Private South Park Colorado Fly Fishing

Allen Creek Ranch

One Mile of Tarryall Creek

Historic Williams Ranch

2 miles of Tarryall Creek

Lower Fourmile Creek Ranch

One Mile of Fourmile Creek

Tarryall L and C Ranch

One Mile of Tarryall Creek

Santa Maria Ranch

1.3 Miles of the Middle Fork

DM Ranch Near Fairplay

2.5 miles of the South Fork

Alto Llano Ranch Near Como



All properties are currently closed for the winter. We will update this message when reservations become available for the 2019 season. Please email us ( if you would like more information about the program.


ALL RESERVATIONS ARE FINAL; THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR RAIN CHECKS ONCE A RESERVATION IS MADE. If you book one of our properties, it is yours for the day regardless of the weather or water conditions. You must make a reservation by 4:00 PM if you want to fish the following day. To make a reservation, click on "Available Dates" and select one of our six properties. After the reservation calendar appears, click on any available date during the current month, or select another month.

For first time users, please read the information below before proceeding. If you have questions about our properties or how the program works, please email us at, or contact the program administrator at (719) 836-4177 between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.


Several historic ranches have been secured for fly-fishing (only) through our online reservation program. Anglers simply need to select one of our properties and pay the daily rod fee to fish a private trout stream. Fees range from $50 to $90 per person depending on the ranch. A maximum number of anglers (rods) per day has been established for each property.

These are working cattle ranches and we must respect the wishes of each owner to ensure their continued availability (see "Rules" on this page). Please review the program rules and reservation procedure before booking one or more of our leases. If these rules and procedures are NOT acceptable, there are many other public fishing options available at no charge in the South Park area.


ALL RESERVATIONS ARE FINAL; THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR RAIN CHECKS ONCE A RESERVATION IS MADE. Fishing is by fly rod and artificial flies only on all properties. All fish must be returned immediately to the stream unharmed. There are no refunds and switching properties/dates is not permitted after a property is reserved (the property you reserve is yours for the day whether you decide to fish it or not). Arrival time is 8:00 AM or later and all anglers must be off our properties BEFORE dark (before headlights are required to drive). Access on our properties is limited to anglers who have paid the daily rod fee. Any vehicle found on our leases without a valid parking pass will be reported to the County Sheriff and may be towed at the owner's expense. Park only in designated areas which are well-signed on each property. All ranch gates must remain closed and locked. Lease boundaries are well-marked along each stream and crossing such boundaries may constitute trespassing. Pets, smoking, camp fires, and gas or charcoal grills are prohibited on all program properties. Other rules established for each lease should also be reviewed and observed.

selecting a property

ALL RESERVATIONS ARE FINAL; THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR RAIN CHECKS ONCE A PROPERTY IS RESERVED. Start by looking at the detailed property descriptions under "Our Properties" to determine which stream(s) look appealing. Then look at the "Reservation Calendar" for that property to see if your preferred date is available. You may also want to look at the "Current Conditions" report for that property to see what other anglers have to say about the fishing. Since there are typically more property options available on weekdays, it helps to be flexible and have alternate properties or dates in mind. Each lease is different from the others with regard to stream size, length of stream, habitat structure, and fish holding capacity. Consequently, some leases are limited to two rods per day while others allow up to four anglers per day. Larger groups (up to 6) can reserve both Allen Creek Ranch and the Historic Williams Ranch on the same day. Since these are adjacent leases, anglers can split into two groups of 2-3 anglers, then each group can switch leases after lunch.


South Park, Colorado is known internationally for its productive trout waters. Over 50 miles of public streams are designated as Gold Medal trout water by Colorado Parks & Wildlife. These streams possess the highest quality aquatic habitat and offer the greatest potential for angling success in Colorado. At the same time they are some of the most highly publicized and heavily fished streams in the state. Many other waters in South Park are equally productive but have never been open to the public. Several of these properties are now available for a daily fee through the South Park Fly Fishers program.

View a map that shows all of our properties.


Starting with a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) in 2002, we have secured fishing leases on seven different ranches in South Park. The program is now self-sustaining and the majority of each rod fee goes directly to participating ranchers. The balance is used to actively manage and enhance each property contained in the program. Thanks to the efforts of many partners, we have secured conservation easements, restored stream & riparian habitat, and preserved historic structures on the properties we lease for fishing.


There are NO facilities or services available on many of our fishing leases (ranches). The nearest toilets, drinking water, restaurants, and other services are literally miles away. Since most anglers (ourselves included) don't take two hours out of their day to eat, drink and go to the bathroom, you should plan ahead before driving to the selected property. PLEASE do not urinate or deficate near ranch structures or within 30 feet of the stream. The nearest services and facilities are described for each property under "Our Properties." In addtion, there is a link to area lodging options under "Lodging" on the top menu.


Please come prepared for intense sun, heavy rain, snow showers, strong winds, cold temperatures, high water, and thunderstorms that develop quickly throughout the summer.

Every year livestock are killed by lightning in South Park. Since humans are taller than cows, we urge you to watch the weather and head for your car if a thunderstorm is approaching.

Thick willows, beaver ponds, deep sloughs, and bottomless mud create potentially hazardous walking and wading conditions, especially during high water. It is therefore recommended that two or more anglers fish together on our properties.

Livestock, moose, elk, mountain lions and bears may be present at any time on our fishing properties. Avoid surprising or approaching large animals, and make plenty of noise when bushwhacking through the willows.

Our fishing properties are large ranches in remote settings. While trespassing, vandalism and theft are rare, we suggest locking your vehicle(s) while fishing.