Photo Gallery for South Park Fly Fishing

Photo Gallery

South Park Fly Fishers

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DM Ranch brown in September.

South Fork of the South Platte River at DM Ranch.

Very large browns are often observed in late September at the DM Ranch.

This 20-inch brown was actively spawning in September at the DM Ranch.

This 26 inch brown is one of the largest fish released to date at the DM Ranch. The other was a 28 inch (eight pound) brown that surfaced for a stimulator due north of the ranch house.

Wild browns in the 12-15 inch range are common on the DM Ranch.

September is a glorious time to fish the DM Ranch.

The DM Ranch is laced with beaver ponds that hold large browns, as well as many smaller trout.

April reports indicate that Ute Creek Ranch is a great choice for fish of all sizes, including this 23" rainbow.

Tarryall Creek Ranch offers easy casting for wild browns, the largest of which are about 17 inches.

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