitting on both stimulator's and nymphs. We also missed a lot of fish and I had one very large one break off. We switched to streamers in the afternoon in the large holes and started catching larger fish again, mostly on woolly buggers and slump busters. I am sure we will be back.

07/12/16 - Great day at Santa Maria Ranch. Caught 60 fish including 30 smaller browns, all on stimulators and para-adams. The first-timer in our group landed six fish.

07/01/16 - My guest was blown away by the fishing at Santa Maria yesterday. Still running a bit high and the fish are concentrated in the softer water. Started the morning with an Amy's ant and twenty-incher nymph. Switched to a stimulator and a parachute BWO and spent most of the morning catching 4-12 inch browns and rainbows. I can't tell you how many fish we turned because we lost count pretty quick. We walked to the lower boundary in the afternoon and found some bigger fish, including a 20 inch rainbow, several 14 inch browns and a few other rainbows in the 14 inch range. Tough fish to land in these flows.

05/10/16 - I was impressed with Santa Maria Ranch and surprised at how spread out the fish were. We caught a mix of trout everywhere in the river. I would say we turned a total of 30-40 fish. Many small browns and a few larger browns. Also, we turned eight rainbows over 16 inches. One was a gorgeous cutbow at the bend to the upper meadow. Found many resident browns on the lower property after lunch. Then we went deep with nymphs and found larger rainbows. A few fish came up for an Amy's ant but mostly took 20 incher nymph, zebra midge, egg pattern and smaller flashback pheasant tail.

05/05/16 - Fun day! Caught 29 fish in six hours. Largest rainbow was 18 inches and largest brown was 14 inches. Used a hopper with a pheasant tail dropper and caught fish on both flies.

05/04/16 - Fishing was slow today but the weather was beautiful.

05/01/16 - Two anglers caught 15 fish total, including 13 rainbows and two browns. Largest fish was 19 inches. Used black & olive streamers and prince nymphs. Great Day!

04/21/16 - Water conditions and fishing were good today. Arrived after noon and released a total of 14 fish, including a 17-inch rainbow, a few 12-16 inch rainbows, and several smaller trout. All of the larger fish took olive streamers while black beauty midges worked for the smaller ones. Attracting the larger fish required numerous casts with lots of weight in the deep pools.


10/11/15 - Water was low and clear but weather was beautiful. Good action all day for small browns and rainbows on prince nymphs. Also got a couple 14"-16" fish and several 18"+ browns on half-back nymphs. Probably released 35 fish between us before they shut down around 3:00 PM. Missed or lost several other large rainbows today and observed a few HUGE spawned out browns. Great day!

09/24/15 - Low water but good fall fishing for small rainbows. Also hooked a few large fish that broke us off. PMX with prince dropper worked best but my biggest fish was on a streamer. Fish were feeding on the surface all day but the little ones kept getting to our flies before the big ones had a chance.

09/11/15 - Fair action in the morning on small stimulators and nymphs but slow in the afternoon. Fish were rising until 11:00 but went deep when the sun got higher. Had to work the pools with weighted nymphs to get their attention in the afternoon. Missed many more than we hooked. Overall it was slower than expected. Most fish were 3-10" but also got a few 14-17" rainbows.

08/29/15 - Sunny and mid-80s. Landed 50+ fish between two anglers in the 3"-14" range, many of which were smaller. The larger fish seemed to elude us! Probably weren't' fishing deep enough. Most fish were caught on dry-dropper rig with Yellow PMX, Hopper or Stimulator, with a CDC Pheasant tail, prince nymph, BH Pheasant tail for the dropper. Tried San Juan worms and wolly buggers with no luck. Primarily fished upstream from the bridge.

08/21/15 - We caught a lot of fish in the 12-16" range, as well as a 22" brown and 18" rainbow. Prince nymphs worked on the smaller fish and black woolly bugger took the big ones. Great day.

08/09/15 - What a day! Five fish over 20 inches and it seemed like we always had a fish on the line. All fish caught on SJ worm below a dry fly. Bring bug spray.

08/08/15 - Great day. 40+ fish on dry flies with three fish over 20 inches. Got to love it - enjoy!

08/05/15 - Pleasant day of fishing using dry/droppers. Several fish were 4"-12" and three were 14"-16".

07/19/15 - We hooked many fish, all 14+ inches. One rainbow was 18 inches and two browns were about 15 inches. Prince nymph and SJ worms seemed to be most effective throughout the day. Did have success with dries early afternoon. Great day, great stretch of river!

07/18/15 - A few large browns and rainbows were caught last week along the edges but wading is still very limited at Santa Maria Ranch.

07/17/15 - Tough fishing with high, off color water. Fish were holding up under the banks and not as many in the pools. No surface action, ghost streamers landed a couple nice fish. Two smaller fish on nymphs. One of the least productive days with the high water.

04/25/15 - Fair action today at Santa Maria Ranch. Released eight fish in three hours of fishing, including three browns and five big rainbows. All fish were taken in deep water. Red SJ worms, slumpbuster streamer, and stonefly nymph worked the best.

03/28/15 - We fished the Santa Maria on Saturday and caught 5 fish. I think the water is still pretty cold and don�t think they are very active yet. Didn�t see many fish in the river but we did catch some 12" rainbows.


10/05/14 - It was a great river but we did not have much fish activity. I had one large rainbow on for about 15 minutes before it pulled off.

09/27/14 - We were surprised at how good the fishing was for late September! Three of us released over forty fish up to 24 inches. One Brown was easily five pounds and several other fish were 15-20 inches. Tried lots of patterns but October caddis, golden stonefly, and flashback PT nymphs worked best.

09/24/14 - Caught one big rainbow, one 18" brown, and ten other fish on a hopper/dropper setup. Also saw a lot of other large fish that weren't interested. Great time!

09/19/14 - Excellent fishing!!! Multiple 18½ browns and rainbows on hoppers, nymphs and streamers. The streamers got the big guys.

09/18/14 Glorious day on a beautiful river with great fishing! Largest brown was 18 inches. Thank you.

09/13/14 - Great day. Lost count but lots of fish. Biggest fish was a 20" rainbow...lots of fun.

09/11/14 - Three of us caught 20+ fish. Most were smaller but we caught three large fish below the bridge. All sun and fun.

09/05/14 - Our two days on the Santa Maria were great. On each day, three anglers caught several really nice rainbows, mostly on large dries such as hoppers or stimulators; but the second afternoon, there was a period during which they were really going after a nymph dropper. The largest fish was a 20-inch rainbow, with several other "football rainbows" landed. On the second day, we had similar success with the largest trout being a 17-inch rainbow.

8/29/14 - Amazing 30+ fish day! Five were over 18 inches. All fish caught on white or green caddis larva and little streamers.

08/28/14 - Caught one 20" fish on green copper john, one 18" on copper john, and several smaller fish on caddis.

08/27/14 - Beautiful day! Two of us caught 20 fish; one was 18 inches.

08/09/14 - Not a lot of fish but landed several 14"-18" browns and rainbows on elk hair caddis and stimulators. Our largest fish was a thick 24" rainbow on a BH golden stonefly nymph.

8/02/14 - We had high water, but still got into some fish. Some big ones near the upper property line. Landed a couple 18 inch browns and hooked 2 more around that size that got off. Plus the weather was awesome. Can't complain about that!

7/12/14 - Great day. Water was running high (over 200 CFS) and there were only sporadic caddis and green drakes hatching. Started fishing with beadhead PTs, Red CJs and flashback hares ear, as well as streamers through some pools, with no luck. Then my son tried a big foam stimulator with legs, and that was the ticket. We fished the entire lease, and had steady production throughout the day, fishing right next to the banks in slower sections, as well as the tail end of riffles and bends. No success in any faster water or pools, but both rainbows and browns kept coming after the big foam bugs. We landed a 16� brown and broke off several that felt as big or bigger. This is a beautiful section of water that should be amazing once the flows subside.

05/17/14 - Great afternoon at Santa Maria! Arrived around 2:00 and fished until 6:00. The river was slightly off color but good flow. Released 21 browns (5"-12") and eight rainbows (12"-16") on large golden stonefly nymphs fished deep. Missed a number of other fish due to soft takes and slow reflexes.

05/11/14 - Fishing has been inconsistent at Santa Maria Ranch. Several anglers have reported slow fishing over the last few weeks. Other anglers report catching numerous small browns and a few larger rainbows in the deep pools.

05/08/14 - Bitter cold, wind, hail, snow...totally fun. The fishing was slow but I managed to get 6 to net. Half on steamers; half under the indicator. Two fish were worth talking about. One was A huge male rainbow (~20") that jumped on me 4 times. Big battle with multiple runs. Great fish. I also caught a huge sucker, like 16”. I have never caught one before. I nailed him in the nose and it had to be total blind luck. Can�t wait to come back when your spring actually does arrive.


8/11/13 - Had a slow day at Santa Maria Ranch. Tried just about everything but only hooked about a dozen fish, the largest of which was 18 inches. The water was very clear and we could see them laying on the bottom; just couldn't get them to move for anything.

7/28/13 - Had a fantastic day at Santa Maria Ranch. Lots of fish including several large browns and rainbows.

7/11/13 - Didn't arrive until 3:00 PM and fished until dark. This is a beautiful stretch of river. I caught a lot of fish, but nothing very big (14� tops). I will be back next week with a friend.

7/6/13 - Fished in the afternoon and landed 2 rainbows in 14-16 inch range on nymphs. The river was around 150 cfs which was pretty heavy. I only caught fish in slow, deep water which was hard to find. The fish were fat and looked healthy. I had a couple good fights.

7/4/13 - Fishing was hot for about 45 min with dries, mostly browns in the 8-12 inch range. Then it went cold and I switched to nymphs but still no luck. Fished all the way up with nymphs, hooked 6, and landed 2 rainbows and one brown in 14-16 inch range.

6/30/13 - Water was slightly off-color. Fishing was slow. No luck with streamers, which was surprising. Didn't try nymphs. We caught a few small fish on the surface on dries.

05/11/13 - On the way to the river we noticed that the flows had doubled over night. Despite the change in flows and dirty water this property still fished well. 3 Fishermen netted around 50 fish consisting of small browns and rainbows in the 12-17" range. Most fish were had on san juan worms however we also had success on pats rubber legs, red copper johns, streamers. The caretakers of this property were very friendly and even provided us with an up to date fishing report when we arrived.

5/05/13 - Fishing was great. We landed 60-70 fish between 3 of us, mostly rainbows in the 12-16" range. Slow in the morning, but picked up significantly in the afternoon when most of the fish were landed. Flows were perfect at around 55 cfs and water was clear. Most fish were caught on pegged eggs and baetis emerger patterns. Thanks for running the program.

5/01/13 - Stream conditions are good at the Santa Maria Ranch. Two anglers had a very good day releasing rainbows last weekend.


9/29/12 - Low water; only two fish caught all day between two anglers.

8/31/12 - I had the most amazing day on the Santa Maria Ranch. It got pretty warm but then some clouds blew in and cooled everything off. I caught 19 for the day, with 4 being pretty small size. The rest were over 12 inches, with the largest being 19. I caught the majority either on the San Juan worm or on a pearl Murray Marauder, which is like a wooly bugger. Of course, I had a couple shake off and any number that I just plain missed for one reason or another. It was one of the most incredible fishing days of my life! I truly want to thank you for making Friday possible for me. It was spectacular and I certainly hope I can come back to the area soon.

8/26/12 - Fantastic day at Santa Maria. We released over 100 fish, including 20 larger rainbows and many smaller browns.

8/17/12 - The water was perfect but we really had to work today. We landed about 30 fish in six hours, including several large rainbows, and had many other refusals. We probably tried 20 different patterns but a black & white stimulator worked the best.

8/10/12 - One of the best days I've had at Santa Maria Ranch. Started about 9:00 AM with a double nymph setup and never changed flies. Landed 80+ browns and rainbows, many of which were 14" to 18" and very fat. The bigger fish were all taken on heavy stonefly nymphs fished deep. Things shut down about 1:00 PM when the water got warm.

7/02/12 - Yesterday was yet another outstanding fishing day. The caretaker suggested that we start fishing upstream from the bridge, which we did around 9 am. We immediately started catching "football" rainbows on hopper-dropper rigs. This continued for about two hours, and then whatever nymphs were jazzing up the trout turned off. After lunch, we rigged for deep drifts of nymphs and caught lots of big rainbows (and one nice brown) in most of the deep holes. In some of the deep holes we caught three big trout. And these fish were so strong, it was a challenge to land them. The water is getting warmer, and the trout definitely are hanging out in the deep holes, except when there is a hatch going. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to fish three days in a row in South Park. It was an amazing fishing adventure.

6/25/12 - Really low water; only caught four small browns; fish are only in the deep pools.

6/24/12 - Warm water and very poor fishing.

6/22/12 - Three anglers caught 15 fish after fishing all day.

6/18/12 - Great day at Santa Maria with about 60 fish. However, water levels are getting pretty low.

6/17/12 - Thank You for two great days of fishing. We fished Friday and Saturday last weekend and caught some nice fish. I had my 13 year old grandson with me and that was his first time fly fishing he caught 4 and we netted two, I think I have him hooked. We sight fished them since the water is getting lower but we still had a good flow. We caught them on caddis midge pupa, black wooly bugger with crystal flash and after lunch we used a stimulator and was catching fish on dry flies.

6/14/12 - Excellent day and about 22 fish total. Some smaller browns but most were big fat rainbows. Pat's Rubber Legs worked on the rainbows while the browns took prince nymphs.

6/11/12 - Water levels are very good for early June and one angler released 30 fish last week.

4/21/12 - We fished the river which is running 25 CFS and landed between 10 to 15 fish a piece which doesn't count the fish we lost. We caught them on beadhead red San Juan worm and black crystal flash stone fly. We caught several nice fish in the 18" to 20" size which have been there all winter, lost a real nice brown on the stone fly. The wind was blowing pretty good but didnt effect the fishing. We had a great time and will be back soon.

4/7/12 - An absolutely gorgeous day in South Park fishing on the Santa Maria Ranch. The stream was crystal clear with a slow flow. Caught 9 fish between 9:30 and 4:00. One was in the 16" range (brown) and saw some that exceeded 20". Nymph's that I used included: Beaded Head Prince, Prince, Flashback Pheasant Tail, and Blue Copper John. Not the best day fishing I ever had quantity or quality wise regarding hooking and netting fish but the caretakers on the property (Gary & Jane) are wonderful and amazing people. The day itself was perfect and the property is about as beautiful place as all of Colorado has to offer.


8/13/11 - Thank you guys for the awesome program and allowing us to fish these special properties. We fished Santa Maria Saturday August 13th. It was one of the greatest times I haved fished. Overall we caught 5 fish over the 17 inch range. Thanks again and we will return soon!

8/06/11 - Flow was a little bit brisk and the water was off a little, no troubles wading. Three anglers released 47 fish with 5 being over 18 inches. Pink/red San Juan Worms and bead head pheasant tails. Great weather, great property, great day of fishing. Thank you for providing a great opportunity to fish a great stretch of water. We�ll be back for sure.

7/20/11 - The Middle Fork is high but dropping gradually at Santa Maria Ranch. Some anglers are catching large fish along the banks even though the river is still too high to wade.

6/16/11 - The river is virtually impossible to fish due to high, muddy water conditions at Santa Maria ranch. Poor fishing conditions are expected through the end of June as a result of record spring runoff.

5/28/11 - Water levels are relatively low and clear at Santa Maria Ranch.

4/25/11 - Two of us had a good day fishing. I caught two 21" rainbows and one 19" rainbow on a red San Juan worm with a gold bead head. We saw large fish in the same holes as last year but fewer of them. Since the water is low, they are very spooky so you need to get low or fish in the deeper holes. The weather was good until the afternoon, then the wind came up and it shut the fishing down.


8/15/10 - The flows were excellent, the clarity was perfect, and the water was warm. I did not see many fish, but there several very large fish, particularly upstream from the bridge. Walking upstream to the different pools allows you to sight fish for beautiful rainbow trout. With a green Slump Buster streamer I caught the largest trout of my life- approximately 22" long with a huge girth, it took me several minutes to bring the fish to the net. There were no rises. I did try a dry fly but only tiny trout went after those flies. Streamers and small nymphs (20-22) will catch very big fish, I caught several. I can't wait to go again.

8/08/10 - Two of us fished yesterday and I lost 6 good sized fish. I brought two additional fish to the net. I think due to the high flows you couldn't get them in...they just took off. We hooked a 24" rainbow that came out of the water and spit the hook. We were using red San Juan worms and dark colored stone flies. It seems they are still in the fast water and you just need to add weight to get the fly down. I did try a hopper and got several strikes but they were small fish. Had a great day, no rain.

7/25/10 - Just wanted to let you know that I had another typical great day on Santa Maria Ranch. That is a really great property with lots of very good sized fish.

7/05/10 - The water was a little high and cloudy but we caught many browns and rainbows up to 20 inches with streamers. Should be great fishing once the flow goes down to about 70 cfs.

6/27/10 - The Middle Fork is still running high at Santa Maria Ranch but conditions should improve within a week or two.

5/23/10 - Fished the Santa Maria Ranch property on 23 May. Probably a couple of days too late. High muddy water, rising through the day. Got a couple of small fish in deep pools on Prince nymph. Nice property though, we'll try again under better conditions. The outhouse is hilarious!

05/01/10 - One angler released 20+ fish over 18 inches at Santa Maria Ranch and said it was a very good day.


9/28/09 - Fall fishing conditions at Santa Maria Ranch are the best they have been in many years. Several anglers report catching large browns and rainbows on wolly buggers and other streamers within the last week.

9/19/09 - Great water conditions and good fishing in late afternoon with small crystal buggers. Two browns and five rainbows around 20 inches in the deep pools and undercut banks. Otherwise, fishing was fair on dry flies for smaller fish that were surface feeding.

8/22/09 - Great day of fishing with friends. Numerous browns on elk hair caddis and several browns and rainbows over 20 inches on Fat Albert patterns.


10/03/08 - Stream flows are low at Santa Maria Ranch. Fishing has been mixed, depending on the day and angler.

We did quite well after switching to streamers and San Juan worms. Caught a few large browns and rainbows and lots of smaller browns. Water came up throughout the morning and was off-color due to rain (September 21, 2008).

Fairly constant action until about 2:00 PM when the fish shut down due to warm water temperature. Total fish count was about 30 but two browns and several rainbows were over 18 inches. One of the rainbows measured 23 inches and one brown was 21 inches. The weather and stream level were perfect. (August 29, 2008).

Should be better in another week or so (July 28, 2008).

One fish on egg patterns, but it was the biggest fish I’ve ever caught! Wind and snow made fishing tough. We will be back after runoff (May 10, 2008).

Three fairly casual anglers caught 14 brown trout in about 7 hours of fishing. Missed about the same. One pretty good size around 14 inches. All landed fish were 8 inches or less. The flow was still up which might have contributed to the poor fishing. The water was definitely off. Beautiful property though. Rare surface feeding. Tried it all: Hoppers along the banks; lots of high stick nymphing with double set-ups; even streamers in the deep pools and into the undercut banks.

Two anglers, 15 fish - a couple of nice ones. Stones and Streamers (May 4, 2008).

Fished well. Stone flies and San Juan worms (May 3, 2008).

Didnt have much action until I figured out where the fish were holding. Dont bother fishing the riffles or shallow are holding on the bottom of pools deeper than 3 feet. Weighted golden stonefly nymphs and various streamers yielded 19 browns and rainbows late in the day, including 7 rainbows over 20 inches! (April 27, 2008).

One fish - 18 inch rainbow. Water off-color; beautiful water. Will be back (April 20, 2008).

Water muddy but caught a few fish (April 19, 2008).


A month ago we caught 40 fish here but not today. I landed six fish all day, the largest of which was 13 inches. The water is so clear that they must all be laying on the bottom in the deep pools. Great property nevertheless (September 21, 2007).

Good fishing in the morning but nothing large...lots of 14-15 inch browns on nymphs. Yellow humpy produced numerous 12-14 inch rainbows in the afternoon (September 14, 2007).

Good time...small browns on almost every cast using parachute adams. Also, two 18-inchers on prince nymphs. Several other large fish followed stimulators and streamers, but no takers. Weather was cool and calm (September 9, 2007).

Except for two nice browns caught around noon, there was very little action until mid-afternoon. Several fish of all sizes, including a 23-inch rainbow, were released after a late afternoon thunderstorm. Beadhead nymphs were the only patterns that worked but smaller fish were rising to BWOs and midges (August 26, 2007).

Caught 15 among 3 anglers, all small. Really windy, tough fishing. Flows noticably higher than on the Tarryall Creek leases. Water clear. Grassy banks only (08/24/07).

Caught a dozen decent browns and hooked four monster fish, only one of which I was able to land. Most action was in the morning below the bridge; they quit feeding altogether in the afternoon. Small caddis worked for the smaller browns but the big ones took BH pheasant tail nymphs (August 13, 2007).

Stream flow was perfect but the water got a little too warm in the afternoon. We released about 120 browns and rainbows in roughly equal numbers, 20 of which were larger than 18 inches. Smaller fish took small BH nymphs while the large fish were more interested in streamers and large stonefly nymphs fished deep. We observed a variety of different mayfly and stonefly hatches throughout the day but very little surface action. Feeding window was between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM, after which the fish shut down for the afternoon (August 12, 2007).

Caught 8-12 inch browns on size 14-16 dry flies. Large brown on size 20-22 nymph in deep water (August 10, 2007).

I shared this property with another angler but Im not sure how he did. We split up and I fished the lower half. Nothing large but 20 or so nice browns on dry flies along the edges. I missed one huge fish in a pool when I set the hook too hard (August 6, 2007).

Lots of small fish throughout the property. One 19-inch brown caught below the bridge on a dry attractor, a couple more 18-inch browns caught in the straight run above the bridge and before the first bend on a prince nymph. Numerous big (18-22+ inch) rainbows caught upstream from here on a streamer with more fish being caught the closer I got to the swing gate. I pulled 5 big bows out of the short section just down stream of the boundary fence. One or two big browns were also caught in the upper section. I had a fantastic day and my arm was sore. Thanks to South Park Trout (July 30, 2007)!

Fished from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Water was high and off-color most of the day. Caught browns and rainbows 6-12 inches most of the day on nymphs (hopper and copper john). Nicest fish were 16-18 inch rainbows and 18 inch brown. Afternoon green drakes hatched and the fish were on a size 14 nymph. Will be back again! (July 29, 2007).

A number of small fish and some larger ones in the AM, all on various wolly buggers. Afternoon led to some whoppers, all deep on copper johns. Great place - beautiful views even when the fishing is slower (July 22, 2007).

Angler #1: Not much action until I figured out how to fish here. Large (#6) hare ear trailing a small (#16) pheasant tail produced many browns and rainbows in the deep pools, usually on the lift. The largest fish was a 3-pound brown that went ballistic (July 20, 2007).

Angler #2: This property is amazing! Landed at least ten fish over 17 inches, including a 22-inch rainbow, and lost an equal number of other large fish. No surface feeding at all, but took many fish on weighted muddler minnows around the pools. Also, several strikes on wolly buggers (July 20, 2007).

I will bring a bigger net next time. One brown: 24 inches; 3 bows: 20, 24 and 26 inches. Small fish on PMDs and BH pheasant tail. Big fish deep on BH wolly in olive & brown. Ill be back (July 16, 2007).

Browns and rainbows to 21 inches. Wolly bugger and Clouser minnow (July 15, 2007)

50-percent browns and 50-percent rainbows. Browns to 20 inches and rainbows to 16 inches. Copper john fished deep (July 13, 2007).

We caught many browns in the 12-14 inch range, and several rainbows over 20 inches. The neophyte in our group landed the biggest fish...a rainbow we estimated to be 30 inches (July 8, 2007).

Numerous browns to 16 inches; three 20-inch rainbows. Great Fishing! (July 7, 2007).

Caught most fish near upper boundary on elk hair caddis and red/black nymphs...18 inches and smaller but saw larger fish (July 2, 2007).

WOW - Trout on Steroids. Hi-stick nymphing in tails of pools. Some fish were 18, 19, 20, 22, 24 inches; many smaller fish. What a treat! (July 1, 2007)

Three anglers; lots of 9-13 inch browns on stimulators and caddis. One fat 17 inch rainbow on a #14 orange stimulator. Wild flowers were pretty but water could be a little lower (June 30, 2007).

Two hours of fishing produced twelve fish, including one 15 inch brown and two 18 inch rainbows (April 4, 2007).

Not much action but a few nice browns and rainbows were landed in five hours of fishing. One cuttbow was about 19 inches. Wolly buggers worked the best but we never found a pattern that produced consistently (April 9, 2007).

We didnt see or catch many fish all day. Either there arent many fish in this section or they are holding down deep in the new pools. Not worth the money (April 16, 2007).

Additional data available from the Colorado Division of Water Resources.