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Alto Llano Ranch Near Como Photo Gallery

South Park Fly Fishers

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Stream access is difficult on the lower (wetlands) section of Alto Llano Ranch, below the middle parking area.

Tarryall Creek on the upper end of Alto Llano Ranch is wider and more open in terms of willow cover.

Alto Llano Ranch offers small stream fishing with numerous pockets and small pools that hold wild trout.

While 12" trout are more common, a few 16-18 inch browns have been released on Alto Llano Ranch.

Stream access on the pristine lower half of Alto Llano Ranch is a challenge.

Alto Llano Ranch supports several beaver ponds that hold larger browns.

Much of Alto Llano Ranch requires wading up the channel to avoid willow-lined banks.

In addition to wild browns, Alto Llano Ranch also supports brookies up to 12 inches.

9-14 inch browns are numerous throughout Alto Llano Ranch.

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