Private Colorado Fly Fishing on Allen Creek Ranch

Allen Creek Ranch

On Tarryall Creek

Allen Creek Ranch

One Mile of Tarryall Creek

Allen Creek Ranch

Check out our reservation calendar to establish the availability of this property or to make a reservation. Current conditions are posted as often as possible, including hatches and fishing reports.


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One mile of Tarryall Creek at 8,600 feet elevation. Optimal stream flows range from 30 cfs to 80 cfs but fishing can be good up to 120 cfs if the water is clear.

Morning fishing is often best on clear summer days because water temperatures get very warm by early afternoon.


$70.00 per angler; maximum of 3 anglers per day. No refunds once payments are made.

Check-in Procedure:

You will be prompted to download your angling pass (with the gate combination) from our website when you submit your reservation online. Be sure to print out the pass or save the PDF to your smart phone.

Proceed DIRECTLY to Allen Creek Ranch on the day of your reservation and look for the "Allen Creek Ranch" sign on the gate. Place your pre-printed angling pass on the dashboard of your car or carry your smart phone with the PDF because you may be checked. Please call 719.836.4177 if you have any questions.

Allen Creek Ranch is 24 miles from the town of Jefferson and 18 miles from Lake George on County Road 77 (Tarryall Road). This property is patrolled and all vehicles without a valid angling pass are reported immediately to the Park County Sheriff.


Allen Creek Ranch is a scenic property with complex habitat structure and a large population of wild browns in the 8-14 inch range. This one-mile section of Tarryall Creek has a steeper gradient than most properties in the valley, with boulder-strewn riffles and runs, interspersed with deep pools. Every pool, pocket and run should be worked thoroughly, as browns and rainbows often hold in unlikely places. A large and diverse population of aquatic insects means that these fish are well-fed and selective feeders. Dozens of 18-24 inch trout occupy the deep pools and undercut banks but you may need to use weighted nymphs and streamers to get their attention.


Lightning is a real hazard and no shelter or restrooms exist on the property. Fast riffles, slick rocks and deep pools can be dangerous, especially during periods of high water. Beaver ponds and sloughs (some quite deep) may exist anywhere the channel has been dammed by beavers. Moose have been spotted recently on the property so make lots of noise when walking through the willows. While vandalism and theft are rare, we suggest locking your vehicle while fishing.


There are no sanitary facilities on this property. The nearest public restrooms are located at Twin Eagles Trailhead (downstream) on County Road 77. Other services are available in Lake George. Please plan accordingly on the day of your arrival.


Allen Creek Ranch is located 24 miles southeast of Jefferson and about 18 miles northwest of Lake George on County Road 77 (Tarryall Road). The ranch gate is near Milepost 24, about 6.5 miles below Tarryall Reservoir. Look for the small "Allen Creek Ranch" sign on the gate post, about one mile below Lazy River Ranch on County Road 77. The angler parking area (sign and mail box) is just inside the Allen Creek Ranch gate and is visible from the road. Call (719) 836-4177 for directions or more information.

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