South Park Fly Fishers Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

South Park Fly Fishers

A provisional fishing lease has been negotiated with owners of the DM Ranch who rely on the land for their livelihood and quality of life. The future of this lease depends on all anglers respecting the landowners wishes. The following practices must therefore be observed:

  1. No more than four anglers per day are allowed on the DM Ranch. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Anglers must obtain a permit and sign a release agreement at High Alpine Sports in Fairplay before proceeding to the DM Ranch.
  3. All anglers must have a valid Colorado fishing license.
  4. Anglers must close and lock the ranch gate upon entering and leaving the DM Ranch.
  5. Anglers must stay away from all ranch buildings except for the designated "angler outhouse."
  6. Anglers should respect the experience of adjacent property owners who have a legal right to fish on the property at any time.
  7. No dogs or other pets are permitted on the property at any time.
  8. Smoking is not permitted on the property.
  9. Fishing is permitted by fly rod and artificial flies only; all fish must be returned immediately to the water unharmed.
  10. Anglers must park in one of the three designated parking areas denoted on the DM Ranch property map.
  11. No fires, firearms or fireworks are permitted on the property.
  12. Camping is not permitted on the property.
  13. The disposal of toilet paper, cans, bottles, paper, packaging, fishing leader, diapers, and all other garbage is prohibited.
  14. Entry on or across any adjacent private property shall be considered trespassing.
  15. Avoid disturbing livestock and wildlife while fishing, walking or driving.
  16. Do not urinate or defecate within 50 feet of the stream. Human feces and toilet paper should be buried unless the outhouse is used.
  17. Anglers found to be in violation of these regulations will be asked to leave immediately and/or may be prosecuted if their actions are in violation of any law.