Private Colorado Fly Fishing on DM Ranch

DM Ranch

DM Ranch Near Fairplay

2.5 miles of the South Fork

DM Ranch Near Fairplay

Check out our reservation calendar to establish the availability of this property or to make a reservation. Current conditions are posted as often as possible, including hatches and fishing reports.


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This lease encompasses 2.5 miles of the South Fork of the South Platte River, and one half-mile of Twelvemile Creek at an elevation of 9,500 feet. Optimal stream flows range from 20 to 60 cfs but fishing can be good up to 100 cfs if the water is clear.

Some of the adjacent property owners hold fishing easements on the DM Ranch so you may be sharing the stream with other anglers who have a legal right to be there at any time.

Because of the amount of stream (3 miles) and complexity of habitat, up to 4 anglers per day may reserve this lease. However, we suggest that at least 2 anglers fish together on this vast property. Releasing 50 fish per day is not uncommon, a few of which may be 15-20 inches.


$90.00 per angler; maximum of 4 anglers per day. No refunds once payments are made.

Check-in Procedure:

ALL anglers must obtain a daily parking pass and sign a release form after 8:00 AM at "High Alpine Sports" in Fairplay before proceeding to the DM Ranch! High Alpine Sports is located at the corner of 6th and Main Streets in Fairplay.

Anglers should leave all ranch gates as they found them. This property is patrolled and unauthorized vehicles will be reported immediately to the County Sheriff. Please call 719.836.4177 for more information.


Three adjacent property owners hold perpetual fishing easements on the DM Ranch. Others may hold the right to fish Twelvemile Creek (only) on the ranch. As a result, we can't guarantee that other anglers won't be fishing there on the same day. With three miles of stream, numerous beaver ponds and incredible fishing, we feel this property is worth offering through the program, even if others might be fishing on the same day. We suggest avoiding weekends and holidays during July and August, unless you don't mind sharing the stream. In the event you encounter other anglers on the property, please respect their right to be there at any time. They are nice people who want to maintain a quality experience for everyone.

Ranging from 15 to 50 feet across, the South Fork of the South Platte on the DM Ranch is a small river with very complex habitat and numerous side channels (springs and beaver sloughs). Countless pools, deep trenches, and undercut banks harbor an amazing number of browns and a few rainbows in the 9-16" range, with large browns (2 to 6 pounds) in the larger beaver ponds. With fish in virtually every portion of the stream, skilled anglers often experience constant action during peak season (July-August).

This portion of the South Platte River is considered a "reference property" for stream restoration projects. This means that high quality habitat on the ranch is used as a goal or "target" for other streams in the area.

A conservation easement funded by Great Outdoors Colorado now protects the stream, wetlands and wildlife on the DM Ranch. Observant anglers may spot deer, elk, hawks, eagles, heron, bobcat, martin, bear or moose while fishing on this property (stay away from the moose).


Moose are now fairly common on the DM Ranch. Avoid surprising or approaching ANY moose and make plenty of noise when bushwhacking through the willows.

Lightning is a very real hazard and limited shelter exists on this working ranch. Remote portions of property are a 30-minute walk back to the car. Speaking from experience, you should plan accordingly if thunderheads are building!

Deep beaver ponds, sloughs, thick willows, and bottomless mud create potentially hazardous walking and wading conditions, especially during high water. It is therefore recommended that two or more anglers fish together on this vast property.

While vandalism and theft are rare, we suggest locking your vehicle while fishing.


An outhouse is centrally located on the property for angler use. The nearest bathrooms, drinking water and other services are located in the town of Fairplay. Please plan accordingly on the day of your arrival.

The new owner has decided NOT to offer the guest cabin for overnight rentals so this is no longer an option.


The DM Ranch is located on County Road 22 (Weston Pass Road), 12 miles south of Fairplay on US Highway 285. Please call (719) 836-4177 for directions or more information about the DM Ranch property.

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